War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 10
The Chief's Office

Warrior sat in the office, in a chair in front of the chief’s desk, with two guards in the room. Guardian and Protector were outside, with at least six guards, all armed. Warrior focused his attention on the desk. A phone, paper, pens, a lamp…..nothing out of the ordinary. His name plate showed he was Chief Sean M. Barrow. Which reminded Warrior-he needed to create a name for himself.

He pondered it. He was Michael last time. Before that he was William. He could use either of those two anyway, since they were used way before Chief Sean’s time. Still, he felt like he could get creative with this.

The Chief lumbered in, his burly build causing him to sink slightly in his chair.

“So,” he said, shuffling papers on his desk. “Who might you be?”

“I’m Wyatt Fletcher.”

“Uh huh. Wyatt Fletcher. Well, your buddies out there are calling themselves Jordan Rey and Isaac Johnson. We typed their names in the database and guess what?” he leaned over his desk. “They don’t exist.”

Warrior was just about to say that he didn’t know them, but what if they said they did all know each other? That would make him more suspicious. Normally, if there weren’t guards outside, he would have taken them out, but three out of the four men in this room were probably armed. And, despite his abilities, he couldn’t dodge bullets. And, he wasn’t supposed to kill humans, innocent ones at the least.

“Nothing to say?” Asked Chief Sean. “I just told you your friends don’t exist. In fact, let me type you up too, Mr. Fletcher.”

Warrior sighed.

Warrior, don’t panic.

Warrior heard the voice of Deceptor and looked around the room, stunned. Chief Sean noticed. “What? Are you nervous, Mr. Fletcher? Oh, I’m going to need a middle name too.”

“Michael,” Warrior murmured instinctively.

I’m with Valiance. She’s okay. I’m just speaking to you, no one else can hear me. I can hear your thoughts, too. We’re coming down to get you. Where are you and how many guards?

Warrior concentrated. They took us to the door just outside the turn leaving Gate 9. Then down two flights of stairs-

“Mr. Fletcher!”

Warrior snapped back to attention.

“What is your real name?”

“Uh-It’s Wyatt, I told you. I wasn’t born in this country and I’m two years away from becoming a citizen. That’s why I don’t have any records.” It was a quick, believable lie. And Sean bought it.




Down the two flights of stairs and then a left! No, a right! A right. And Guardian and Protector are here waiting. They have six armed guards but more may have come. And there are also some in here, just two and the Chief.

We’re coming. Hold on.

“Ok. It’s not coming up.” Sean shifted in his seat. “I’m going to ask you some personal questions, Mr. Fletcher. Please answer as many as you can.”

“All right.”

“Are you married?”


“Were you married?”


“I assume no children.”

“Of course not.”

Sean held a stare. “Age?”


“State-er, country of birth?”

“Ireland,” Warrior blurted.


Warrior nodded.

“No accent.”

“I’ve been here for seven years. Besides, my parents were American and spoke around me with and American accent.”

“Parent’s names?”

Warrior walked right into that one. “Julia and Lewis Fletcher.”

“Mother’s maiden name?”


“Any siblings?”

“A brother,” Warrior said. “Vladimir.”


“Yeah.” Warrior took on a protective position. “You actually have a problem with my brother’s name?”

“No, of course not.”

Warrior settled back into his chair, content.

“Do you plan to be married?”


“Have you had any spouses?”


“Not even a girlfriend in high school?” Sean was now just curious.

Warrior bit his lip. “A crush, but no.”

“Are you gay, Mr. Fletcher?” Sean laughed.

Warrior turned red in the face. “Why, are you interested?”

Chief Sean did not get to answer. At that moment, an orange fox crashed through the glass wall. It scampered over to the guards, who had dropped their guns in surprise, and morphed into a leopard as they recovered their weapons. It attacked them, and a moment later they were dead.

“WHAT?!” Chief Sean cried out, covering his face with his hands. Outside the glass, Valiance had just taken out two guards and Protector and Guardian had transformed into their animal selves.

For one moment, after all the guards were dead, everything went still. A panting leopard with purple eyes sat in the middle of the room, staring fondly at Chief Sean. Valiance shook her hair and checked herself for wounds. Protector was healing some cuts on Guardian.

The four of the Legendaries had blood all over the front of their clothes.

“WHAT THE HELL?” Sean bellowed.

Warrior stood up and Deceptor morphed back into a human. “We’ll be leaving now,” Deceptor said calmly.

And so they did.

Chief Sean kicked his furniture, ripped papers, and slammed his head against the wall. He simply could not make sense of what he just witnessed. He called on his radio for backup, and security guards rushed in. Sean did not tell him he had seen a fox change into a leopard that changed into a human. And he certainly did not mention that the thing, whatever it was, had purple eyes, just like the punk kid he had seen earlier that day. He knew he was hallucinating.


But, he wasn’t even sure if he believed that himself.


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