War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 18
Protector's Hateful Reverie

Protector watched as Deceptor and Valiance shuffled out the door. He hated this. These two- just them in general. He used to like Valiance and was close to loving her. And then this purple-eyed magician swooped in and stole her heart.

He despised Deceptor. From the moment he met him he decided to hate the man. He was snarky, cunning and cocky, but unfortunately very intelligent. Which is why he was immortalized and stuck around. It was the eleventh Battle of the Century that they found him, a starving teenager in ancient Greece, probably orphaned. Protector thought he was a Nightgoer because he did not have olive skin or look like any of the common folk. When they took him in and became a Legendary he understood their language, and learned it too. Then he tricked Protector, thousands of times probably. Making him think he won something during the human stages of the Century, when the battle was not anticipated. This was when they went undercover with human lifestyles. Deceptor sent him messages that he did something, was about to be a king, etc.

And now, he was a parent. Or was, rather. He had Svaire in 1500, just after the plague swept Europe. Then Parita somewhere in 1600, and because he was a daddy then he had to be responsible. He stayed with Valiance to raise the family and then left her. Granted, it wasn’t on purpose. He had too; it was role playing. They had to fit in with the community, when fathers left their wives and children for their own desires.

Over this time Valiance and Protector lost their friendship. He hated that Deceptor and taken her and made more out of her than he ever did. He detested that Valiance opened her mind, soul and body to Deceptor. Hated that the two made a family and Valiance did not even consider he, Protector, to be a godfather.

“Pro?” Guardian asked meekly from the kitchen. “Are you all right?”

“Yes,” Protector growled, eyes still on the door that Deceptor and Valiance closed at least ten minutes ago.

“You’re certain?”

“Yes,” Protector swiveled around in his chair and then observed the map. Not much activity, except for an increased number of green dots. “I guess whichever human was chasing us got the news spread.” He turned on the TV and flicked to a news station.

“- Police from Philadelphia are on the lookout for these five people who entered the state of Hawaii just a night ago. The head of the search team is chief of PHL security Sean Barrow-“

OH God,” Protector moaned.

“What is it?” Warrior asked as he came out of his bedroom. “Oh no,”

“-Are specifically looking for Wyatt Fletcher. His allies are Isaac Johnson and Jordan Rey of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We are also searching for this young man and woman….” On the bottom of the screen was the passport images of Deceptor and Valiance in their disguises as well.

“Humans aren’t an issue. We are going to protect them anyway,” Guardian said, breaking the silence.

Warrior clicked off the TV. “Don’t worry about this now.” He scanned the map for a purple dot and a blue dot. “We need to get Deceptor and Valiance and get on the move.” He made for the door. Guardian followed.

With a sigh Protector pursued them, locking the door behind.


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