War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 11
The Plane

Guardian led the group back to Gate 9, arriving just in time for their flight. Now, they did not care too much about their appearance, although they got rid of the blood. Boarding the plane was tricky. Valiance and Deceptor boarded as their first appearance, Deceptor being the teenager and Valiance as the fashionable girl- but now Guardian and his close friends Warrior and Protector had to play different roles. This wasn’t so complicated but it was hard not to change into someone in a suit. Protector now wore paint stained clothes and grew a goatee. Warrior had a different suit than before, changed his hairstyle and had sunglasses over his pale eyes. Guardian decided to follow Deceptor’s idea and just changed into a comfortable t-shirt and jeans. He made sure to sit next to Warrior.

“So.” He said, plopping himself down next to his friend. “How are you…..”

“Wyatt,” Warrior supplied.

“Yeah. I’m Isaac,” He held out a hand and Warrior took it, barely looking at him.

As the plane took off, Guardian began talking. “Did you see where they took the Influencer?”

“No, I just saw what you and Protector did. One moment he was there, the next he was not.”

“Do you think we did the wrong thing?” Guardian questioned with regret in his tone, clutching the armrests of his seat. He didn’t like to fly.

“How do you mean?”

“We left him back there, with guards. He’s probably manipulated them already. No, probably when we broke out! They will be after us.”

“But, we are looking for my sword. One swipe of it will end them all, casting them back into Hell.”

“I actually agree with Guardian,” A voice came from behind them. It was Protector. The seats next to him were empty. “They could catch up to us within an instant.”

“Well, do you see anything like that?” Warrior asked Protector, irritated.

“Not yet. I usually get insights when I am resting.”

“Well, perhaps you should take a nap.” Warrior snapped, and then turned his attention to a stewardess taking drink orders. Protector huffed and sat back in his chair.

“Pro,” Guardian asked, glancing behind him. “I think they will find us, some way or another. Plenty of planes launch each day; they could land behind us within hours. And who knows who they have tricked before they got to the terminal?”

“I’ll rest. Maybe I will see something.”

“Alright, then.” Guardian faced forward again. He now set about plotting a strategy for when they landed. They would have to split up as soon as they landed. Deceptor could probably locate all of them with their thoughts. And now, he could also talk to them as well. Guardian decided to make Deceptor in charge of finding a location for them to settle down at, get some sleep.

What’s that, Guardian? Deceptor’s voice spoke to his mind. You wish for me to be in charge of something?

Guardian grinned. You would be best.

You know, I can hear your plans all the way from where I’m sitting. You shouldn’t even have to go over them with me, as long as I stay focused.

Good. I wouldn’t want to have to repeat myself.

It’s okay. The only other person louder than you that isn’t near me is this frustrated man complaining about his job and his wife. Oh, not to mention his troublesome youngest son, Tyrone.

Guardian leaned back in his seat. I’m thinking we should disperse all over the city, then you pick out everything. Perhaps then you can draw us in to your location.

Feeling lazy?


Is this all your plan is?

Unless something interrupts it, yes.

Well. That isn’t so bad. Why can’t I hear Protector? I know he’s behind you. Warrior is screaming right now and it’s very loud. Please shake him out of his thinking process.

Protector is resting, waiting for an insight to come.

Oh. Get Warrior’s attention. He’s thinking about getting me away from Valiance.

Guardian obeyed, awaking an annoyed Warrior.

“What?” he snarled, taking a sip of his drink.

“Nothing,” said Guardian. “I just thought we should maybe think strategy here.”

You think strategy,” Warrior turned his attention back to the window. “That’s your job.”

Slightly hurt, Guardian shrank back.

He doesn’t mean it. Deceptor told him through mindspeak again.

I hope not, Guardian responded. Let me rest for a while?

Sure. Deceptor left Guardian alone, and Guardian closed his eyes, trying to enjoy one bit of the trip before the battle began.


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