Tower of Babel
Author: Isaac Woulms

Chapter 25

Senium stood at the computer monitor in Prof. J's room-entrance. Most of the computer functions became dysfunctional from the virus he released earlier, but he found a few hidden programs within Prof. J's personal network that were unaffected. He put his backpack on the ground next to the body of the professor. He returned from his hiding spot to sneak up on Senium, but the fumes in the air killed him.

The entrance to Prof. J's room burst open and a young man ran on scene.

Senium did a double-take and the cigarette in his mouth almost fell out. The Styx member’s right arm hung a foot lower than the left and was three sizes larger in width. His skin was a dark red and veins stuck out all over his body. A black horn protruded out of his right temple, curving up at a forty-five degree angle. He only wore a loose fitting pair of pants that hardly hugged onto his malnourished frame.

Behind him, a younger boy ran to his side and said, “Rhadaman, we found one. We found one.” Quenell kissed Rhadaman’s elbow with blistered lips that did a poor job hiding his serrated teeth. The young Styx wore a small sized t-shirt and jeans that consumed him.

“Not now Quenell. We have to kill him then we get the room.”

“Kill him. Do it do it.”

Senium stared at the two Styx wondering what was going on. “So are you Demon members?” Senium said. He stepped away from the computer and put his hands behind his back. Commands were sent from his neural implants to mix and energize his blood toxins.

Rhadaman marched towards Senium. “We’re here to kill you, that’s all that matters.”

“Styx is the best,” Quenell said.

“Styx? Jesus, what the hell happened to you two shit stains?”

Rhadaman stopped his approach. “Don’t make fun of us because we look this way. It’s not our fault we couldn’t pass the ceremony.” His fists clenched tight, cracking open a few scabs. “You look like a movie monster reject.”

“Easy, hammer fist. I’m not trying to get in a pissing match, I’m just saying you’re not the most welcoming sight to my eyes. Mind if I ask you a question? Where can I get me a set of ham hocks like yours?”

 “He's making fun of you again, Rhadaman. Kill him, kill him, do it,” Quenell said.

“Don't tell me what to do,” Rhadaman yelled.

“If you won’t do it then I will, and you’re not invited to my room.” Quenell let out a screech, his version of a war cry, and charged. His telekinesis was unfocused and sent waves of force in random directions. Lab equipment flew from the tables and the tables themselves bent away from the Styx member. The lights in the room flickered and the loose ceiling tiles shuttered above.

A few stray waves of force hit Senium on the shoulder and stomach. He stumbled a few steps back and held his hands out. “Times like these I wished I carried a gun,” he said.

Quenell reached Senium and tackled him to the ground, his teeth sinking into Senium’s forearm. Black blood trickled down his throat and chin, as he spit the chunk of Bio-Machina out. He began pummeling the corpse’s face with boosted strength. Cartilage snapped and a warm sheet of blood shot onto Senium’s lips. More fists followed, raining down on him without an end in sight.

Each blow to Quenell was another step closer to a room. He breathed heavily to continue his constant assault. I want a huge bed with red sheets. I’m going to have three refrigerators in my kitchen, two full of food and the third full of ice cream. A yellow cloud formed around them. I’m going to have a shower in every room, and one room is going to be a pool. His arms numbed. All my friends can come over and we’re going to have dinner every night together. The walls of Quenell’s stomach melted away, allowing Senium’s blood to burn more wholes into his internal organs. No one is going to hurt me, and I can eat whenever I want. Tears of blood trickled from his red eyes. I’m going to be happy. I’m finally going to be happy. By this time, Senium was back on his feet and typing away on the computer.

Rhadaman was kneeling where Senium laid before the toxins got to Quenell. Rhadaman reached down and cradled his friend while they both slowly died inside the small yellow cloud. Quenell shook and foamed at the mouth. His mind was elsewhere, hanging out with all of his friends, all of his imaginary friends. Bodily fluids soiled his pants and vomit raced up his throat to slosh through the wholes torn from Senium’s blood.

The yellow cloud still hung over them as Rhadaman breathed it all in. He didn’t care. Rhadaman’s eyes were red now. He looked up at Senium and his vision faded. He held his only friend until his nervous system shut down.

“Damn kids.” The wound on Senium’s forearm stopped bleeding. “I need another cigarette.” He finished retrieving all mission pertinent information then proceeded to destroy Prof. J’s computer terminal before going about his day.


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