Author: Emarosa

Chapter 2
Self confidence

One of the biggest things people face more so women than men is self confidence issues. I myself face this struggle at times so I can not give you a cure to it to solve the issue forever that is something you will find in yourself.

1. Stop comparing yourself. The easiest thing to do is to compare yourself to another person. Maybe it's their success in their job , their looks or even their smartness. It's not just a looks game . We can find unhappiness wit ourselves just by being around others that seem to " have it better ". That is or first mistake. We as humans can achieve whatever we out our minds too the universe is the limit. We can work towards our dreams and exceed anyone's expectations . But to do so we have to be sure in ourselves and we have to show confidence . There is nothing sexier than confidence .

2. Stop putting yourself down. If you constantly compare yourself to others the moment you compare yourself you are immediately putting yourself under them. You have to separate your thoughts from focusing on them because I assure you they aren't focusing on you . You need to take a day to write some things about yourself that are good. And be honest there is no such thing as cockiness when your finding confidence and even a dose of cockiness would be good every now and then in this process. When you make your list start focusing on that and write what you want to improve . Maybe a weight loss goal , quitting smoking , or even a new outlook on some things . And then work towards those things just look at that list you made everyday when you wake up and look In the mirror and say some things on the list. Seeing yourself in a mirror once you say out loud that " I am beautiful " " I am smart", is the start to a new brighter day .

3. Treat yourself. If there is a new outfit , restaurant , or maybe a new movie that you have wanted to see , go for it. Have a day that you get or do something that makes you happy. Don't limit yourself . Doing things that make us happy does , well just that. It makes us happy . ;)


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