War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 17
The Game Plan

It sounded from the main room, and Valiance jumped. What was that?

Deceptor was up too, and slid the blanket off of him to get out of bed. He silently went over to the closet and pulled out a sword, and handed Valiance her dagger. She accepted it, nodding as he counted down into her mind.

Five….four……. Deceptor clenched the handle of his sword. Three……two…..he squeezed the doorknob.


Deceptor threw the door open and charged into the main room, only to find Warrior, Guardian and Protector standing at the table where the map was. They were pale and whimpered at Deceptor and Valiance’s ambush.

Embarrassed, Deceptor lowered his sword and Valiance her dagger. Both of them were standing half-clothed, Valiance in a long t-shirt and Deceptor in shorts.


“You need to see this.” Warrior ordered them as if nothing happened. The couple went over to the table.

On the map, a massive purple blotch was forming.

“Look at all of them.” Valiance said and covered her mouth.

“We can take them,” Warrior assured. “We have taken down more than just that.”

“Yes, but what about the rest of the world?”

“I don’t know,” said Guardian. “I really don’t know.”

“What if it’s in danger?”

“That’s too bad.” Warrior said, shifting his weight onto another foot. “I need to find my sword.”

“We don’t know if it’s here!”

“We are not leaving until I know for certain it is not.”

“What is that?” Protector pointed to a small group of green dots. A threat.

“Obviously someone is hunting us,” Warrior set his hands on the table. “They are human.”

“The security back in PHL?” Valiance asked.


“There’s an indigo dot,” Guardian whispered.

“What?” Deceptor exclaimed. “Where?” Both Valiance and Deceptor were now scanning the map wildly.

“Right here. What does it mean?”

“Maybe it’s a defect.” Warrior suggested. “Or a mutated Nightgoer we have never seen before.”

Valiance stomped her foot indignantly. “That defect,” she snapped at him. “Is your nephew.”

“Svaire?” Protector questioned. “What’s he doing here?”

“We met him on the plane,” Deceptor closed his eyes in stress and ran his fingers through his dark hair. “He wanted to help us fight.” He reached for Valiance’s hand and clasped it. “We need to stop him.”

“Why?” Protector glanced between them. “What’s wrong?”

“This happens every year,” Valiance sighed wearily. “He is not strong enough. And he doesn’t understand that. He can’t.”

Warrior sighed too. “Well, if your son thinks he can fight, why stop him?”

“He will die!” Valiance screamed.

“How would you know?”

“I’ve seen him. He is skilled but he is not one of us. He will be easily overtaken by a horde of Nightgoers.”

“We can fight alongside him, Valiance.”

“No!” Valiance slammed her hands down on the table. “I will not endanger my only son.”

“Parita is there too,” Deceptor whispered, staring incredulously at the paper.

“No,” Valiance moaned. “No.”

Warrior leaned close to his sister. “We will protect them if that is what you’d like.” He lifted her chin. “Okay?”

Valiance sniffled but nodded. Warrior went back to studying the map, throwing glances at Valiance uncertainly. She was tucked in Deceptor’s arms now.

She had a dream, Deceptor spoke to his mind. She was up for three hours last night recovering from it.

What was it about?


Warrior frowned, turning to look at him. Of who?

Svaire. Then me, and then Parita. She took it hard.

She does not have the gift of foresight.

She doesn’t have to in order to be frightened.

Warrior licked his lips.

“What do you propose of the situation?” Protector asked.

“We spread out.” Warrior drew the path with his fingers. “I will enter here, straight to them. Protector, I want you to flank me on the left side, near this building, Guardian and Deceptor, on the other. Valiance, I want you in your animal form to circle them, in flight. Deceptor, give her a few shots of the invisibility potion you always carry in case you need it. Not now, just before she takes off.”

Deceptor looked shocked that Warrior knew of his backup potion. He drew Valiance closer as if in need of comfort. “What about Svaire and Parita?” he asked.

“I was just getting to that.”

“Wait. What about a plan B?” Guardian interrupted.

“We will reconfigure via Deceptor telling us all with our minds. Then we will decide whether to attack or retreat. As for your son and daughter, Valiance and Deceptor, you may leave now and figure out what to do.” The couple nodded. Deceptor turned and nudged Valiance backward, into their bedroom to change.

“This plan is hasty,” Protector complained. “We need a real idea of what is going on so we can attack properly.”

“Then you go and be a scout.” Warrior commanded him “We did not get a chance to scope and the Influencers of the Nightgoers will probably start to manipulate the humans in just a matter of time.”

“What about your sword?”

“It will wait.” Warrior hefted his weapon on his shoulder. “I have this one, and many others. The leader of the Nightgoers will most likely not be here. Perhaps just a brood commander.”

“Either way, we are still not prepared!”

“We are as prepared as we need to be.” Warrior spun on his heel and left them.

“Where are you going?” Protector cried.

“I’m readying myself for battle. I would do the same if I were you.”

Guardian looked at him and followed his lead, leaving Protector alone.


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