Author: S.N. White

Chapter 2
Missing Children

My mother was the first to wake up. She woke me up and nursed me back to health as I laid on her bed. I opened my eyes to see my surroundings. I'm really not sure what happened, but from my observations, my dad was very violent.

I could see a puddle of blood on the ground, next to a pile of glass, water, and some fake flowers that my mom's boyfriend got her.

I was tempted to get up, but my head was throbbing. My mom looked at me. "Oh, you're finally awake." She said, crying hysterically. I was confused. Why was she crying?

"Yeah, I'm awake. Where's Dad and Sherry?" She sunk to the ground and covered her face with her hands, crying even harder. "Tell me, where is Dad? What happened? Tell me please?" I could feel a slight tear coming from the corner of my eye.

My mom was all shaken up. She didn't look like herself. Her skin was pale, and she was shivering. I got up and walked over to her, rubbing her on the shoulder reassuringly. "Everything is going to be okay. Dad is not going to bother you. If he's gone, then he shouldn't be a problem to us anymore. We need to report him to the police."

She wasn't moving at all, she was frozen solid; corpse-like. Her head was no longer bobbing up and down, but I could still hear her sobs slowing down. "He-h-" She began to say. "He has her." I was utterly confused. "Who? Who does he have?" She started to cry again. "I need to go to the bathroom."

Mother got up and walked over to the bathroom door and shut it behind her. I could hear the sound of her locking the door.

I quickly got up and fell back down to the ground. I was still a little stiff, and my head was throbbing. I got up again and trudged over to the opening to the hallway.

Our furniture was thrown around, stacks of papers were spread out on the ground, like someone was going through them. I saw multiple college acceptance letters that I have received (but couldn't accept.) And bills that were from my mom. They were all opened. I looked on the fridge where Sherry's photo was, and it was gone. I guess my father was in here.

I ran over to the planner where we keep all of our plans for the day, and I saw that a lot of the pages were ripped out. I picked it up and looked for the page that was planned specifically for today, and I couldn't find it. He took the page. He really believes that we're up to no good.

I walked back to my mom's room and suddenly heard water flowing rapidly from inside there. "Mom! What are you doing in there?!" I yell, trying to fight the water's powerful roar with my voice.

I slammed the door down with my entire body strength. My mom was underwater and slump. I started to panic. I ran up to the bathtub and pulled her out. Her whole body was limp, and she was unconscious. I could still feel a pulse on her delicate and thin body. She just tried to kill herself. But why?

I quickly picked her up and was starting to tremble. My head was still throbbing, and she was wet. She had all of her clothes on still. I ran her into her room and placed her carefully onto her bed. She was unconscious, and I was hopeless. What am I supposed to do with a suicidal mother and a psycho father?

I paced the floors of my house for what seemed like an endless time. I looked out of my mother's window and saw that our neighbors, the Gracies', were pulling up to their house. They were supposed to take Sherry to the park, and a few other places for the day. They had no idea what just happened. They are an innocent, normal family. They are also a bit too precarious on what they do. They wouldn't let Sherry go with my father.

I walked over to my front door and opened it. They were getting out of their cars. I did not see Sherry. Is she really gone? I was thinking to myself for a few minutes before I decided to go find out what was going on. I walked across the yard to theirs, I looked pretty beat up, I could feel my eye. It was swelled up, and my head probably still had dried up blood on it. I decided it was best to put my hood on. They were out of the car. Mr. Gracie was hunched over the open car door, and Mrs. Gracie was still in the car. She wasn't moving at all, but it looked like she was talking to him. I walked up to them and immediately felt uncomfortable.

They ignored me. They weren't listening to me when I spoke. "Hello.. Mr Gracie?" Nothing. Not a response. They were completely oblivious. I walked over to him and listened to what they were saying. "Talk to him, just tell him what fucking happened!" That was from Mrs. Gracie. "No, damnit! It's not like he won't find out from someone else. It's on the news!" They were both yelling, and replying to each other in short retorts.

I spoke a little louder. "Mr. Gracie! What do you mean?" He looked up at me. His brow was furrowed. "What? What the hell do you want?" His normal calm self was now very violent. He was very tremulous at the sight of me.

Mrs. Gracie opened up her car door and got out. She held me tight with all of her strength as Mr. Gracie began to speak. "I'm sorry, I really am." He paused, beginning to cry. "I never thought something so horrible would happen like this. I can't even bring myself to say it..." I pushed away from Mrs. Gracie. "What do you mean? Tell me what do you mean? Where is Sherry? Where is your daughter?"

They both were now frowning. "Tabitha is at my parent's house." Mrs. Gracie said. "I cannot have her around right now." She paused, taking out a small tissue from her pocket, dabbing it on her eyes. "She's gone. We were at the park, and a man wearing a... a dark mask. Not sure who it was." She shot a glance at Mr. Gracie. They were both hiding something from me. Mr. Gracie nodded and Mrs. Gracie began talking again. "They took her... And knocked her out. She is gone and we reported it to the police. I'm sorry. Can you tell your mom immediately what has gone on?"

I shook my head. My mom doesn't need anymore on her shoulders. I need to find my father. "My mom is not here... She is at the prison... Visiting my father." I said, lying to her. She sighed deeply. "Okay, well, there is a search team investigating the whole town and trying to find your sister. We'll be here if you need to come inside and be around someone."

They aren't serious! They're not going to help look. It's their fault! My little Sherry is gone now because of them. Her soft blue eyes are now in my head. I can see her. She is inches away from me, but yet so far. I can feel her. I need to find her. I need to find Sheradolle.


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