War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 21
The Fight

“There’s too many!” Guardian gasped as Deceptor morphed into a fox.

“Yes, and we need to help Warrior. Change your form and we’ll go.” Guardian did and the two men darted into battle.



Valiance flew above the Nightgoers, picking off a few of them as they tumbled into her brother. She saw their leader, a broodmother, but couldn’t make out the face. She picked up speed and flew closer to the dais on the stone staircase.




Protector cursed and ran into the sea of Nightgoers, slashing wildly. He nailed a few of them in their chests and danced around, stabbing left and right. He saw Guardian biting and tackling the Nightgoers, clearing a path for Deceptor, who was small enough in fox form to slip underneath most of the enemies. He hoped Valiance had not gotten herself into trouble in the sky. Some Nightgoers were leaping up, no, being pulled up, and dropped back down.

A cry of pain broke Protector’s thoughts. It was Warrior. A large pack of Nightgoers had slammed into him and now were setting about to destroy him.

“Warrior!” Protector screamed, and threw himself onto the mass of possessed human.


“Mother,” Kai bowed to Felicity. “I am detecting a Legendary spirit. I believe it is the horse-woman, possibly cloaked, since we can’t see her.” Kai handed Felicity a bottle of liquid. “Drink this; it was developed by our best enchanters. It will show you everything. No potion can deceive it; therefore any magic used will-”

Felicity had snatched the glass bottle out of Kai’s hands and gulped it down before he finished. It didn’t matter. No side effect of a potion could harm her. The magic was fast-working, and, right before her eyes was a winged black horse, soaring straight to her dais.

“My sons,” Felicity murmured. “Prepare yourselves. She will attack you first.”

“You see her?” Mavi asked in wonder. “She is unprotected by the others?”

“Evidently, yes,” Felicity stood, her long flowing dress dropping to the ground.

“But she has a lover. Did he not follow?”

“I already told you, no, he did not. No one did. Now, be ready. She is getting nearer.”

Valiance sent a piercing whinny echoing through the air, gray eyes aglow. She arched her wings, pulling herself up high into the sky, and then folded them back, traveling in a nosedive. She did not attack the sons, even though she knew they would protect their mother at all cost. But they couldn’t see her.

Valiance slammed straight into the broodmother, and for a moment all was still. And then half of all of the Nightgoers literally turned, stared, and swarmed toward her.

The two sons attacked first. They launched themselves on her, cutting away at her flesh. She screamed and reared, pummeling and kicking with her strong legs. And then, the army piled on top of her.



The more the Nightgoers left the battlefield, the less the male Legendaries had to kill. Deceptor, Protector, and Guardian managed to destroy a third of the massive army. Other, more cowardly ones lurked in the trees, or ran off. Warrior was cut up, had both of his legs broken, and was devoid of weapons except for his sword, which he clung to in his bloody hands. Protector immediately began to heal him, giving him potions to drink and chanting while holding his legs.

Meanwhile Deceptor and Guardian stood watching the enemies collecting on the stone steps and onto the dais.

“What are they doing?” Deceptor murmured. “There’s no point in attacking the broodmother.”

“Maybe they all want to mate with her,” Guardian joked.


“Where is Valiance?” Guardian wondered aloud. “When does the potion wear off?”

“In about three more hours, I’d guess.” Deceptor folded his arms, frustrated. “Yeah, where is she?” He searched for her thoughts.


And found them.


He wanted to kill himself for being so stupid. Of course the Nightgoers were not swarming the broodmother, but an enemy of theirs!

“Hey! Where are you going?” Guardian jogged up to Deceptor as he began to sprint toward the mass.

“They’re attacking Valiance,” Deceptor whimpered. “Hurry! We have to help her.”

“Wait, let me-”

“NOW!” Deceptor roared, tearing off without Guardian and leaping over bodies.

Guardian followed as fast as he could.




“Where are they going?” Warrior muttered, lifting his head up and watching his comrades run into the Nightgoer pile.

“They just probably wanted to start without us,” Protector snickered. “Let them go. It’ll be fine.”




Valiance wanted to cry out. But she couldn’t, her nose was blocked by a million naked sweaty human bodies atop of her, biting her and harming her with kicks and fists. They all came to her. This had been a stupid idea.

But, she would fight. As her name revealed, she would not give up. She refused to be bested by human souls. Unfortunately for her, though, strength came in numbers. And all she could do was lay whimpering, her wings broken from the sheer pileup, her thin legs crumpled underneath her, and her neck nearly cracking.

They were biting her. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem except when Nightgoers bite, they take the immortality of the war spirits with them, sucking her dry of her immortal essence. So, it didn’t matter if anyone would rescue her. It would take moments, now, for her to turn mortal. And then she wouldn’t stand much of a chance. Assuming she didn’t die from being crushed or eaten (because Nightgoers actually ate humans too) she would meet her doom by suffocation.

Forget wanting to cry out. She just wanted to cry.


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