Author: S.N. White

Chapter 3
The Confrontation

The seconds after the Gracies' went into their house were agonizing. I was very nervous. My father had my sister, and I had no clue where they both were, or what he'd do to her. I just want to have her sweet, delicate hands in mine. I want to feel her breathing on me as I hold her. I want to feel her heartbeat, her soft heartbeat. She is so innocent, and he is not. He is someone who I have waited years to see, but now I can't wait any longer. If he harmed her, I am going to have to harm him. I clenched my fists and put them down to my side. I slowly turned around and walked back to my house.

I felt myself still trembling, my head was not throbbing as much as earlier, but I was losing the vision out of my left eye. I need to tell my mom a lie. Something that she will believe without hesitation. She thinks that he already has her. She was right when she spoke up to me about him having her. She doesn't need to know. My mother just tried to kill herself, and I couldn't do anything about it. She is a grown woman and already made her decision. She might even try to kill herself again, and I'm trying to leave the house without letting her know. I have to take her with me to help find my father, and put him in jail again, or even kill him. He is a horrible man and needs to die, or to be brought to justice. I cannot believe I ever wanted to see him again.

I walked inside my house and saw the big disaster again. I just noticed some half-eaten toast that Sherry failed to eat earlier. She complained that her 'tummy' hurt, and that she couldn't eat anymore. I began to tear up a little bit. I picked up the piece of toast and began to eat it. I cried even harder. I need to clean up this disastrous mess. I picked up the broom and swept some of the glass and plates that were broken into a small pile. I looked at some of the picture frames that were broken, mostly of Sherry and I. I can't believe he would do this to us. My own father, someone who I shared blood with.

I finished cleaning 15 minutes later and walked back to my mother's room. She was laying on her bed, still a bit unconscious. She looked like a mess. She had smeared eyeliner and other makeup on her face, her face was soft and delicate like Sherry. I should probably wake her up. I patted her wet clothing a few times. She sighed and began to talk. "Aidan.. Is that you?" Mom was still half asleep. She was getting up. "I-I need help. Get me up, please." Her voice was normal. She didn't seem upset anymore. Maybe she fell asleep in the bathtub, and didn't mean to try to kill herself.

"Mother, I'm here. Sherry is with the Gracies' still, and everything will be alright, I promise." I wish that was the case. I felt like that was a fairly convincing lie. "Good, I'm glad that your father didn't get to her. He destroyed many things. There was so much chaos in this house when you were asleep." She paused, beginning to cry again. "He said he was going to kill my daughter. He told me he would find Sheradolle and kill her. I told him that you'd stop him."

I sighed and gripped her hand tightly. "He's not going to get her. I promise." More lying. "He is probably lost, he just got out of jail today." I paused and cleared my throat. "Plus, Mrs. Gracie called me a few minutes ago and said that Sherry was having a splendid time at the park, and that nothing was going wrong at all. Just put on some television and relax. I'm going to go to the store to get some more bread and milk. Think you can relax, knowing she is okay?"

My mother's face was not convinced, but she looked fairly tired. I looked at the clock. 3:47 PM. My mother sighed and turned on the television. Some talk show looked like it was about to go off. And the news was next. I smiled and walked into the kitchen. My act was up. I could leave at any time now to go find him. My mom spoke up. "Aidan, don't leave right yet." She paused, glancing at the television. "I need you to make me some food, I feel weak and hungry." I nodded and walked over to the kitchen.

I opened up the fridge and saw that we had very little food. I decided to make her some eggs. I made the eggs and poured her a glass of water. The sink I saw had some broken glass in there, so I took it out and placed it in the trash can. My mother called for me. I had only been gone making the food for 5 minutes. I walked into her room with the food and smiled. "Here you go; eggs and water. I'm sorry we don't have much, I was hoping to get some things at the store soon." She half smiled and took the food. "Would you please get me a towel too? I'm wet and I don't like it." I nodded again and walked into her bathroom.

I saw that her claw-foot tub still had water in it, and small bubbles were still around it. I walked over to her towel cabinet and opened it. She had some hidden money in there for alcohol. I never confronted her about it, mainly because I want to keep a good relationship with my mom, and she wouldn't say anything about it. I took a white towel and walked it in there to her. The news just came on. She took the towel reluctantly, and washed herself off. She already ate the egg, and motioned me to come and sit next to her. I sat next to her for a few minutes.

The news was coming on. I saw the bright television in this dim light room. It hurt my eyes a little bit, as I saw the 5 News logo coming up. The top story came up. I looked over to my mother and smiled. She was still intently looking at the television. "News Alert! A young child by the name of Sheradolle was abducted by a man in a black mask around 12:00 PM today at Terra Park. Any whereabouts of this young child will need to reported to Scottsdale Police Department immediately."

My heart dropped as Sherry's photo was displayed on the screen. My mom screamed loudly and I covered her mouth. "Sherry's alright! I promise." She slapped my hand away and got up. I could tell she was no longer convinced. I began crying nonstop and tried to grab for my mother as she got up off the bed. "No! I can't trust you! Go away!" She began yelling at me. "My Sheradolle is gone. My little doll." She broke down into tears and dropped to her knees. She was very weak and was still crying. I don't know what to do.

Without thinking, I rose from the bed and ran out of the house. I ran so far, my breathing got faster and faster, and my heartbeat rose. Adrenaline was now coursing through my veins. I ran across the Gracies' yard, and further on. I knew the town like I knew Sherry. I can find her. She is alive, and so am I. That's all I need to know.

I could feel my hands numbing as they were beating by my side, hitting the wind with a thud. I felt like a feather in the air. I was weightless. I am going to find her.

I reached the park after what seemed like forever. There was a search team to the right of me, quite far. I looked at them. Pathetic people just in it for the money. I just want to find my sister. I want to hold her in my arms, and feel her soft red flower that I placed in her hair ever so delicately. I just want to feel her breathing again.

I paused and caught my breath. I was hyperventilating and wheezing. I fell to the ground, and my hood fell off with me.

I don't need to go to sleep now! I need to kill my father. My adrenaline was wearing off as I walked into the dark lit woods. I could barely see anything, my left eye was now throbbing again, and my head was beginning to hurt again. What did my father do to me? I sighed and got to my feet. I was still staggering. I felt intoxicated like my old man. I had only one thing on my mind and that was revenge. I needed to kill him.

It was light again and I saw a few visitors to the park smiling and having fun. They looked like an ordinary family, and not like mine. They were throwing a Frisbee at a dog, and laughing. "Excuse me." I said. "Do you know where the man with the mask is?" They looked confused but still kept playing. I was very angry that they ignored me. "Tell me where the fucking man is! I need to know." They walked away from me and it suddenly got dark again. What just happened?

I looked to my right and a tree was changing color. It was red—No wait, orange. It was like autumn was coming earlier. The colors were so beautiful. I could imagine Sherry picking a leaf from the tree and giving it to me. Showing me the colors—No wait, she is here. She's coming up to me with a leaf! She's giving it to me. "Sherry! Oh my god! It's really you. I love you so much, my beautiful sister." She frowned and looked behind me. I looked behind myself and saw my father. OH NO! He hit me very hard with what looked like a flower in a vase.

I felt to the ground and looked up. My mother was standing over me, and I was on the floor of her room.


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