War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 20
Felicity's Army

Felicity sat on her dais, her two intimate sons by her side. Below the dais was a staircase, and below that were her charge of Nightgoers. She cackled with delight as her red-eyed children of the shadows tensed and jumped around in the air like hounds ready to go on the hunt. Their thoughts echoed everywhere :









Felicity laughed louder as her hungry army bounded around their invisible restraints, listening to their thoughts. They were ready to hunt the Legendaries. She knew that Warrior was close, and she had deliberately cast a magic fence that bound all the way around her children in a tight ball, one that would show up on the Legendaries’ radar as a giant blot of energy. This way when Warrior and his army of five came, she could release her Nightchildren  at once and overpower  his defenses.

To the human it would just look like there was a giant bundle of about a couple hundred thousand snarling humans, battling an invisible restraint that wasn’t really there. But that didn’t matter. The humans couldn’t see this. And speaking of humans, her children had transformed quite a bit of people into Nightchildren this time too. Three hundred. Most of them from other places than this American island.





Find! Find food!

Felicity’s children were all on all fours, snarling like animals and foam spilling from their mouths. They growled and howled, dancing with anticipation. Her two sons, known as Mavi and Kai, stood staring at the mass of Nightchildren. They were like them too, but much more civilized. Most Nightchildren were normal looking, except for now, when Felicity gave the command to find and devour the Legendaries.

Felicity just had the order from the leader of the Nightchildren, Angelo, to kill the Legendaries when she saw them.

No, she was not the leader of the Nightchildren. She was a brood mother, responsible for birthing and creating new warriors. But, she had power. And she intended to use it.

It was time to give the order.

Prepare yourselves my children, Felicity spoke to the minds of her army. The little Warrior will find his way here soon.


Find! Find!


Hail Felicity!





All of Felicity’s army was looking ahead of their boundary, teeth gnashing, snarling and growling, they jumped on top of each other, excited for the war. Felicity giggled with glee.

And, directly in front of the entire army, came Warrior, sword poised and ready. The Nightchildren fell silent. All of them.

Felicity pointed at the single Legendary. Devour him.

And Felicity released her army’s bound, and all of them came tumbling out of it, some being trampled by the dominant ones. Warrior awaited their approach. The closest Nightgoer came leaping at him, its long teeth and grisly red eyes glowing at its target.

Warrior took one step back.


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