A Game of Chance [A Hunger Games Fanfiction]
Author: Phoenix Summers

Chapter 3
The Quarter Quell

President Sarah Ohyratern POV

I walk up the stone steps to the platform, flanked by half a dozen peacekeepers. There is a single slip of paper in the envelope on the small table in the middle of the ready-made stage, that everybody in the audience have their eyes fixed on. Heck, probably everyone in Panem is watching that envelope. It has the Fifth Quarter Quell on it, and will decide this years theme for the Hunger Games.

I smile secretly to myself before the cameras turn to my face. Only three people know what that slip says, me being one of them. I couldn't not tamper with it, not with a rebellion from district 8 on the horizon, and with districts 1,2 and 5 becoming a bit shifty. This Quell should sort that out just fine.

I reach the table, pick up the envelope and grin brightly at the cameras and audience. I hold it up and a hush descends over the whole of Panem. Carefully I turn the envelope over and see a giant '5' stamped on it. Carefully I slit it open to complete silence, and clear my throat.

'In honour of the Fifth Quarter Quell, 24 the amount of tributes will be randomly reaped from a huge bowl in the capitol. One district could have all the tributes, or none.'

I look up briefly, then continue.

'In addition to this, any younger brother or sister of the tribute between the age of 8 and 18 may volunteer in the tribute's place. No other volunteers will be allowed.

I watch the left hand side of the stage as the bowl rises up from underground right on cue. I take my time walking over; the more suspense, the better. Reaching into the bowel, I swish my hand around the slips of paper, eventually snatching one up. Opening it, I look at smile. Perfect, just as I wanted.

'I will announce how many tributes each district has separately, in order.

'District 1 will have three tributes this year.

'District 2 will also have three tributes this year.'

I pause a moment to allow the clapping to subside. As the main career districts, 1 and 2 never want for sponsors in the games.

'District 3 will have only have one tribute reaped in this Quell.

'District 4 will have two.'

The clapping gets louder, as district 4 is also a popular district, with the tributes quite often forming alliances with 1 and 2.

'District 5 will have three. My, isn't this getting exciting?

'District 6 will have 2 tributes reaped.'

I pause for a moment to let the audience calm down before continuing.

'District 7 is unlucky this year, with just one tribute.

'District 8... Shall have FOUR tributes in the 125th Hunger Games.'

The audience goes wild when I say this, and I roll my eyes, sighing. Great, now the latest merchandise will be district 8 related. And I only meant to stop them rebelling.

'Districts 9 will have a single tribute

'District 10 will also have one tribute'

I shake my head. Those two districts won't get a look in. After all, they only have one tribute.

'District 11 will have two.

'And finally, district 12 will only have one.'

I pause, to let that sink into the districts, and start walking off stage. As I near the exit, I swivel around abruptly, fixing my eyes on the camera.

'I nearly forgot. Welcome to the 125th Annual Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour. Let the reapings begin!'

With that I leave, the sounds of the screaming crowd growing fainter as I move further away.

Yvonne Turner (TV Presenter) POV

The Camera switches to me after the President leaves the stage, and I give it the lazy grin I am well known for. I watch as this years Head Gamemaker, Quinn Gold enters the stage. He stands tall, looking proud. Once he sits down, I will interview him about his game plans.

He sits down, and kisses my hand like a true gentleman. I blush, giggiling madly and clear my throat to get his focus and the audiences attention.

'So Quinn, why did you want to be and how do you feel about being the Head Gamemaker in this very special Quarter Quell?' I ask, fishing for clues straight away.

He smirks and I grin cheekily, hoping for a quick response. My wish is unfortunately not granted as he deliberates for a while.

'Well... Mine if I call you Yvey?' He says.

I roll my eyes jokingly and reply 'sure'

'Well Yvey,' he starts. 'I wanted this position because I have always enjoyed making things, or day dreaming. I figured that anyone who daydreams can't be too bad at having ideas. Another plus is that I like bossing people around'. I give an appreciative laugh along with the audience, and he gives me a half smile, then continues, 'as for the Quell side of things, there is often a lot more main attractions in the games, new training centres and new living quarters. Not just for the tributes. I must say I'm enjoying my quarters immensely!'

I move onto my next question as the crowd claps. I try pushing my luck. 'So, what can I expect to see in these games?'

'Yvey, you know how it breaks my heart not to be able to say anything like that! But one thing I will say, is that my style is unique, and you won't be bored.'

'Just one tiny snippet? Everyone is dying to hear your plans!' I wheedle.

'Don't you go flattering me now!' He smiles. 'Just be prepared to be sitting on the edge of your seat'.

I grin, wishing I could know. Maybe I'll look round his quarters some time. He's surely got to have something about these games in there. Or, even better, I come sneak into the game control room. Yes, I like that idea, I like it a lot...

'Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, this years Head Gamemaker, Quinn Gold!'

The crowd roars happily as we leave the stage waving.


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