War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 8
The Airport Terminal

Landing in a park in Philadelphia, the Legendaries dusted off their clothes and transformed back into humans. Deceptor hid their weapons from the eyes of all of the people and the machines using mind tricks. He also changed their appearance-Warrior, Protector, and Guardian in business suits, a casual outfit for Valiance, and he played the role of a teenager dressed in saggy black clothes, piercings all over his body. The idea was to separate the group. While he wanted to be close to Valiance he had to keep his distance. He drifted all the way to the back of the line. Just like any normal man or woman, the Legendaries passed through security and waited for their flight. They ordered meals in the food court and did not make prolonged eye contact with each other.

Deceptor was settling himself in his chair in the waiting area, sipping his coffee, when he saw them- or rather felt them. Influencers.

They were dressed as two men with tuxedos, as if they were leaving or going to a party. Deceptor did not make eye contact but traced their thoughts. The Influencers were Deceptor’s match- they had abilities to manipulate people’s minds, but for the bad. Deceptor fiddled with an ear piercing. He leaned his head on the back of the chair and closed his eyes, stressed. He searched for Warrior’s thoughts in the crowd of people. Instead, he found Guardian’s.

He tried something. He had practiced it before but hadn’t perfected it. Mindspeak.


He felt Guardian’s thoughts scatter in fear.

Guardian, Deceptor tried again. It’s me.

Deceptor? Guardian thought.


I didn’t know you could do this.

Me neither. Listen: two Influencers just enter the waiting area, near the food court where I am. You need to tell Warrior. I can’t find his thoughts so it’s up to you.

There was silence for a moment. But then-


Deceptor sighed and found Valiance’s thoughts. She was hard to trace but he found her eventually.


She too, was spooked by the intrusion.

Valiance, calm down. It’s me, Deceptor.

What is this? She sounded agitated. Why didn’t you ever tell me you could do this??

I didn’t really know either. Now listen. Two Influencers just walked into the waiting area.

Valiance was alert now.

I told Warrior. It’s ok, just-

I see them.

Ok, that’s fine-

I see them. Panic set in her thoughts.

Alright, where are they? I’ll come nearer to you.

Don’t, she was stern.

Why not? Deceptor leapt out of his seat.

Because I feel them looking at me. I know they are.

Don’t worry, I’m coming.

I don’t need protection.

I want to protect you.

I can defend myself!

I know.

Deceptor feigned stretching, yawning wide and looking around. He spotted Valiance’s red-orange hair. One of the men was right ahead of her, and the other behind her chair. Before Deceptor could do anything, the man behind Valiance pounced on her.

Valiance easily flipped him over her shoulder, then dodged a punch from the other man in front of her. Deceptor had broken into a run, and tackled one of the men, he didn’t know who. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Warrior, Protector and Guardian run to them. Warrior launched himself on the first Influencer he saw.  He expertly drew his knife and tried to stab the man, but failed and cut his tuxedo, ripping it in half. People screamed and ran. Security rushed forward.

Guardian had taken down the second Influencer, ripping out his jugular with wolf teeth. He re-morphed his head back into a human one, and found himself staring face-to-face in front of a woman with a shocked expression. Guardian wiped the blood off of his chin and lower lip.

Looking up, security guards had the one Influencer in handcuffs, as well as his male companions. Valiance was the only one the guards hadn’t taken. As security pushed Guardian forward, he didn’t take his eyes off of Valiance. Deceptor was being confronted by the chief of security, who seemed angry. Deceptor spat in his eye, and the chief slapped Deceptor’s face. Valiance cried out.

“You think you’re so tough, kid?” Deceptor brooded at the leader; his purple eyes steady on the chief’s head. His appearance was still of a punk teenager.

“Let him go,” Valiance said. “He was trying to protect me. Those men,” she pointed at the dead Influencer, “Jumped me first.”

“It’s true!” Shouted a man in the crowd. “I saw them.”

“Yeah, me too!” The crowd picked up. “That young man helped!” “He ran past me and tackled the man in the suit.” “Let him go!”

“Quiet!” Ordered the chief. He nodded to Deceptor’s guards and they let him go.

“What of these gentlemen?” some other guards asked about Warrior and his close companions.

“Take them to my office. I’ll deal with them.” The chief walked off, and so did the guards with Guardian, Warrior and Protector.

Valiance glanced at Deceptor uneasily. “Thank you,” She squeaked.

You’re welcome, Deceptor said to her thoughts.

I could have handled them.

I know. Deceptor smiled. “You’re welcome,” he told her out loud, so the crowd could hear.

Valiance walked away, into the ladies’ room. After a while, Deceptor went to the men’s. He locked himself in the only stall there was and focused on Valiance’s thoughts.

We have to get them out. He said it with certainty.

Yes. We will.

Let’s change form. We can be a couple now, it will be easier to talk without me using up my ability.


We should go to another gate, too, so that people from this waiting room won’t notice my eyes. Or your hair.

Gate 3?

I’ll see you there.

Deceptor changed his appearance to an adult-like form, wearing a work suit and dress pants. He changed his hair so that it was neater, and made it a shade darker so that it wasn’t blue-black.

He could change almost anything except for his hair color, face, height, weight and eyes. While he could alter the shade of his hair and its style, it had to remain black. That was how it was. He had tried numerous times to get it to a brown or blond. It never worked. The same was for all of them, anyway. Valiance’s hair was his only guide when he tried to find her in a crowd.

He slipped out of the bathroom and journeyed to Gate 3.


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