Dear Diary
Author: !!!Hellz Yeah!!!

Chapter 15

I am fine again I think. I've been trough the storm and well I'm on my way out of that storm.
I've started drugs again. I guess they help with the pain. The other day I tried a gravity bong. It pretty much stuffs up your lungs for two weeks but, other than that there really isn't anything wrong with it.
I'm not living with my mother anymore. I've moved into my older brothers house where he shares it with friends and i kind of have to pay rent and help out with food payments but, the house is really nice and at least I'm not living on the streets or sleeping down at the park.
I ran into my dad the other day and well I kind of hoped he wasn't going to talk to me and well he tried to talk to me but, I'm not talking to him because of the way he has been treating me the past couple of years.
My parents still don't know about my problems and the fact that I do go to therapy (I think it's a waste of time but, it gets my older brother of my back about talking to someone about my troubles).
School has gone back to hell and I skipped school last Tuesday simply because I just couldn't be stuffed to suffer another day of fake people and annoying teachers who don't have kids so they don't know how to treat us.
Yeah my life for a couple of weeks have been hell but, I'll manage some how.


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