Sleeping Secrets
Author: Vincent Lamperouge

Chapter 4
Can never catch a break

The next morning, Emma woke up fairly early, as she had a nightmare about Alexis getting abducted right in front of her, placing both her and her baby in danger. Rather then lay in bed for a few hours, she instead got up and went downstairs. After brushing her teeth, she went into the Dining Room, where the glass of the backdoor had been smashed and left ajar. She then called someone in to replace the glass and started sweeping up the broken glass. Alexis then came downstairs to see her sister cleaning up the dining room. After breakfast, the two relaxed in the living room. After a night of terror, Emma could use a break. "Oh yeah, I have a doctor's appointment today."

"Hmmmm? Alright, I'll take you then." Emma told her, quickly volunteering to drive her down there.

"Thanks. Alright, before we go, I'm gonna take a short nap. Wake me up in two hours. We have to leave around One o'clock."

While Alexis was sleeping, a few people came to replace the broken glass. Luckily for Emma, it was quick, because she didn't want to make too much noise and awaken Alexis. She then texted Jen. 'Not sure which gender my sister's baby is. I'll ask her when her due date gets close.'

While waiting around, Emma sat down by Alexis, who was sleeping on the Living Room couch. Afterwards, she went into her garage, which was still the same way it was when Emma was still a Teenager; where her parents had turned it into a Mixed Martial Arts Gym for her. It brought back a lot of memories. When she looked at her watch, it was eleven o'clock, so she went to go wake up her sister. "Hey, wake up..." Emma said as she gently grabbed her sister's shoulder and gently shook her awake.

Alexis woke up. As she sat up, however, she started feeling pain in her back. Though she was not experiencing any contractions, she did lay down for quite some time. "You okay?" Emma asked.

Alexis nodded. She then went to get ready, as she was pretty much still in her nightgown. Emma then looked at her clothes. She then ran up to her room to change. Today, Emma decided to wear the dress she wore to her Senior Prom two years ago. "Hmmmm, its been a while since I wore this dress..." she said to herself.

For footwear, she put on a pair of slippers, wanting to be comfortable while she's driving. After grabbing her purse, Emma went downstairs to wait for Alexis. While waiting, she decided to put some make up on, not wanting to look like she just got out of bed in public. As soon as her sister got downstairs, Emma helped her expectant sister to the car. As she was not twenty-one yet, she was not able to carry a concealed weapon. However, her skill in Martial Arts and Daredevil Maneuvers have helped her in the past, so she didn't need to worry too much. Upon getting to the Doctor's Office, Emma was with Alexis the entire time. Although she was quiet, she was listening attentively whenever the doctor was talking to Alexis. In the parking lot outside, while checking for her keys, the black robed figure she saw from last night came out of seemingly nowhere and grabbed Alexis from behind and covered her mouth to keep her from screaming. When Emma saw the ensuing struggle in the mirror, she quickly sprang into action. She quickly got the robed figure off of her sister. "Get your hands off my sister!" Emma called as she yanked the robed figure away from her sister, so she wouldn't have the chance of attacking Alexis by mistake.

The assailant then pulled out a pair of scissors, causing Alexis' Aichmophobia to start acting up again. She held her stomach protectively, both scared and paralyzed with fear. When the assailant went for Alexis, they were met with brutality from Emma. After a few minutes of fighting and attempting to stab Emma, the assailant ran off. "You haven't seen the last of me!" a female voice said, pointing at Alexis before disappearing into the woods. Having dealt with the situation, Emma quickly turned to Alexis. She then phoned the Police. Because she wanted Alexis needed to rest; Emma talked the Police about what happened and turned the scissors in as evidence. As Police Officers left, Emma went to comfort her sister. She held her sister close, even going as far as placing her hand on Alexis' stomach. Alexis herself can only shed tears, knowing that Emma cares deeply for her. "You can just never catch a break, can you?" she asked, as if she felt like she was a burden on her much younger sister.

Emma shook her head. Then suggested that they go home so Alexis can rest. "I don't get why someone would treat a pregnant woman like how some people have been treating you. You almost got hurt...Twice, within two weeks!"

"I don't get it either. The world is a cruel place..." Alexis said, worried for her child.

As the sisters got home, Emma helped Alexis take her shoes off and into the living room. Alexis relaxed on the couch as Emma sat on the floor by the coffee table. A few minutes later, she went to make sure that all the doors and windows were locked up and secure. She then closed all the curtains and blinds. By the time she returned to the Living Room, she saw that Alexis had fallen asleep. Not wanting to wake her, since Alexis would need all the energy she can get in the next two weeks, Emma kissed both her abdomen and forehead. "Good night sis'." she said holding Alexis' hand.

Exhausted herself, Emma just went into her bedroom. As she lie in bed, she wondered to herself. While in deep thought, she fell asleep.


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