War Spirits
Author: Jaxon

Chapter 6
The Beginning

New York

Valiance walked down the abandoned street, following only a hawk about 100 feet above her. It was guiding her to the heart of the city. The sky was gray and shadowy, the empty buildings looming over her with intimidation. Their dark structure would spook the fearful human. But Valiance had no reason to fear. She was the darkness.

She was dressed in a long flowing dress, lacy and black, and her eyes stung from hastily wiping off her black eye shadow. Her brown-reddish orangish hair pulled up on her head was annoying her, so she walked and desperately tried to pull the pins out that were holding it up. Having long ago abandoned her high heels, her feet were getting cut up and sore from traveling on the gravel pieces of the road. She might not have groaned and griped about it if she wasn’t in such a bad mood. Her luck hadn’t changed at all lately, and being in the presence of those influential mortals didn’t help.

Speaking of influence, she was going to see Deceptor today, along with her other companions . And her brother. Her prideful brother. How she hated his dignity. Nevertheless, this was an important meeting. The Nightgoers had delayed the Battle of the Century, now for fourteen years. The millennium had passed and still, no attack. That was also a good thing. Warrior still had not located his hand-crafted sword, the one that would end the battle. He was in need of help trying to find it. How, though, was still a mystery.

The hawk’s silhouette disappeared behind a layer of fog. Shoving a complaint away from her thoughts, Valiance bit her lip and transformed. In seconds she morphed into a beautiful black horse with wings to match. Taking another look at the dark buildings, she noticed that they seemed to lose their intimidating appearance. She snorted and stomped one hoof, then spread her wings and took to the sky.


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