Tower of Babel
Author: Isaac Woulms

Chapter 35

Magnus knew the way he left Senium in the prison level would not comb over well with Bio-Machina. Then again, Magnus wondered why he still aligned himself with them and his business with the Tower. He could still change it all with a swift swing of his sword and ask forgiveness from Deus. Something about the Tower made him push onwards. At the top waited the strongest of the Ascending, Demon, and then something else beyond that. If he walked away now, he would feel responsible for the consequences of Dr. Chen's endgame if it succeed.

There is going to be a high price for all of this, he thought.

Don't worry. You're being a gentlemen, and a very nice slave master, Neko said.

Keep your telepathic communications to yourself. It is putting a strange stress on my mind.


Magnus kept his ears open for any chance of detecting his fellow members. This was the floor that Senium mentioned as the rendezvous point, he thought. He questioned the design of the level, giant windows without any safety equipment is unwise. He could hear Neko's sneakers scrapping against the concrete floor behind him. Pick your feet up. We have to be as silent as possible.

I thought we weren’t going to talk in our minds?

Do as I say.

Neko's footsteps softened. You can speak with your mind like your used to it.

Years of meditation perhaps? I am unable to read your thoughts unless you are giving them to me.

Neko was aware of Magnus’s inability to read minds. She had a song stuck in her head a few floors back and he didn't complain when she repeatedly sang the only four seconds of the chorus she remembered.

They came to the right corner of the level and made their way along the back wall. No sign of Bio-Machina. A plentiful amount of pillars in the level concealed their path. The wind played to their advantage, dampening their footsteps, yet they were still behind a very thin wall of security. Near the left corner of the room, Magnus could see the exit to the next level.

Hey I'm picking up something, Neko thought.

Fill me in when we leave this floor. We cannot afford to waste any time.

No I mean there's something funny about that door.

Corvus deactivated his cloaking device with his signature butterfly knife in hand, standing by the exit.

“Wow that was so cool,” Neko yelled. She ran from behind Magnus and up to Corvus. He braced for Neko's approach, flaring his wings out. She disregarded his weapon and grabbed the tip of his wings, feeling a small vibration coming from them. He was taken aback from his enemies behavior, but used this opportunity to aim for her neck.

“Hold it.” Magnus held Corvus’s wrist before he could strike. “This one is a prisoner of war.”

The boy began to wonder how many prisoners he might have accidently killed already. “I don’t understand.” His arm shook at the touch of another person besides Sagitta.

“What’s this?” Neko rubbed the metal casing over his chest.

“Stop. Stop.”

“Calm down I just want to know what your jewelry is all about. Magnus doesn’t have anything as cool as what you wear.”

Corvus jumped backwards and activated his wings hovering function.

“Wow. How fast can you fly?”

He looked at Magnus and said, “I have to tell the others you’re here. I don’t think they want prisoners.”

“Corvus, report back to Bio-Machina and say you never saw us.”

Corvus hovered higher now, escaping the reach of Neko as she jumped up and down attempting to grab onto his feet. “I can’t lie if they ask me.”

“Do as I say,” Magnus ordered.

Corvus thought about how Sagitta would react if she found out he lied to her. The thoughts of disappointing his partner weighed heavy on his manipulated conscience. He reached back for the hilt of his war scythe, but his hand missed. He waved his hand behind his shoulder but the weapon was gone.

“See I want something like this, but not so heavy.”

Corvus disengaged his hovering function and fell to the floor. “Give it back.” He grabbed his weapon and tried to take it from her, but she held on tight.

“I just want to see it.” She struggled as they fought for possession. “Sharing is caring.”

“That’s my weapon. I need to kill you.”

“Then I’m taking it away until you can play nice.”

He grunted and put all his weight into taking it back from her. “You’re being mean.”

“And you’re trying to kill me.” Neko let the scythe go and Corvus fell on his back. She then stood over him and put her foot on his chest. “I did it I did it. I beat him.”

“No.” Corvus rolled over and got to his feet. “I’m not going to lose to a girl.”

“That’s too bad because I won.”

“No you didn’t I just-”

“I beat you I beat you.” Corvus tried to get a word in but her chanting drowned him out.

“I- You-” He felt tears come to his eyes. “I don’t want to play with you anymore.” He then ran off into the forest of pillars shouting, “Magnus is a traitor.”

The samurai looked down at his companion and saw the proud smile on her face. “Do you have to make a scene everywhere we go?”

“He’s a sore loser.”

“You’re a sore winner. Come, we’ve sealed our fates.”


“So far my nanotechnology has surpassed the results of Dr. Chen's Serum.”

Deus walked around the prison level with his hands behind his back. He had a comfortable time waltzing around the enemy’s stronghold.

 “The Tower is full of hidden doorways and awkward passages, but despite the flaws the building is on par with the manmade wonders of the world.”

Deus took a picture with the tiny lens built into his left eye, which he added to the hundreds of photographs taken within the Tower.

“Aside from the telekinetic wielding children the only other application seen so far of Dr. Chen's study has been a piece of garment worn by punished Ascending members known as telekinetic chains. The namesake means exactly how it sounds, the restriction of telekinetic abilities. There has yet to be any discovery regarding medicinal uses of Chen’s chemical cocktail.

“From what I have read, every Ascending members mental capabilities varies along with the mastery of their abilities. While only so few are able to survive the administration process after birth, all of the surviving test subjects are already within a very small margin of the world. Their mental makeup is not fully understood making the Dr.'s studies still in its infantile stage.”

He walked inside Samael’s old cage and saw the broken steel bar.

“The Ascending members are lethal, but untrained. Within the Tower there is another group titled Styx and another group titled Demon. Styx were used as a scare tactic to keep the Ascending in order, but from reports of Bio-Machina members there was not a vast hike in power difference between them and the Ascending. Demon has yet to be confronted so the true test of might lies ahead for my team. I am fully confident Bio-Machina will triumph over these genetic test subjects and will prove another time over of their usefulness, and in general, the products that Madison corp. can produce.

“Speaking of Madison corp. the assimilation process of nanotechnology is becoming an effortless process for the labs back at Madison. The entirety of Bio-Machina is currently the size of a large platoon, with the candidates and level of resources that are available to my company. Madison would be willing to easily cover a Battalion’s worth of soldiers. What you see on this mission is just a small part of the formidable whole that is Bio-Machina.”

Deus walked out of the cell and towards what looked like the exit of the prison level. On his way to the exit, he saw a rock that was sharpened to a point.

“Let it be known that Madison's applied sciences program is also available for purchase if such a deal interests the board. My company is hand in hand with the leading public organizations in finding the next big leap in technology. Madison corp. has been a step ahead of the rest of world for the past century and a half since the company’s founding. We have made fruitful transactions with the industry giants that have found their way into the hearts and homes of over 106 countries around the world, and have generously handed off patented products to our fellow CEO's of advancing science programs. I am sure you have heard it before, but I must stress the fact that even the exclusive number of people who will hear this report own something, or many things, made by Madison Corporation in their very homes. We do not stop there. Madison corp. is on a personal agenda to improve the livelihood of every man, women, and child that is born into this world by some shape or form.”

Deus had a smile on his face. Going over his companies many accomplishments was nourishment to what was left of his original heart. He was not the man to count himself the victor before crossing the finish line, but he is the type of man that has almost singlehandedly created the modern world.

“More to follow as events transpire. Deus mission log six concluded.”


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