Kilah Davenport
Author: Confused&Lost

Chapter 1
The Beginning

Kilah davenport was 3 years old. She'd never known her real dad. Kilahs mother married. Joshua, stepfather, was incharge of watching kilah while her mother worked. Joshua had anger issues. You couldnt tell right of the bat that he had them but he did. 3 year olds are liable to do things that will make you mad. They aren't doing them knowing you'll be mad.

It was the 1st day Joshua had ever watched kilah alone. He thought he knew what he was doing but he didn't. On a fit of rampage he threw kilah into the wall. He called 911 and tried to say she fell and he punched the wall in frustration. Joshua told police he had some of kilahs hair on his hand when he punched the wall and that was why the hair was there. None of that explained how to hole fit the size of kilahs head.

Joshua allowed the police to come and investigate the area a little bit but when they started suspecting child abuse, even the tiniest bit, he told them to get out. They issued a warrent into the house. Kilah was taken to the hospital and had immediate surgery. Kilah's grandparents knew something was up. They did not trust Joshua. Kirbi, Kilahs mother, thought Joshua was telling the truth and it was an accident. Kirbi and Joshua sat across the room from Kilahs grandparents.

The doctor told them Kilah had 48 hours to live. Kilah was determined to prove them wrong. 2 days went by and kilah was still alive. She had 90% brain damage and couldn't do anything on her own. She was in the hospital about 65 days until she was allowed to go home. Kilah was gonna take the bad and use it to create good.


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