Tower of Babel
Author: Isaac Woulms

Chapter 50

The next day, Grandpa arrived as promised and expected to see two people, but what he saw was a collection of people Ben changed on his journey in the Tower. Some of these individuals were peculiar to say the least but they were allies of Ben’s in their own respect. Magnus and Neko commandeered the military truck that was left outside the Tower by Bio-Machina and went their separate way. Benjamin, Trisha, and Lilly climbed inside of Grandpa’s sedan and were relieved in traveling to civilization. Samael however, simply walked off into the wilderness after making a back handed complement to Benjamin and the group.

“Thanks for nothing, Benny boy. I’ll be back one day to kick your ass. Later, fags.”

Lilly retuned to Arp and was given the opportunity to stay, but she declined the offer. Standing outside on the front lawn they exchanged a few words with each other.

“It’s time I live my life the way I want to.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

She hugged him and whispered in his ear, “I’m glad you have someone.” Lilly faced him and thought in a secure line to Benjamin, I won’t be too far if anything happens though. She winked at Ben and left.

Trisha stayed by Ben’s side and the thought of leaving never crossed either of their minds. She became his shadow and he had become her hero. They could be alone now and took full advantage of the privacy they had with each other.

“Let’s do it again, but this time I want to keep my tail.”

Benjamin and his grandfather had a long discussion over all the things he learned in the Tower. His family’s true fate and the unfortunate way his twin brother had turned out. It hurt Ben to think about what happened but in a way it gave him relief and his grandfather could tell he was better for it.

“I’m proud of you, boy.”


Three days had passed since Ben departed the Tower. Only two souls still wondered its empty corridors now.

Senium followed Ignis as he made his way to the top room of the Tower. “So what do we do now with this data?”

“Quiet,” he said. Any bit of distraction made Frans angry from a mysterious drive.

Senium could not figure out why Ignis stormed out of the room and down the hallway, but he had nothing better to do than follow. If he thinks he’s changed anything, the other facilities that Chen owned containing other telekinetic young adults are unfazed by what happened here, he thought. They’ll probably follow protocol and just release them into the public.

Ignis heard a voice calling out to him. The voice had eluded his ears for many years now, and could have only been hiding deep within his memories. It was his mother’s voice. He came to the top level and entered to the sight of Baal, sitting in a wheelchair, and his slave behind him, standing next to the main console of the machine.

Though it didn’t happen often, Ignis was disgusted with himself for being tricked. “Looks like we’ve got a loose end,” he said. Ignis and Senium walked to the machine and stood before Baal.

Don’t jump to conclusions, he heard. Baal lifelessly stared at the floor, but Ignis knew he was the one talking. We have to talk.

At the entrance, a team of armed men in black suits infiltrated the room and held the group by the machine at gun point. On each of their right shoulders, they wore the symbol of Madison Corporation. Agent Seven-D walked into the room with his hands in his coat pockets. “Looks like we’ve found the rest of them,” he said. He pulled out his cellphone and pressed a number. After a few seconds the agent said, “The leader is dead and the others are nowhere to be found. Yeah they’ve all been wiped out.”

Let’s scratch each other’s backs, Baal thought to Ignis.

Baal’s pupils retracted and the man said, “Wait. It looks like two operatives have been recovered.” The man, on his own accord, approached the group. “They’ve also captured one of Chen’s members and a female.” The man nodded. “Executive order? Copy. I’ll start the fireworks then.” He put his phone back in his pants pocket and said, “Consider yourselves lucky. I had a sudden change in heart and decided that taking my time to file the paper work of four survivors as opposed to the easy report of quarantine was worth your lives.” The man then walked past the group and pressed the red button on the main console, launching six ballistic missiles out the back end of the machine.

Ignis smiled and looked at Baal. “We should be partners.”


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