Tower of Babel
Author: Isaac Woulms

Chapter 27

Baal stood behind the handrail of his observatory deck, sensing telekinetic energy from below. To Baal the waves sounded like thunder in the distance. “Two telekinetic people fighting near the level of Demon? What a joke.” He had his hands resting behind his back as he thumbed the emerald on his ring. Baal decided to take the shirt of his uniform off. His wool pants had two black stripes running down his legs, the rest of his pants dyed blue. His short black hair waved in the wind, along with his white t-shirt. Shax, did you feel that? Baal asked.

Yeah I heard it, hold on. I'll be there in a second.

The doors opened to Baal’s room as he put his pet back in its cage. Shax walked in wearing a green sweatshirt and pants. “That rat left his cage. I'm going to go down there and crush his skull.”

Baal turned to look at Shax. “So you're making it an informal event I see. I don't blame you. I've relaxed my uniform as well. So you’re really going to go down there, right now?”

“I'll get him this time. Dr. Chen said if he ever left his cell I have permission to kill him.” He slammed his fist against the cage, scaring the girl inside. She whimpered with puppy dog eyes at her master.

“This breed looks best without any stress wrinkles. Refrain from doing that again.”

Shax looked away, he knew better than to talk back.

“Do you know how that's going to look if you go down there?”

“What do you mean?”

Baal then appeared behind Shax. He put his hands on his shoulders and whispered into his ear, “You are a Demon my friend. We do not go chasing down our prey. Our prey comes to us to be vanquished.” Baal then walked to Shax’s side and pointed out to the balcony. “When we rule the world, how would it look if one of the masters were to be so bent out of shape over such little problems? You are stronger than him aren't you?”

“Who's saying I'm not?” Shax fist shook and his clothing became dull in color.

“No one is saying these things, Shax. Calm yourself.”

The green in Shax's clothing came back and he relaxed. “I'll stay put for now, but by the end of the day I'll rip his head of myself.”

Baal nodded with a smile.


Lilly sat on the edge of her bed staring at the wall. Why did they have to meet each other? Her thoughts were full of anguish. Why does Ben have to be so difficult to deal with? I'm going to have to tell him. Lilly closed her eyes and searched for Ben's brainwave signature. The bed beneath her faded away and the darkness created from closing her eyes became solid.

“Where did she go? I can't believe I did that. I'm so stupid.”


Ben was running around in the divide searching for another stairwell. He followed the path that Ishtar took up two levels but wound up in a large room full of open archways to the outside world. Ben's teeth clicked together as the winds passed over him. “Lilly? Lilly I'm glad you're here. I need to find Trisha. She ran off.”

“Looking for another girl, huh?” Lilly said to herself. Ben, I really need you to come up to my room and get me. I'm going to try and implant a memory into your mind. Stand still and-

“I'm sorry but I have to find Trisha. I think I might have hurt her.”


“I'll tell you about it later, but I need your help finding her.”

“Dammit Ben why do you have to be this way?” Lilly lost her focus and stood up. She had her fists at her side and marched to the end of her bed. “It's like you have to be the hero or something, but you’re in over your head.” She closed her eyes and thought, Ben I'll take care of Trisha, just come find me.

Ben didn't say anything back.

I know you can hear me.

“Ben's busy right now. She's helped me out too much for me to just leave her like this.”

Lilly shook her head then threw herself on the bed. “You’re making this harder than it has to be.”


Where are we going?” Neko asked. She was feeling back to her normal self, the numbness in her body gone and the only pale part of her skin returned to the circle around her right eye.

“I am traveling the top of the Tower. I suggest you leave this place and never come back,” Magnus said.

“No way. I'm a war slave, remember?”

“You are released. Something about owning a slave does not feel right.”

“Because you’re black, duh.”

“That might have something to do with it, but that does not change the fact that you have no further reason for accompanying me.” Magnus increased his pace.

“Stop walking so fast. I'm just a little girl. By the way, if I'm your slave prisoner person then I want a better standard of living. I expect to be fed three times a day, I want you to teach me how to use swords, and I want full dental.”

“My patience can only wear so thin, child.”

“I also want you to teach me how to talk like that, all cool and stuff. Where were you born anyways?”

“Baltimore.” Magnus thought of running the rest of the way. He knew his body could handle it, she could hardly keep up as is, but the thought of running from a little girl was beneath him.

“Is that like in Africa?”

“You should request a map with your standard of living.” Magnus picked his knees up and started jogging.

“Slow down. Slow down. I'm just a little girl.” Neko was at a full run to match Magnus’s speed. “Don't you think you need some help with directions in the Tower?”

“I've made it this far cutting through the Ascending without a navigator. I believe I will be fine.”

“But, but...”

As Magnus turned the corner, he abruptly stopped jogging. A brick wall, the same color as the walls in the hallway, blocked his path. “You see, I knew this way was a dead end, and I could have saved you time if you would have listened to me.”

Magnus closely looked at the wall.

“But no, you just think you know everything. Typical boys.” He looked down at Neko talking, and noticed her furrowed brow. “And you say you've made it this fa-” Magnus swiftly clapped his hands together. The wall flickered then returned to normal beside them.

“Dead end?” Magnus jogged through the illusion.

“But what if that was a real wall?”


I'm going to be free. Those idiots wanted to get a room, but what room is bigger than the world? I'm going somewhere south, Arizona, that's not too far. I'll be a legend. I could join a circus maybe. I look the part. The boy with clawed hands and spiked elbows, yeah that's going be me. Don't you think this is a good idea?”

Royx, the last of the Styx, held a small rock in his left claw that he carved a face into. He wasn't sure how long it would take for him to get to civilization outside the Tower so he brought a little buddy along for the ride. He stared at the rock for a few seconds as he waited inside the elevator.

“Food? I'll find it somehow. I can catch a rabbit with my powers no problem.” Royx then nodded his head a few times. “Water? Eh, I'm good for at least two days, should be a lake near here somewhere. Don't worry so much.” He put the rock to his ear then jerked his head back. Royx slammed the face of the rock against the elevator doors making the entire elevator shake. “I said don't fucking worry.” Royx faced the rock towards him to stare down the poorly drawn smile. “There you go.”

The elevator doors opened and he saw the boiler room. He wondered around the floor until he found the entrance to the Tower. As he opened the doors, the light came in and hurt his eyes. “We did it.” Royx took off running to the tree line in the distance.


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