Sleeping Secrets
Author: Vincent Lamperouge

Chapter 3
Unexpected Guest

While Alexis was fast asleep, Emma had trouble falling asleep. Whether it was stress or she had too much energy, she was unsure. Suddenly, she heard glass breaking down on the first floor. She quietly grabbed her phone and blue-tooth and quickly called 911. "911, what's your emergency?"

"Hello! Someone just broke into my house! I think he's armed. But I'm not sure what with!" Emma called worriedly.

"Try to remain calm. Help is on the way. We're sending Officers right now."

Emma then placed her phone in her pocket, but continued to talk to the Operator via Blue-tooth. "Oh god he might be coming upstairs. He's banging on the door..." Emma said worriedly.

The banging woke Alexis, her eyes shot open as she got up. However, she couldn't move around too much. She began experiencing pain, as her rude awakening brought upon contractions. This also worried Emma. "Do we need an Ambulance too?" she asked Alexis.

"No...I'll be fine. Just hurry and grab a weapon." Alexis told her sister as she held her stomach both in pain and protectively.

As the door banging continued, Emma salvaged under the bed. She felt the Scabbard of a Katana. When she pulled it out from underneath the bed and unsheathed it. "I hope my training in Kendo pays off." Emma as she had her weapon raised, ready to cut down whatever was on the other side.

The door gives way and the unexpected guest breaks into the room, armed with a large kitchen knife. At this moment, the Police had just arrived and they were waiting outside. Seeing the flashing lights, Emma couldn't drop the sword until she was certain that Alexis was safe. Upon seeing the Kitchen Knife, Alexis held her stomach in fear, as over the course of her pregnancy, she began having Aichmophobia, a fear of sharp objects, such as knives and scissors. The phobia stems from Alexis having nightmares about cesarean sections around the time her husband died. She slowly started breathing heavily. Although the Man's Attention was focused on Emma, he saw Alexis out of the corner of his eye. He slowly started walking towards her. Due to her Aichmophobia, as the man got closer and closer to the bed, Alexis could not help but slowly start hyperventilating. This triggered Emma to spring into action. While she did not stab the man, she struck him in the leg with all her might, effectively stunning him. This caused the man stumble over towards Alexis. Emma closed her eyes as she couldn't bear to see what was about to happen, afraid that she did more harm to her sister then help. As a result, Emma dropped the weapon. As the man came falling, he attempted to stab Alexis in her pregnant belly, but missed by inches and punctured the bed, with the knife landing by her feet. Emma had just enough time to tackle the man away from her sister. She quickly pulled him into a rear naked choke. "You picked the wrong house." Emma told him. "You crossed the line tonight. Breaking into a house is one thing, but to try and stab a pregnant woman? Really!? That's just low!"

Though she was not frozen in fear, Alexis did start sweating and she began having contractions once more. She still held her stomach protectively, but it was evident that she was in pain. "Lexi, how far apart are your contractions?" Emma asked, as she tightened up on the choke.

The Robber started gasping for air. He then tried to tap on the carpet, but Emma just wouldn't let up. "Eight minutes. They're not very close. My water hasn't broken yet either-" she was cut off as she was having another contraction before she was able to describe the characteristics. "They do start out very strong though...But they gradually get weaker. I only feel them around my belly. So I'm fine." she was still reassuring her sister that she wasn't going into labor.

As everyone was upstairs, due to lack of response and Police getting a brief glance of the fairly violent struggle. EMS was also on standby after Police heard that not only the suspect was armed, but that there was a pregnant woman inside the house as well. As Police came and separated the two, Emma quickly ran over to her sister and gave her a hug. The Cops then took a step outside of the room to give them some privacy, as well as take the would-be burglar out of the house. "I promise, I won't ever let anyone hurt you or your baby...Ever." Emma shed tears as she made the promise to Alexis, which made her smile. A couple of minutes later, the Gilcrest Sisters were both outside on their front porch talking to Police Officers about what happened. Luckily, Alexis had Home Owners' Insurance, so the broken glass on their Backdoor was covered. EMS checked out both girls. While Emma had some minor scrapes and bruises, all Alexis had was a cut on her ankle, as the knife hit her ankle. Her baby was in stable condition, much to both women's relief. After Police left, Emma helped her sister up the stairs and back into the bedroom. Needing rest, Alexis just went back to bed. Emma tried to, but was unable to, as the attempted home invasion felt too much on her. As she looked out the window, she saw the same black-robed figure from earlier that day. 'I really hope Alexis isn't being stalked...' Emma thought, as she looked into the stars.


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