War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 15
The Nightgoers Form

“I can see them, but not their strategy,” Guardian said as the Legendaries gazed with him over the map while eating their dinner. Warrior was still not present, and Guardian saw it as a good thing. The last map Guardian had was very expensive, and in his frustration, Warrior had grabbed it and torn it up.

This map was older, but long lasting and efficient. It tracked wherever they were and the enemies close by, kind of like weather radar. All Nightgoers were red, and human threats were green. Safe areas with magical boundaries were marked in an earthy green-brown, and weapon stocks were in yellow. On the map, there were two small yellow circles far away from each other and five locations of safe houses or areas were in the jungles of the island. The Legendaries had their own personal color. Warrior was red, but not like the bright red of individual Nightgoers. It was darker and a bit murkier. Protector was light green, Deceptor purple, Valiance blue, and Guardian yellow.

“This little purple piece,” Guardian pointed to a cluster on the map, “Will enlarge over the next few days.”

“Doesn’t look purple to me,” Valiance said through a mouthful of ramen noodles. “I just see red. Normal Nightgoer red, too.”

“Yes,” Guardian agreed. “But soon it will turn dark crimson, and darker until it is purple.” The darker the color, the higher intensity of enemies.

“Those humans,” Protector pointed at a clump of brown dots, “What are they doing?”

“It’s probably a gang,” Deceptor leaned closer. “It is almost nightfall.”

“Sure. But now look.” A red dot advanced on the group of brown dots. “It’s an Influencer.”

“If it’s a male one, I doubt that will do any good.” Valiance swallowed. “If the humans are a gang of dudes, I mean.”

“Or, it could be a group of males, but the Influencer could be a female dressed like a prostitute,” Deceptor supplied.

“Or, it could also be a mixed group, with-”

“Can we not worry about the gender of the Influencer?” Guardian interrupted. “It doesn’t matter anyhow. And look, it reached the humans.”

The four huddled closer over the map as they watched for any sign of agitation or transformation.

“What are you doing?” Warrior emerged from the steamy bathroom, a towel around his waist and hair dripping wet. His companions looked up briefly.

“I thought you were trying to drown yourself,” Valiance teased. Warrior just huffed and went into a bedroom. When he came out, dressed and clean, he approached them. “You didn’t answer my question.”

“We’re looking at the map.” Guardian mumbled. Warrior pulled up a chair and Deceptor and Guardian made him room. “There hasn’t been any change yet,” said Protector slowly.

“What change?”

“An Influencer is around a small group of humans,” Valiance pointed at the spot. Warrior examined the area the dots were at. “I think that’s close to where I was,” Warrior murmured. “When I attacked the Nightgoers.”

“This is where they are coming from,” Guardian put his index finger on the soon-to-be purple clump of Nightgoers. It was far away from the gang of humans with the single Influencer. Warrior sighed. Influencers did what their name suggested. They influenced humans, just like Deceptor could. If one, or any type of Nightgoer, could dirty a human’s mind so much, the human would become a Nightgoer himself. It was a disease. And with so many Nightgoers in one spot on one island…this was definitely the beginning of the battle.

As the hours passed in the night each Legendary hit the hay one at a time. First was Deceptor, he left the table at 12:30 and disappeared into a bedroom, after him Valiance followed around 1:00. Protector tried to stay up past 2:00 but kept yawning and eventually collapsed on the couch and fell asleep there. Only Guardian and Warrior stuck it out for two more hours. They both watched the map intently. The humans left long ago, but the Influencer had followed one of them home.

Guardian touched each of the members of the group of humans, and their little brown dots blinked yellow. This was only meant to distinguish the people from all the others, but it was what created that odd feeling of being watched.  Warrior himself knew. He would just be strolling through a forest and all of the sudden he felt as if there were eyes watching his back. And, then he would do his best to locate the Legendaries to see what they wanted.

Guardian yawned. It was almost four thirty.

“You can sleep,” Warrior told him. “I’ll watch them.”

“You’re sure?” Guardian asked, blinking at him through half-closed eyelids.

“I’m sure. Go and sleep.” Guardian weakly pulled himself to his feet and lay himself on the random bed in the main area that Valiance and Deceptor were on when Warrior came into the room.

At six o’ clock AM; Warrior fell asleep at the table.


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