Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 10

I yawned, leaning back on the pool chair and closing my eyes. The afternoon was perfect, like usual. The sun was still out and the breeze was sparse. I yawned again, feeling my conscious slip, only to be awaken by a large amount of cool water. Spitting out a small mouthful, I peek through my eyelids and smiled at Rosie.

She grinned back at me, holding the bucket to her side. “You looked a bit dehydrated,” she murmured.

I smirked, sitting up and wiping the water from my eyes to see better. I looked to her again. “Well…. Thanks?” I replied, staring at her. She was wearing a light pink bikini and a loose white top that fell to her knees. Rosie stepped to the side, looking as if she was trying to hide. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s pink,” Rose huffed. “White goes see through and it is so… Skimpy,” she muttered. She had borrowed the clothes from my younger sister, having nothing else to wear in the water. I grinned, standing and walking over to her.

“Too bad,” I replied, giving her a light hug before turning and jumping into the deep end. The water was so refreshing. Opening my eyes, I looked up through the clear water, smiling and resurfacing. “Why don’t you come in?”

Rose shook her head quickly. “Too deep,” she murmured. I smirked, swimming to the edge, watching her kneel in front of me.

“Too deep?” she nodded. I smiled, offering a hand. “C’mooon, I won’t let you drown.” Rosie hesitated, but took my hand, carefully sitting on the edge. I grinned, pulling her off the edge and lowering her into the water. “Better?”

She shrugged slightly. “I-I guess.” I smirked.

“That’s not a proper answer,” I replied


“So, this,” I murmured, pretending to drop her. She squealed, closing her eyes and clinging to me. “Rose… Rosie,” I whispered in her ear. She shivered, glancing up at me.

“That was not funny…” she muttered.

“So?” I asked, moving closer to her.

“W-well, uh,” she was stuttering now, staring at me. I chuckled, moving closer still, staring back.

“Ahem,” Jayden murmured. I sighed, letting my head drop onto her shoulder.

“Every… Time…” I muttered. Rosie laughed, pushing me away slightly, but still holding on. “Can I help you?” I asked, turning to see my brother and his fiancé, Jenniphene.

“Dinner is almost ready,” my brother replied. I nodded, waving slightly to Jen and swimming to the side of the pool, pushing Rosie up first before pulling myself out of the water. I shook out my hair, letting it drop in front of my face. “And you need a haircut,” Jayden muttered, turning and walking away.

Rolling my eyes, I pushed my hair out of my eyes. “Do not,” I replied under my breath, blinking when a hand suddenly appeared in my face. I grinned, taking Rosie’s hand and standing. Not letting go, I picked up my towel and wrapped it around her before leading her away from the pool and towards the house.

“Li-am!” a feminine voice called, and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground, arms wrapped around me. “I missed you so much. Where have you been? I can’t believe you, like, quit your job too, and for what? A mechanic shop? You were, like, working on the best race cars on the planet! Why would you leave me like that?” I blinked, finally focusing on the girl that laid on top of me.

“Lorry…” I murmured, trying to push her away, to no avail. Lorry had planted her lips on mine, trying to push me down. I scowled, attempting to push her away again. Lorraine yelp, dragged away by Rosie, who had her by the hair.

“Hands. Off,” Rose growled, finally letting go of my ex.

“Says whom?” Lorry asked, standing, straightening her clothes and crossing her arms.

“His girlfriend,” Rosie replied. I watched as Lorry looked from me to her, then back to me.

“Wha? How could you? You cheater!” she shrieked.

“You cheated on me!” I yelled back, suddenly furious with the sudden accusations. “We were through!” Lorry scowled, turning back to Rosie.

“And you!” she was shrieking again. “You stole my man,” she attempted to push Rose, but she just stepped out of the way, rolling her eyes.

“Whatever,” she muttered, walking over and helping me to my feet. “Shall we go inside?” she asked in a sweet voice, winking. I grinned, nodding and leading her towards the house once more.

Once we were inside, I leant over to whisper in Rosie’s ear. “Watch your back.”

She nodded. “Always… but, why?”

“She’s mental,” I hissed, “She might try to hurt you.”

Rose giggled. “I’d like to see her try!” She chirped. I smiled, stopping at the large table and pulling the chair out from Rose. She blushed slightly, sitting in the chair and I took my place next to her, my mother on the opposite side. The whole family seemed to be here and the table was bustling with noise, however, Rose and I just kept quiet, eating and giving each other the occasional smile. Glancing up, I noticed Lorraine glaring at the two of us. I just waved, turning back to rose and placing an arm over her shoulders. “Show off,” she murmured.

“What?” Rosie just poked her tongue at me.


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