War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 19
The Conflict

Deceptor knocked on the door of his children’s hiding place. There were in a dirty motel, obviously not cleaned for what seemed like months. There was dim light and the door had cracks running throughout it.

Svaire opened the door a little, then saw his parents and let them in. Nothing was said.

Parita was sitting on the bed of the room, swinging her legs around. She had her mother’s red-orange hair and gray eyes, but had her father’s lanky appearance. Her small angel-like face and big eyes always gave her an innocent expression, but she was smart and sometimes cunning. Her name meant equality, and so she was judgmental like her mother and brother, but her strong suit was giving the final verdict that would condemn her victim to either a happy life or a miserable one.

“Hi Mom,” she just barely whispered. Valiance hugged her and Deceptor greeted her with a swift kiss on the forehead before he went over to the window. He stared out of it, and then covered it with the curtain.

“Mother?” Svaire cleared his throat. “Whether you like it or not I am fighting alongside you-”

“No you are not!” Valiance erupted, making even Deceptor jump. “You are not fighting with us. This is for the Legendaries only. You will get yourself killed.”

“Do you think I am a small child?” Svaire bellowed. He was just as stubborn as his mother. “I am ready for this! Let me help!”

“You need to let this go. Svaire, you and Parita mean so much to me. Neither of you are Legendaries. You are forbidden by me to fight in this!”

Svaire stayed quiet. As he was about to open his mouth as loud pounding came from the door. Everyone froze.

“Valiance?” It was Protector’s voice. “Deceptor.”

“Come in,” Deceptor invited. Protector obeyed. “We need you now. We are about to fly off. Deceptor, find Guardian. Do you have the potion, Valiance?”

Valiance fingered the small bottle. “I’m ready.” She said rather than answering. Protector gave a curt nod. “Let’s go.”

Valiance kissed Svaire’s head and left the room. Deceptor followed her. “Stay out of trouble,” was the last thing he said before closing the door.

The children waited a moment.

Then Svaire pulled out a long sword from underneath the bed.

“You aren’t seriously considering doing this,” his sister asked in disbelief. “Mother was right. You will be killed.”

“I’m tired of Mother’s opinions. I am doing this, Parita. You can follow me if you wish.” Then he stormed out the door. Parita shook her head.


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