A Game of Chance [A Hunger Games Fanfiction]
Author: Phoenix Summers

Chapter 10
Living Quarters

As we make our way back to our respective tribute houses, I fall into step with both Hunter and Damon. Damon glares at me as I scoff at his outfit. He rips off his wig and throws it on the floor in disgust, only to have to pick it up again when Joe looks at him disapprovingly.

"Psst! Valentyna!" A voice hisses in my ear. I jerk my hand to the speaker, and reply "I'm Diamond now, not Valentyna". Hunter rolls her eyes dramatically, and gestures slightly to the left, turning her head as she does so. I follow her gaze, and frown as I scan the area. I cannot she anything. I turn back to face her, then note the laughing, 'I got you' expression on her face. Grinding my teeth, I turn back to the road and continue walking, inwardly seething.

When we reach our houses, Joe turns to face us. He hands each of us our small notebooks from the train, and tells us to narrow down our potential allies, as we are about to watch the recap of the chariot rides. I smile at him easily; this shouldn't be too difficult. After all, the only allies i'd like are career-worthy people. I 'accidently' bump into Hunter as I walk to my house, in the distance. "Watch where you're going', I tell her smugly. She silently glares at me, with hate in her expression.

Once inside, I make my way to what I think is the living room. Stopping in the doorway to survey the room, I feel a bubble of happiness inside as I take in velvet sofas, mahogony tables and of course, the huge flat screen TV completely covering the wall in front of me. I flop down on to one of the sofas.  Grabbing the þremote, I turn on the TV to the channel specifically for the Hunger Games.

One by one, the Tributes come on, then one by one they file off. I notice with satisfaction that I appear to have made the biggest impression. By the time the last Chariot is returning, I have a list of my potential allies sorted.

Dia Taras - potential allies:

Damon Brooks District 1

Damon-Lee Knight District 2 

Neleesha Westwood  District  2

Blaze Summers District 4

Rosabelle Greene District 5

Troy Thorstone District 10

I also have a list of people I definitely do not want to be my allies. So far there is only one person on my list; the obvious one. Hunter. Especially after her 'accident'.

A hour later, Damon and Hunter enter, carrying their lists. We are expecting Joe to tell us what happens next. Somehow we agreed meeting at my quarters. They sit, and curious, I peek over Damon's and Hunter's shoulders at their lists. I am surprised when I see that Damon has me on his list. But when I peek over Hunter's, I am shocked to see the only people she has listed are districts 8 and 12.

Joe's voice comes from the doorway and I sit down sharpish. He comes in, and without ado he explains to us about tomorrow. We are to meet and 7am sharp to go down to the training rooms. Lunch will be a hour. We will then have more training time. At 5pm we will have a chance to make allies for 10 minutes, or talk with those we have already made. We will then be expected to go back to our tribute houses.

When he is finished all three of them leave. I work out where my bedroom is and collapse on the bed. I barely have time to register the silken sheets when I fall into a deep sleep.


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