War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 12
The Legendary's Son

Meanwhile Valiance sat in her first class seat, happily staring out the window and hoping Deceptor would talk to her. She ordered drinks, chatted with a newlywed couple next to her, and completely forgot she wasn’t there to enjoy herself. Full on drinks, she stood up to use the restroom at about one third of the way into the flight.

She locked herself in the stall and messed around with her hair, washed her face and then sat on the toilet, at which moment she realized she wasn’t alone.

“Gah!” She covered herself and stood up. A gangly man was standing in front of her, black hair and gray eyes scanning over her, but finding nothing interesting. He was young too, as if he were about to enter his twenties.

“Svaire!” Valiance gasped and sighed in relief. “What are you doing here?”

“Hello, Mother,” was all he said, sitting down on the floor in front of her. “I just needed to visit.”

“Well this is certainly the appropriate time.” Valiance gathered herself and stood over her son. “What are you really here for? Is your sister here too?”

“No. She isn’t.” He bit his lip. “I want to fight with you and father.”

“No!” Valiance almost snapped. “No you will not.”

“Mother, please,” Svaire pleaded. “I can do this.”

“You are not a Legendary,” Valiance lectured. “You were just born from two of them.”

“But I can help. I can use my abilities!” He was on his feet now. “Mother, I won’t get older. I’ve been getting experience from smaller battles. I fought off twenty Nightgoers on my own.”

This disturbed Valiance. She knew her children were strong, mighty warriors but they were not meant for the Battle of the Centuries. “Maybe so, but I still forbid you.”

Suddenly Deceptor unlocked the restroom door and walked in, in his normal form. Now the tiny room inhibited much movement. “What is going on? Son, what are you doing here?”

“I came to ask permission to fight in the Battle of the Centuries.” Svaire was now a bit exasperated.

“No. You are not strong enough.” Deceptor stood between the two other occupants. “I can feel your frustration. If you continue this you will begin to whine like a child. And, you don’t need another reason to be recognized as one.”

Svaire scowled. “Every time. Every single time.”

“It won’t change, Svaire,” Valiance consoled. Her tone didn’t ease but she meant to be more comforting.  “You won’t be recognized as a Legendary and that is how it is. I’m sorry.”

“Same with Parita?”

“Always.” Deceptor. “You know we don’t have favorites.”

“So, I take it you came here using your ability.” Valiance scooted closer to Deceptor and shifted her weight to one foot.

Svaire nodded. His ability to mislead allowed him to teleport, or be in multiple places at once. He could also see intentions like his father and judge hearts like his mother, but those were his two smaller, weaker abilities.

“Well, where are you really?”

“I’m here, with no twin in my apartment.”

“So where is it you stay now?” Deceptor asked.

“Chicago. But I have to move soon before the Battle of the Centuries, since I clearly can’t help you out.”

“Hey, lady, are you done in there or what?” shouted someone to Valiance.

“They can’t see you guys, can they?” Valiance whispered.

Deceptor shook his head. “No. And they can’t hear me speak.”

“Me either. You’re in here alone,” Svaire said.

“Like father, like son.” Valiance muttered. “You two should leave.”

“I’d be pleased to,” Svaire pulled at the collar of his shirt. “It’s getting warm.”

“Be safe, son.” Deceptor kissed Svaire’s head. “And tell Parita we wish her well.”

“LADY!” The man outside snapped again. “Come on.”

Valiance hugged her son, and then he disappeared. Deceptor changed back into a teenager. Hold onto me, he instructed Valiance. She obeyed and Deceptor lifted her onto his hips. He closed his eyes, and lipstick kiss imprints covered his face. Valiance understood. They had done this a few times before, in various disguises. She imagined her lips with smudged lipstick and then they were. Now only the details. She tried to get her face red but couldn’t.

“Need some encouragement?” Deceptor asked, then gave her a deep kiss. Instantly Valiance’s face reddened. Deceptor waited until he heard the man protest again, then fingered the lock on the door. He opened it, and they tumbled out, Valiance landing on top of Deceptor, who was pinned to the ground. The man had jumped out of the way, and he, some others waiting in line, a stewardess, and Warrior watched as Valiance and Deceptor scrambled up. They rushed by them, apologizing.

Deceptor could feel Warrior’s angry thoughts.

What? He asked him.

Now is not the time to make love. We are going to land in three hours and we need to be ready.

Deceptor huffed. He was tired, drained from the action and the mindspeak. Then I guess I’ll take a nap, he told Warrior, and lay back in his chair and closed his eyes.


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