A Game of Chance [A Hunger Games Fanfiction]
Author: Phoenix Summers

Chapter 1
Rebellion (Prologue)

President Keynt watched her television anxiously, unconciously biting down on her fingernails.  She was searching for reassurance that District 13 was still in charge of Panem, and that she was still the current leader. In the past few weeks, two of the most influential districts had revolted, causing untold panic and thoughts of Rebellion. Shuddering, she banished all thought of war from her mind.

At that current moment, the commanders of districts 1 and 2 - Julie Resaht and Sarah Ohyratern - discussed the plan they had laid out to get the Capitol back in power. They checked the list they had made so they would know ... The underground fire bombs were ready. The spies were in place. It was finally the day that Panem would come to regret. The Second Civil War... between District 13 and the other Districts. Julie picked up the mobile next to her and sent out one simple word.


She put down her mobile. Both women nodded grimly to each other. They had work to do; and not much time to do it in.

A spy was standing guard outside the prison cells in District 13 when his phone sounded a 'new message' chime. Looking at his mobile, he saw the one word that he had been waiting for. He nodded the other guards. Every single spy in District 13 knew what they had to do. The guard let out the prisoners, one of whom was supposed to hack the District Broadcast, which was currently live to the whole of the country.

The guard, with cameras trained on him, said 'District 13, evacuate. District 13, evacuate.' He waited a minute then, he said the word 'Action'. All across the District, screams could be heard.


The spies had set off underground firebombs, collapsing District 13, turning it to ash and rubble. None remained, the residents were now fugitives. They stared blankly as their President was dragged out and shot. The only ones who could save them now was the Capitol.

Sarah Ohyratern proudly stood in front of the citizens of District 13. She declared 'I am the new President of Panem, President Ohyratern. I answer to the Capitol, as will all of you. I propose no more Wars, and a resumption of the Hunger Games. Welcome to the new age. I hope you survive; May the odds be EVER in your favour.'




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