Sleeping Secrets
Author: Vincent Lamperouge

Chapter 2
Night Life

After the Gilcrest sisters finished supper for the night, Emma went around closing all the curtains and blinds, even locking all the doors. Alexis, meanwhile, was resting in the living room. Emma wondered about the shadowy figure that she saw earlier that was watching the house. 'I hope no one's stalking Alexis.' she thought. By the time she returned to the Living Room, Alexis had passed out on the couch, as if she had a long day. When Emma checked her phone, it was about 8pm. Emma then went on to gently shake her sister awake. "Hey, Lexi, wake up."

Alexis woke up, as she moved to lay flat on her back so she can face Emma, she held her belly. Emma placed her hand on Alexis' shoulder. "I won't let anyone hurt you...Or the Baby." she said, showing that she cared for Alexis, who smiled at her comment.

After about ten minutes, Emma helped her sister up the stairs so she can go shower and get ready for bed. After reaching the top step, Emma heard someone knock on the door. She decided not to answer it. Afterwards, Emma decided to go change into more comfortable clothes. Not wanting to leave her sister all alone, she decided to go sleep in the same room as Alexis. "You wanna sleep in here tonight?" she asked.

Emma nodded, then used an Air Mattress. As both girls needed space, so sleeping on the same bed together wouldn't work. However, Emma was not too tired yet, so she got onto her Sister's Queen sized bed and rested next to her. Suddenly, Alexis held her stomach in pain, experiencing contractions. "Should I call an ambulance?" she asked.

"No no, its fine. This is normal..." Alexis replied as she took a deep breath and looked down at her stomach, cradling it. "You're gonna be so worth...But I don't wanna feel like this anymore..."

Afterwards, she reassured her sister that she wouldn't be going into labor anytime soon, at least for another four weeks. Though Emma had her doubts, she nodded. At around 9pm, the sisters killed the lights. While Alexis fell asleep quickly, Emma stayed up, staring at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep, but had trouble doing so.


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