Tower of Babel
Author: Isaac Woulms

Chapter 11

Lilly watched Ben with her mind's eye as he navigated through the Tower. With each step however, she wished he turned back. Lilly sat at the end of her walkthrough closet with all of her uniformed clothing thrown on the ground around her. They represented an omission to enjoying life in the tower, as of after meeting Ben, was now only tolerable.

Lilly realized how much space she wasn't using in her quarters. The temporary house she resided in Arp could fit inside her closet alone. Past her closet door, she could see the kitchen. Two ovens she never touched before. A king size fridge filled to the brim with ingredients that her servants would prepare her exquisite meals with. One large dining table, placed beyond an island, with ten empty chairs and bottles of wine as its centerpiece.

To the right of her kitchen was a studio room. Inside there sat a baby grand piano, which she had mastered along with other instruments she took a liking to, and equally became familiar with. There was a cluster of furniture to the right of her studio for guests to listen or simply sit and converse, though she rarely had guests. In the back corner of her studio, three isolated sound rooms were at her disposal for recording music or simply practicing her chord progression.

Opposite of her studio, a divider excluded her bed from the main floor of the room. There could be four Lilly’s and still be plenty of space to sleep. A wooden canopy draped maroon curtains all around her bed to give her a redundant amount of privacy. By her bedside were dressers holding more color-coordinated clothes that she had never worn if not modeled once.

Two pairs of double glass doors were at the center of her room’s left wall. Around the doors and covering the entire wall was thick glass giving her a view of the outside world. Beyond the glass face was a balcony, one quarter the size of her room, that came equipped with its own environmental control air conditioning and full sized bar.

All of this, and she only thought of how little it really meant to her.

Tacking action was an option, but it would be action taken against those who have given her everything. Regardless of what she held valuable, if it were not for Dr. Chen she would not be who she is today. She could only watch for now.


A portly man dropped to both knees and put his hands out in front of him, trying to ward off his captor. A sheet of sweat formed across his brow and his eyes filled with tears.

The blade neared his face.

He looked up at the samurai, the life he wished he had lived faded from his dreams. He begged, dribbling words from his mouth, an incoherent structure of pleads. “Please I’m just a teacher. I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Silence,” Magnus said, his voice cutting into the man. Magnus crouched and met the teacher’s eyes, his bright copper irises gleaming. They were the eyes he was born with and they examined his pray in detail. “Where are your telekinetic warriors?”

The man fumbled with the question at first but said, “The warriors? You have to go up, but they’re strong. They can see you coming before you get there.”

“I have no reason for covert tactics.” Magnus sheathed his sword. “Rise. You will die another day.”

“Get away from him,” a boy said. This boy came from the hallway followed by Tommy.

“You’re in trouble now mister,” Tommy said. “Jason is getting picked up for a room this year, and he’s mad at you.” Tommy stood in Jason’s shadow.

“I’ll save you, Mr. Margolis.” Jason was at the end of his teens and ready to prove himself. He motioned grabbing at the air and swung his hand at Magnus as a chair nearby lifted off the ground and followed Jason’s hand motion.

The chair jumped across the room and Magnus caught it with one hand before tossing it aside.

Jason grabbed for another chair and repeated his attack.

Magnus walked slowly towards his willing contender, swords sheathed. The second chair moved faster than the first, but Magnus swatted the attack with the back of his hand. The titanium studs infused with his knuckles, sticking out of his skin, made an intimidating crack noise.

“Get him, Jason,” Tommy cheered. “You’re the toughest guy I know.”

There were more chairs at his disposal, and with a lack of imagination, Jason picked a third off the floor. He sent this chair after Magnus faster than the last two with a spin. The Bio-Machina member pulled his right sword out in one fluid motion and swung for the object, cutting it in half, sending two pieces of chair past Magnus.

Tommy tugged at one of Jason’s sleeves, “Jason, come on.”

“I’m trying. I-”

Magnus moved faster than Jason could react, and at the end of a quick sprint, Magnus thrust his blade through Jason’s sternum, lifting him off the ground. His feet dangled beneath him. Splotches of blood spilled down his legs and onto his shoes before dripping to the floor. He moved a little, if you count the jerking movements his muscles made. Shock set in, and soon after, death.

“It was obvious who would win this battle, but you still fought.” Magnus let Jason’s body down and closed his eyes for him.

Tommy stood over Jason's body, mentally disturbed and unprepared to handle what happened. Magnus then held his blade at Tommy. With a quick swipe, the blood on his sword was thrown on Tommy, leaving the blade clean. “Accept your fallen brethren. He died a warrior's death.” Magnus then sheathed his sword and left the room.


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