A Game of Chance [A Hunger Games Fanfiction]
Author: Phoenix Summers

Chapter 2
Reaping Day

~Part One~

~In the Districts~

~Various characters points of view~


Valentyna (District 1) POV

'Are you going to volunteer this year?'

I look over at my mother, Xozannah, as she speaks again. 'You would be able to finally live up to your aunt. I know you're jealous of her, why not enter? You have the skills to.'

She looks at my elder brother, Karl. 'As do you. Why not both of you enter?'

I shoot an icy glare at Karl, and sighing, I roll my eyes. 'You know why, Mom, the only people allowed to volunteer from our district are the 18 year olds.' I don't add that if you volunteer for the games before your year, you get kicked out of training. I suspect that she knows that, anyway. In fact, the only way that I'll volunteer is if Karl, my elder brother is reaped. He gets all the fame in the family.

And he does nothing

It would be a pleasure to see the look on his face when I volunteered instead of him. Boy, would he be shocked.

'Earth to Tyna'. I zone back in to see her waving a hand in front of my face. Blinking twice I reply 'Sorry, just zoned out.

'Besides, I'm not as well prepared as I will be in three years. By then I'll be lethal, and able to join easily with the career pack'.

She sighs, as my younger sisters look over curiously. 'As you wish, dear'.

But I don't wish, I think to myself. Still, force myself to smile. 'But, have you got a dress for me to wear?'

Mia (District 8) POV

I can see the mutt standing over me, drooling over my face. It reaches down for my face, intending to take a bite. I scream, curving my back to get away...

I can feel a hand stroking my hair. A voice says 'Wake up.' I rub my eyes and clutch the arm of my Mom, Sara. 'It was just a dream'.

'But it seemed so real.' I reply, still shaking.

'Shushh, it's very unlikely you'll be reaped'

I close my eyes, breathing quickly. I remember why I had that dream; of course. It's the reaping today. But there's more- it's the 125th Hunger Games, which means it will be a Quarter Quell- the fifth, to be precise. My mother says that it could be anything from more tributes that usual to all volunteers. President Ohyratern will announce what will happen at the reaping, and we will be expected to agree. Like our district will. District 8 hates the Hunger Games. But, unfortunately, we go along with it. The last time there was a war it didn't go too well for us.

I stop thinking about that immediately. If the Capitol found out, they'd flog me! I tremble and whimper. If I get picked for the Hunger Games, I can't use weapons, so I'll die! I don't even know survival skills.

'Mom, do we have to go?' I whine, already knowing that answer. I mean, I am only just 12. 'They might let me off one year.'

'Yes, Mia' she says firmly, giving me a slight glare. 'You do'.

I groan inwardly, but resign myself to the reaping. If I backed out it would just reflect back on my Mom. The Capitol might even kill her. Plus I'd be flogged!

She looks at me, her face slightly happier. She holds out an object and says 'At least you'll look pretty'.

I look at the dress hanging from her hands, upset. 'You're thinking about clothes on a day like this? When I could be given a death sentence?' I begin to sob.

May (District 6) POV

In the woods outside our district, it is quiet and still. I can see lush green bushes and a forest of trees. Perfect for hunting- not that I need food, but still, I might as well. I enjoy using my bow, even though I can't shoot very well with it, and usually have to use 5 arrows to take down an animal.

I attempt to shoot a deer, five times. I miss every time. The deer runs off before I can aim again, and I groan. I need something for my family to eat.

Then I spot a rabbit and kneel down behind a nearby bush, loading my Bow. I draw back to my face, and shoot. The rabbit bolts and I sigh. Missed... again.

Suddenly, I feel a breeze picking up and look above me. A Hovercraft is passing overhead. I realise that it is here for the reaping, and that I have lost track of the time. I look at the position of the sun in the sky, working out the time, and curse. One hour till the reaping starts, and the Quell is announced. Quickly I retrieve my arrow and stack away my bow under a log. I collect a little water but otherwise hurry home empty handed.


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