Author: S.N. White

Chapter 4
Hallucinations at Heaven Lake

When I woke up, I felt tons better. That 'dream' was definitely real. I really did run to the park, I could still feel the pain in my feet. I know that I wasn't just hallucinating anything, and I definitely did see my father. I know that he wanted to probably kill me. I'm just so thankful for getting out in time. He truly hates me, and I hate him as well.

I looked up and around at my surroundings. My mother was not in the room, and it looked like it was getting darker. I need to find her, I can't have another person who I love so much missing. I got up to my feet and still felt a little sore. I looked out of the window and saw that our car was still here. I walked into the kitchen and saw that my mother was sitting there drinking coffee.

“Hey, are you okay?” I said calmly. “I just woke up on the ground and I don't really remember getting in.” She crossed her legs and sipped on her coffee, looking out of the window. “I heard that your favorite soap opera is about it come on.” I say, looking at the clock. 7:30 PM.

She turned to me and placed her coffee down on the dining table. “Do you know what your father did as a hobby before he was in jail?” I shook my head and stared into her eyes. I felt very naïve and didn't know much. “He was a doctor. He studied a lot about the brain and hallucinations. He wasn't very religious at all, and hated when I spoke about god. I told him that god would save him, but he just didn't listen. He believed that there was something about you that was special. He just went crazy and killed someone because he believed that they were a giant bug. I can't really tell you much about him right now though. It was just on my mind, I'm sorry.” She paused and picked her coffee up again, and began to sip it.

I shook my head again and placed both of my hands on my face. My headache was gone and I felt relieved. I touched my eye and it was also too healed. How has it healed so fast? I just shrugged and smiled, thankful for my body's fast healing process. I looked over to my mother again and she was shaking a bit, looking at me. She looked terrified. I frowned and went back to my bed and slept for the night.

The next morning was a normal morning. I woke up to my usual room, with a whole bunch of Sherry's drawings on the walls, and other things, like band posters, and books. I also have a TV in the corner of my room that I rarely use. I walked into the kitchen and felt numb all over. I looked at my mother and she was asleep in the chair with the coffee on the table. She fell asleep there last night. I smiled and made some breakfast. I cooked up the remaining bacon and toast that we had.

“Mom,” I began to say, trying to wake her up. “I have breakfast.” She woke up suddenly and began to say something. “What, Jeff?” She said my father's name. “I'll go to the lab in a minute, I'm trying to sleep.” I frowned. “Mom!” I startled her and she woke up. “Um, yes honey?” I gave her a confused look and placed the food next to her. “Your food is ready, you only had a few things to eat yesterday, and I'm afraid you'll grow weak.”

She picked up a piece of bacon with her hand and placed it in her mouth, chewing it up, and then swallowing it. “Thank you, sweetheart.” She looked out of our window cautiously. “Did anyone come to our house last night? Anyone in a dark outfit? A dark mask?” She looked at me for a solid 5 seconds and sighed. “I think someone has been dimming the lights.” I looked up at the lights and saw nothing different. “I'm not sure what you're talking about.”

I sat next to her and ate a piece of her bacon. “I think you should go and talk to the Gracies'.” She looked up to me. “Why?” I looked back with a very serious glare. “Because your daughter is missing, and they were the last people to see her.” She smiled. “Sherry isn't missing.” I felt very confused. “She's just misplaced. She'll be back soon. Your father won't have her long. He will always turn back up.”

I stared long and hard at her. She tilted her head and smiled at me. “Everything will be alright.” She said, slowly. I squinted my eyes at her and turned away. I couldn't believe the words that was spilling out of her mouth. She was talking crazy. I felt like I was about to go crazy as well. Or maybe I did? I did go to the park yesterday and end up on the floor of my mother's room. Maybe it was a very realistic dream. I need to find some sort of explanation for this. I got up and looked at my mom. She was still looking at the window, motionless and calm. She looked like she was waiting for something to happen.

I knew that she would talk if I said something, but I could feel that she wasn't herself. I decided to leave her alone for the time being. I walked outside and crossed my yard to the Gracies'. They were home, and probably awake, so I knocked on the door. After waiting for a minute or two, Mrs. Gracie answered the door.

“Hello! Did you need something, Aidan?” I looked at her and suddenly realized I wasn't responding. “Oh, sorry, I was wondering if I could come in for a few minutes. I need your advice on something, and maybe some food. I just cooked up the last of mine and-” She stopped me. “It's alright! Don't you fret, I understand you're upset and want to see someone.” I just nodded and walked in.

Their house was the most beautiful house that I had ever seen. A chandelier hung from the main livingroom as you walked in, and they had marble flooring. They had a huge television that was in front of a huge couch. Everything looked so expensive and beautiful. “I was just wondering if you knew what was wrong with my mother. She is talking about my father and babbling on about things. She's saying that Sheradolle is alright and that I shouldn't worry, but she isn't just being positive, she's certain.” I talked to her about a few more things and let her talk. “I think that your mother is completely fine, she is just acting like this to try to make you feel better. Don't be silly or scared, it'll go away soon, dear.”

I nodded. “And about your food, Aidan, I have a whole breakfast for you!” I waited and watched the television for a little bit as she cooked my food. I was watching a documentary about someone who had heart surgery. I felt so intrigued at all of the medical equipment, and procedures. She called me into the dining room and I sat down, waiting to be served. She brought the food into the room and smiled happily. “I'm so happy that you came-” She couldn't talk any longer, because a huge crash suddenly interrupted her. It came from the upstairs. She dropped my tray of food and screamed very loudly.

I found myself screaming as well, but I didn't know why. My heart began racing as I covered my hands over my ears. It wasn't just her screaming now, the crash was repeating itself, over and over simultaneously. I found some way to calm her down. “That could've been Mr. Gracie.” I said, reassuring her. She shook her head. “He's gone! He went to work. That couldn't have been him.” I frowned as she ran up the staircase. The loop of the crash sound stopped momentarily and I found myself frightened. I walked behind her until we reached the scene, there was a huge hole in the wall, and a very nice, expensive white car was there. It was the upstairs so this confused me even more. A man in a dark mask stepped out and ran for me. I couldn't see him reach me before I woke up on the Gracies' couch.

I looked at the surroundings. The documentary was still on, and Mrs. Gracie was still making food. That didn't really happen. I feel crazy. I am crazy. I know it was a dream but that had a huge impact. I heard Mrs. Gracie call me into the dining room, so I just got up and walked in there.
She could tell that I was very nervous. She looked and me with solemn eyes, but said nothing. “Here is your food.” She said, giving the food to me. No loud noises occurred. She walked back in the kitchen and left me alone. I began to eat the food with no question and felt safe again. I looked at the food and observed its textures. Some of it was hard, and some of it was soft. Some of it had brown spots on it, and some did not. I wiped off my face with my hand and took the plate to the kitchen for her to have. “I'm ready to go. I really hope Sherry is out there somewhere.”

I didn't tell her that I was blaming her for my sister's disappearance, but I could tell she knew. She nodded and took the plate. I walked out of her house. Everything was black outside, and all of the cars were orange. I could see stuff morphing around me, and I felt really nauseous. Did she put something in my food? I looked around at my house and saw that it turned into a giant rabbit. It was walking towards me and I ran. I ran very far again and didn't look back. I could see a house in the distance and kept running towards it. My heart was beating fast again.

I ran up to the house and saw it was mine. My mom was laying in her room next to me. Why was I there? I'm here, I'm not laying in my mother's room! I looked to my right and saw a car pulling up. My father was in it and saw me. He got out of it and started running for me. I tried running in my house, but tripped over a box. It looked like something that came in the mail. I got up and turned around, expecting my father to be behind me, but he was gone, and so was the car.

I looked at the package and saw that it was still there. I was confused, but oddly comforted, like something in that package was something that I was looking for. I picked it up and brought it in the house. When I walked in, I saw that mom was laying down on the living room couch, and was wrapped up in a blanket. It was the weekend so I didn't have school, and she didn't have work. I dropped the package on the table and walked over to her.

“Mom, there was a package on our doorstep. I don't know if you ordered something or what?” She frowned and looked up at me. “Tell me, who is the package from?” I looked back at the package, trying to see a valid sender, and saw. “ Halcyon Industries.” She got up immediately and ran towards the package. “Who is it sent to? I need to know.” She read the package out loud. “Jeff Clare.” She frowned and began to cry. “I knew this would happen! I'm so stupid for not noticing the signs.” She didn't give any explanation. She looked like she was trying to come up with the words to say to me. “Your father worked at Halcyon Industries. He is actually the owner. They've stalled any further projects from happening until he came out.”

I looked at her face, she looked pretty upset and wasn't happy with the package being here. There was definitely something that my mother wasn't telling me, apart from my father studying hallucinations. Does a mental disease run in our family? Could it be passed down to me as well? “Okay, well can we at least see what's in here?” She shook her head and walked back to her room. Something was definitely being hidden from me.

I sighed and took the package. It was fairly light. I walked it to the couch and sat down. I tried reading the box, but no important information was there. The sender address was only 5 miles away. I could open up the box. The tape on it looked easy to seal back on. I took one end of the tape and pulled at it, and got the tape off. I slowly opened up the box, feeding my curiosity. I found myself begin to pass out before I could fully open it.

I woke up on a light ground. It was solid white, and I was wearing dark clothing. I could see the walls around me. They were dimming slowly, and I found myself walking to the center of the room. It was now the only area lit, and it shined very bright. I saw a chest slowly begin to appear. I looked behind me to try to find an exit. I saw one that began to appear, but the chest was glowing brightly. I could probably get it open.

Suddenly a giant figure appeared in front of me. It was some human wearing a dark mask. I suddenly began to freak out. “Wh-who are you?!” I backed away, but kept looking at the glowing chest. It began to talk in a very deep voice, it sounded like it was masquerading its voice. “I am your savior.” It simply said. I stammered out a mixture of words. I wasn't coming up with anything reasonable to say. “Death.” That was the only word I came up with. “No, you are not dead.” It said. “You are only in a dream, a sweet dream where your deepest emotions lie.”

I looked at the chest again. I softly spoke. “Curiosity. That's my emotion, isn't it?” I looked up at the dark figure, and it walked forward. “Curiosity isn't an emotion. The emotion is what truly lies in your heart. What provoked this scene is something that you will possibly never find out.” It paused. “I don't want you to yet.”

I walked towards the chest and opened it. It opened with ease, and no troubles at all. I suddenly fell forward into the chest. I fell for a very long time, I was screaming but nobody could hear me. I could only hear the last words the shrouded figure said. It was wearing that dark mask, and when I remember again, a dark hood. I couldn't stop falling. I felt like I was going to die. I felt like these were my final thoughts.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was falling out of the sky, and I was falling into some sort of body of water. I closed my eyes. This impact is going to kill me. I tried to look up but I couldn't. I was looking down to my death. I looked forward, and saw a giant sign. The giant sign said: Welcome to Heaven Lake. I collided with the water and blacked out.


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