War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 7
The Bell Tower

Warrior watched as the brown hawk flew into the building. They were in the bell tower of some type of historic structure that the humans kept up for no good reason.  The air was chilly and the sky was dark and gray, it was just gloomy. And very mysterious.

When the hawk landed he transformed into his human self: a stringy man with brown hair (Combed this time) wearing a party suit and pants torn at the knees. He seemed out of breath, and he sat down and put his head between his knees.

“Hello, Pro,” Warrior grimaced. “I expect you led my sister?”

“Yes, she should be right behind me,” Protector panted. Then he looked to his side. “Oh, he’s here,” he said, pointing his eyes to Deceptor. Deceptor rolled his eyes at the glare, and then leaned back in the red chair. Younger of the four men, Deceptor was dressed in all black, with a T-shirt of the card of the ace of spades on the front. His hair was odd, it was black but in the light it had a bluish tint and at the very tips, it curled upward. He was practically invisible, even though he was not trying to be. You could only see his white skin and purple eyes.

Next to him was the other male of the Legendaries. He was the lankiest of all of them, also the tallest, even thinner than all of the others. He lacked muscle but war was not his purpose. It was to track, find and detect all of their enemies. Countless attempts from all of the Legendaries to beef him up all failed. He was best at strategy, and that was that. The only way for him to fight was to stay in his wolf form. Which, he said, was very uncomfortable. Guardian, he was called. Guardian, his father’s name. It did not fit him.

“I’m here!” Valiance climbed over the banister, disrupting Warrior’s thoughts. Her wings were still out, she had not finished morphing. When her wings did disappear, Warrior and Deceptor were the first over to her. Pushing Deceptor away, Warrior inspected her. “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” she nodded, her face red. “I just…I flew in from Philadelphia. From a party. And now….here I am at the city that never sleeps….and it is dead.”

“Yes,” Warrior agreed. “They all fled, some were taken. We saw some smaller enemies and took them out.” He backed away, and Deceptor swooped in and held her tightly.

“Deceptor,” Warrior used his authoritative voice. “This is not the time. Wait a while.”

“I haven’t seen you for one hundred years,” Deceptor spoke to Valiance.

“He said wait,” Protector jumped in and broke the two apart. Deceptor snarled but backed away.

“He was just saying hi,” Valiance pleaded her brother. “Go easy on him.”

“Oh, he’s just a gentle soul, isn’t he,” Protector spat.

“Stop fighting, all of you,” Guardian grumbled from across the room.

“Yes, we have more important matters,” Warrior agreed and strode to the center of the bell tower. Protector and Deceptor glared at each other, then Protector left. Deceptor wrapped his arm around Valiance’s waist and pulled her over to the red chair, which she sat down in and Deceptor crouched beside the chair.

“This meeting is called because of the approaching Battle of the Century,”

“Took you fourteen years,” Valiance snickered and settled into her seat more comfortably.

Warrior paid no attention to his sister’s remark. “I still need to find my sword,” he explained. “Over the past century I have checked practically every country. That wasn’t good enough,” he kicked at a clump of dirt. “Evil has invaded one of America’s biggest cities-and news is that the country of Ireland is under attack as well. We need to stop the Nightgoers as soon as we can. Or, they will destroy mankind.”

Valiance shivered in the cold. She glanced down at Deceptor, her lover. He took her hand and held his purple gaze firmly. His eyes were practically luminous in the gray and black, night was approaching.

“I have arranged for a flight to the American people’s state of Hawaii,” Warrior announced. “I have check there, but I believe the sword is closer to the human population. Protector,” he nodded to Protector, “Has had an insight. My sword is in a tropical climate, in some kind of a storage room.”

“When is the flight?” Guardian asked softly.

“In just a few hours. Behind me is our weapons chest. Get what you need.”

The group huddled themselves around the chest, pulling out weapons. When they had their artillery sorted out, they returned to their previous seats. “The plan is to get to Hawaii. Don’t worry about anything else now. We just need to get to PHL and then we will figure it out from there. Maybe Pro will have another insight, perhaps of a battle.” Warrior crouched down, his scraggly blond hair falling in his face. “Now, on matters of transportation to PHL…”

“I can only carry two of you, you all know that,” Valiance said before Warrior even looked up at her.

“You carried three of us more than once before,” Guardian mentioned.

“Yes, in battle. I put you down as soon as I could. Besides, you can’t all fit.”

“I’ll ride in my fox form,” Deceptor offered. “It’ll be lighter. That way I can hold onto your neck and the other two can ride normally.”

Valiance nodded.

“Is it settled? May we go?” Protector asked eagerly.

“Yes, I believe so.” Warrior agreed. “Valiance, should we meet battle while in the air, put us down immediately.”

“Yes, sir,” Valiance muttered sarcastically.

Moments later the five of them stood on the balcony of the bell tower, and Valiance transformed. Guardian, Deceptor and Warrior jumped on her back, and Protector morphed into a hawk. They flew off side by side.


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