Blog Of A Confused Girl
Author: Confused&Lost

Chapter 2

Our hands intertwined
makes my heart beat
faster than west wind
i canít take a seat
with my heart spinning
like a EF5 tornado

I never grieve right away when i hear someone died. After a while when it really hits me i'll cry. Maybe ill start to ball. Watching videoís about Kilah made me start to ball. So im sitting her at 1am balling. I miss the angels so much. Iíd do anything to bring her back. My mother was a survivor of abuse. I stand today proud to know people who have been abused. Kilah was 3 only 3 she had a long life ahead.

He thinks ima break up with him and then hes super distant when iím trying to be open and its like really chose which relationship you want: Distant, Open, or None. I try to be a open but he just like doesnít care I mean come on Dude which relationship do you want? Ok well Its official as of April 9th,2014: Ima single pringle. I worked up the courage to talk to him about all this stuff and he started crying and said everyone hates him. We decided it would be best if we broke up. He told all his friends i dumped him and now most of them hate me. Then J told them that me and him were dating. It was so stupid. IDK Ima beach and everyone knows it. Its just people like Anthnoy donít want to believe it. It makes me bad cause he says I was the best girlfriend he ever had and stuff like that. He says it while looking likes he gonna tear up or something. I wish he would see the truth i mean come on Dude im you're ex-girlfriend. You not supposed to be nice to me you're supposed to be mean so it makes it easier for both of us to move on. Iíve hear from like 20 people say I crushed his soul. I didnít. I dont even know why i got back together with him in the 1st place. Well actually i dont know: why I liked him + asked him out + got back together with him + didnít realize how stupid it was. Nat said she didnít think we would work out. I should have listened to her. It was never gonna work. He was moving fast and acting like we were gonna get married and have kids. it was so weird. Im just glad its over. Ima beach right??? Then I was talking to J after me and Anthony broke up and J told me he loved me. It made things even more complicated. I wish all guys would stay far away to me if they liked/loved me. We are to young to be in love.

B is the funniest guy i know. I never thought he would like me. Hes on the wrestling team. B is a great friend. He hung with Ceona, Shakira, and I today and was making us laugh. I went to go talk to one of my other friends. When i came back i stood next to B. He looks at me and goes ďwill you go out with me?Ē. I had to tell him no. I felt so bad. During math i explained why. He said it doesnít matter he just wants to be with me. I turned in my worksheet and he grabs the rose caroline had and walks towards me but before he can get to me someone takes it and says ďwhat you gonna ask caroline out?Ē. I was thinking in my head noÖ I was about to flip then i realized he wasnít gonna do what i thought he was gonna do. He told his friends nevermind because they would make fun of him. Then i thought it had to be. I dont know. My heart beat speed up a lot. He was being way too sweet. I didn't think i would spend the entire day laughing but i did because of him


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