Author: S.N. White

Chapter 1
Hello Daddy


The rain pattered on the cold and dense window. I ran my fingers along it, as I waited for my father to come home. He was supposed to come home from prison today, and my mother was waiting with me. She was laying down on her thick bed, which had the deepest red blankets on it, which I found the most beautiful.
My sister, Sheradolle was being babysat by our neighbors. She is so amazingly beautiful and innocent. I wish what happened to her didn’t happen, but it did. My father is a cruel human being, who doesn’t deserve the breath that he has.
She is so beautiful though. She has long luscious golden locks, which were always kept up with. I always stroke her hair, and put a soft red flower in it every morning. I planned on doing this even when she began Kindergarten. She is only 6 years old. She doesn’t deserve any harm.
My sister and I had an unbreakable bond and I loved her so very much. She was doing great at home, keeping up with mom’s endless chore list. She knows the wrongs, and the rights, and loves learning.
He was jealous of any man who put their eyes on her. I hate incest, and would never do anything with my mom. I guess it’s because he didn’t know who I was, or why I was laying with my mom in her bed, but I certainly didn’t do anything provocative with her.
“Baby boy, you do know that I love you, right? You mean so much to me, in so many ways. Your father is going to be here anytime now, he hasn’t seen you in years, and he might not recognize you, but don’t get upset, you’re 17, and he saw you when you were 4.”
Of course, she forgot to mention to my father that I haven’t moved out yet, I guess he’s forgotten about me. I don’t believe he even knows my sister.
“It’s okay, mom. How are you going to tell him you found someone else when he was in prison?”
She sighed deeply and looked up at the ceiling, with her arms to her side. “I can’t, I simply can’t. She’ll be with the neighbors when he comes, I cannot let him know. I do still love him, even if he did kill a man; he did it to protect us. He loves us dearly. I can’t let him see how I had another baby; he’s been gone for 13 years.”
My mom is also very sweet, and loyal. I know she is just trying to make me feel better. “I understand.” I say simply. “What are you going to do if he asks to live with us, what are you going to do about Sherry? Obviously you’re going to have to let her stay with us. I don’t even know my father, and I don’t even want to.”
I couldn’t see her expression on her face, nor did I even want to try to turn and look, but I could hear her cry. I could imagine tears rolling down her face.
“Aidan, all he has wanted was good for us, but I guess that’s not want you want, do you?”
I didn’t answer her; I was just a bit confused. Why would I kill a random person on the street because they were funny looking?
I coughed a little bit, from the dusty air, and said “I wouldn’t kill a man, but I would protect you, and Sherry. I don’t want to go to college anymore. I want to stay and provide for you both, because I know you won’t get a job, and Sherry is very needy.”
She was still crying, but less now. I heard a car pull up to our house, I didn’t question who it was, because we were both waiting for this moment.
I sat up in the bed and looked out of the window. My father’s eyes were looking straight at me.
I don’t know why they would let him drive alone here, even after what happened. But all I can remember at that moment was my father breaking down our door, and running back to her room.
“Who the hell are you? He said, looking at me.” I was paralyzed, and almost crying. I didn’t want to say anything to him. My mom kept quiet, for a reason that I don’t know.
“I-I’m your son, Aidan. I was just talking to mom.” I thought that sounded reasonable enough. “Bullshit! I know for a fact that my son has blue eyes, not brown.”
I froze in my place. My heart was racing, and my eyes were suddenly looking in a hundred different directions, trying to avoid eye contact with him. I suddenly thought of Sherry, and her beautiful, innocent self. She's supposed to come home from the neighbors soon. Everything was supposed to work out perfectly. He wasn't even supposed to get angry so soon.
“Father, please! Please just listen to me. We haven't seen each other in years, I've changed a lot, and so have you!” I caught my breath as I was crying harder now. “We're family. We're related by blood.”
He shook his head and frowned. “You're just trying to sleep with my wife! You good for nothing college kid. I am going to call the police on you!” He staggered a little bit; I didn't know why I didn't notice it before. He is drunk.
He lunged for my mother, and tried to hurt her. I lunged for him, but he knocked me on the ground. He is trying to hurt my mom.
What do I do? Am I supposed to leave them? Am I supposed to call the police?
“You bitch! I'm going to punish you so much for this.” Father said, angrily at my mother.
She was struggling to speak, as he was covering her mouth.
Without thinking, I bolted straight for him; I started to have a rush of adrenaline. I can take on my father. I can do this. As soon as I saw him turn his face, I blacked out.


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