A Game of Chance [A Hunger Games Fanfiction]
Author: Phoenix Summers

Chapter 4
District One Reaping

Joe Telle (District 1 escort) POV

I step out of the train into District 1, and look disgustedly at the rain bucketing down. Just the sort of thing I need to ruin my first time as an escort for district 1.

District 1.

I smile happily at myself in the mirror. I never saw myself becoming an escort when I was younger, let alone one for a career district. But now, I wouldn't have it any other way. My father passed this onto me, and I know I have gotten the best district. One of the few districts that actually have enough honour to volunteer for the Hunger Games. And this year will be a Quarter Quell. I shiver in delight. I will be guaranteed volunteers, and they will probably be the strongest. Plus, as for the Quell... I'm hoping for something like triple the amount of usual tributes. That would - I'm sure the Capitol agrees with me - be amazing. I get out my umbrella and proceed to walk.

When I reach the Justice Building, I panic slightly. There is no-one there!

Suddenly, the mayor comes out. She comes over to me, confused. 'We were expecting a woman' she said, looking at me. 'But we were obviously mistaken. We are inside the justice building because of the rain- come with me and i'll show you.' She turns on her heel and walks away. I follow, wondering why they were expecting a woman.

As I step inside I awe at the decorative paintings. Seeing the usual gathering of the children age twelve to eighteen, twelves at the front, eingteens at the back, I gain some of my confidence back. I walk onto the makeshift stage at the front, where the mayor starts her speech, rambling on about the rebellions and the Hunger Games. I zone out slightly, only waking up when she announces 'Your escort, Joe Telle!' Getting up, I move to the middle of the stage, and begin speaking the words that are drilled into me.

'Hello District 1! Welcome to the 125th Hunger Games. As you know, this is not a normal Games. This is the fifth ever Quarter Quell! How exciting!' I break to let the citizens of 1 cheer. 'The time has come to see what this years Quarter Quell is. We shall pass over to the President now on live tv.'

Right on cue it switches on. The president comes onto the stage, and announces the Quell. Huh? There will be a random amount of tributes from each district? Only sibilings of reaped tributes will be able to volunteer? No other volunteers allowed? That means District 1 might not have any tributes, let alone careers, this year. Inwardly I groan, hoping for tributes.

The president smiles at the camera, as if she can sense my discomfort. She reads out how many tributes District 1 will have, and I hold my breath. Then she says three. I almost sag with relief, turning back to the people waiting for the names. 'The bowel will have the girl and boy names combined together'.

'Alright' I smile. 'Let's start'

Damon Brooks (District 1) POV

I grind my teeth together furiously, and curse quietly. Another 14 year old looks at me like i'm crazy. Well, sure, there's an extra tribute this year? But what's the chances of people, like me, who can actually use weapons? Not much.

Joe calls out the first tribute name, 'Hunter Hosement!' A girl makes her way to the stage, she looks strong, and I start to think that there might be hope. Then she stumbles slightly, and I realise she's scared. I roll my eyes at her acting. When she gets to the stage, she is asked what age she is. She then replies that she is 13.

A tribute who could possibly become a career, if she was older. I remember her from training. I shake my head in disgust at her young age, then watch Joe as he shakes her hand and turns to the bowl again. He takes out a slip, unfolds it and reads 'Karl Taras'.

I know Karl. He's 18, and very talented with weapons. But before I can think about anything else, a voice speaks up.

'I volunteer as tribute!'

Everybody turns to stare at the girl who dared to speak up, as she makes her way towards the stage, high fiving her friends along the way. Karl just watches in shock as his obnoxious sister takes to the stage instead of him.

'Awesome!' Joe says, grinning his head off. Huh, of course he'd be happy to have a volunteer. He probably wasn't expecting any this year, after the Quell volunteer rules. 'And your name is...'

'Valentyna Taras' she replies, a huge smirk on her face. 'I'm Karl's younger sister, and I'm fifteen. I couldn't let him get all the glory. It's just bad luck this is his last year, but it's not really my problem, is it? I'm out to win this.'

I stare at her in anger. She's just destroyed one of our best chances of winning, and all she's doing is humiliating him. She's just... Impossible.

'Right!' Joe smiles. 'Now onto our final tribute from District 1. Without further ado...' He fishes around in the bowl, then takes out a slip and reads 'Mark Brooks!'

I look round in disbelief. My brother? My brother who can't use weapons to save his life? In the literal meaning. I realise then what I can do.

'I volunteer as tribute!' I yell, bounding up to the stage, a smug look on my face. 'I'm Damon Brooks, and I am a career. Mark is my elder brother. Just you wait till the arena, District 1. I'll make you proud!

The audience whoops as Joe says 'Here we have it then! Our three tributes; Hunter Hosement, Valentyna Taras and Damon Brooks. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour!' Joe signals us off the stage. As I come off I see Valentyna looking at me with a smirk. I think back to why I volunteered... I will kill her, if it's the last thing I do.


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