Tower of Babel
Author: Isaac Woulms

Chapter 1

In a place hidden to the world stood a symbol of defiance to all those who accepted the belief that man could not reach the sanctum of heaven. Constructed between an expanse of mountains, barriers to the forsaken who were not worthy of witnessing the Tower’s might, is a society of super beings. On a high perch sat a young man who was, at this point in his life, more monster.

“Tell the Dr. that Lilith will most likely be late.”

“Yes, my master,” the servant said.

The winds were fierce at that elevation and the temperature drastically colder than ground level. The low level of oxygen was another issue that made the situation daunting. He was above these things. He laid on the ledge with his eyes closed and let his left arm and leg dangle over the side. Thoughts of the days to come flowed through his mind.

“You can try to sneak around all you want. There's a reason my room's two levels above yours,” he said.

“You could at least humor me.”

The young man opened his eyes and saw Shax standing over him. Shax stood with one foot on the ledge and the other extended behind him, as he dramatically leaned over.

“So where's our little canary? She should be back by the end of tonight, correct?” Shax said.

“You already know that’s not happening.”

“We should just cut our losses. We got the power as is. Besides, the world out there is shit. Every time I took a vacation, the only thing to do was manipulate humans into doing what I wanted. One time I made this guy do things to his own daughter.” Shax cackled at the memories that came to surface. “You should have heard her scream for help, but no one came.”

“Suave as always I see.”

“Pinkies up. I bet you'd do the same thing if you ever took a vacation,” Shax said.

“Would a wolf mingle with sheep for fun?”

“Cats play with mice.”

“What's a human to a demon?”

Shax smiled and held in more cackling.

The servant from earlier returned to the balcony and said, “Master Shax, I have been tasked to inform you that the Dr. wishes you to retrieve Mistress Lilith.”

“Are you interrupting a conversation that your masters are having?” Shax said as he jumped off the balcony and approached the servant.

“Master, I…”

“Nah I'm just kidding. Give me a high five.” Shax held up his right hand.

The servant girl hesitated.

“Come on its okay. Up top.”

The servant slowly raised her hand and gave Shax his requested five.

“Sweet. Now the other one.”

She gave Shax a confused look at his left shoulder. Shax let out a string of laughter, and put his only hand across his stomach.

“That face was perfect. Here I'll give you a gift. I'll make you look more in my image.” Shax’s eyes widened and his smile radiated pure pleasure. The servant girl shook slightly as an unseen force came over her body and forced her to her knees. He leaned over and grabbed the top of the servant's left arm. The young girl’s screams overpowered the tearing sound of flesh and bone. It was only a matter of seconds before she fell on the floor in shock. Shax waved her newly amputated arm in front of her face, reveling at the servant slowly bleeding out on the floor.

Shax tossed her arm over the balcony and said, “See ya later, Baal.”

A few seconds later Baal sat up and looked down at the disfigured servant. She looked back up at him still holding on to some small part of reality. He carefully watched the crimson river pool onto the floor.

That is going to leave an unsightly stain, he thought. “Do you want to be saved from this pain?”

The girl fought hard to say, “Yes, Master Baal. Please.”

Baal pointed at the servant with his index finger, the palm of his hand facing up, and curled his finger in slowly. The servant lifted from the ground, over Baal’s head, and past the balcony railing, falling to earth in a screaming panic.

“Your pain will be over soon.”


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