Author: RJ mack

Chapter 7
Fun and New poems

Here are some fun poems and new ones to finish off and show you where my poetry is going.

The dwarf and the sergeant


“Left, right left right”

“Oi you stump I said left, right not right left”

“Yes sergeant”

“Fuck off sergeant”

“30 inch pace I said you short arse little fucker”

Fucking hell my crouch anit half killing

“Shut it brain” concentrate

Left, right left, right 30 inch pace


Right lads assault course time

Oi you little fucker don’t go getting any ideas

You go over the wall not round it

“get it”

Let’s go then come on move it move it

Oh fuck he said a wall not a bloody building

That’s like the London skyscrapers

Jeepers’ creepers he goes

Smack shit my nose

Well at least I jumped a bit

Fuck it run jump and away


That just hurt

You know where

Ohh god now I have to drop fuck

I’ll break me dam legs

Bugger it here goes

Am down am bloody down ooh better get running

This cargo net bit is a piece of piss look at all them getting stuck, here’s me running thought like a rat in a drain pipe.


Right lads tomorrow log run

“Err sergeant”

“Yes short arse”

Everyone is taller than me how can I hold the log

The sergeant

“You’re not you Wally

You are the log”

Me “ooh fuck”

Shin pads shoulder pads braces

What was that, nothing sergeant

Just talking to my over six brothers

Cleaver is we

No just couldn’t leave them at home

Sergeant wouldn’t be fair

Sergeant scratches his head

What you going on about

well you see it like this “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

Err OK then you’re dismissed

Now who do you think is more confused the dwarf or the sergeant?







As my quill writes

My mind does soar

Flapping its long majestic wings

Like the ones of an eagle

My subconscious is writing

Scribing in my head

Summoned up from depths deep

Theses bright sparks

Become ignited 

 A flight path

With twists and turns

Where thoughts collide

These thoughts become my words


And when it’s not a quill It’s a keyboard

My fingers dance and swirl

A marvelous wonder

As this flight soars

Higher and higher

With wings wide apart

A highway

To my most inner thoughts


Then once again

My fingers does dance


And pulsating

All these thoughts

All these words

Shoot through my body

Into written words



It’s that time

You’re done

Counting of sheep has gone

Every trick has been and forgotten

Still that wonderful sleepy feeling retreats

Further and further away

One minute your hot then your cold

Hot and cold

Then just plain dam jaded

Your brain begins its descent

With its spiteful praise

It’s laughing at you

Putting its cruel intentions upon you

Making you beg

Just one tiny little hour

Or maybe 2

That’s all I ask

But your mind is like a cell

With a squash court in its center

Thoughts, feelings jangling

From one place to another

Nothing is stemming

You throw that pillow over your face

Repressing the unheeded Noise from your brain

But there’s no solace here either

So what’s left to do?

Do you dislodge the covers and slope out of bed Feeling all zombified

Or do you skirmish this villain

Hoping this cruel torment will at last banish its self away

Whichever route you take

One thing is certain

No sleep is gonna happen here

Not at this ungodly hour!!!!











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