Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 7

Sure enough there was a large park blooming before us. Children, parents, dogs and birds were occupying the vast green lands. Trees, wow, there so many of them! I had almost forgotten what they even looked like, well there weren’t many in the hood. We parked in one of the rare spots and hopped out. Almost immediately Katie was dragging Joey away leaving me with Rosie.

“So what do you want to do?” I asked Rosie, she was staring off into the distance.

“Hunh, what?” she asked when she finally snapped out of her daze.

“A little slow today are we? What do you want to do?” I teased. I heard my stomach grumble.

“Well, maybe we should get something to eat first,” she suggested almost laughing at my flushed face.

“No way, Rose is actually going out to get food?”

“I’m hungry.”

“So then, where do we go?”

“Ummm… I have no clue,” she muttered.

“Well that’s helpful!” I smirked but she was lost again. Lost in her own little world staring off into the land of make believe. “… Rosie... Rosie!”

“Hunh? Oh, right,” she muttered looking away again.

“What are you looking at?”

“Nothing,” her voice was distant but filled with longing. I looked over her shoulder where a young family was playing ball with a golden retriever.

“Joey said you never really had a childhood,” I murmured, watching as she was suddenly still.

“Not that it really bothered me that much,” she said smiling and facing me, but the smile never reached her eyes.

“You’re a good liar but not that good,” I murmured, we had been walking for a while and now we stood standing over a small bridge in the middle of the park. Ducks and fish were swimming in the creek below and lilies covered the surface of the glistening water. That was when the others showed up.

“Hihi! You two are so cute together, can I talk to you Liam?” Katie asked, a mischievous grin across her face and a glint in her eyes. I looked over at Rosie who was glaring, glaring straight at her best friend, what the hell was going on?

“Eer, sure,” I muttered suspiciously. She took hold of my arm and dragged a ways down the bridge. “What do you want to talk about?”

“She hasn’t told you yet, has she?”



“I have no clue what you are talking about, seriously, what?” Katie rolled her eyes.

“I suspected as much.”

“Katie,” I growled. She looked at me and attempted – attempted being the key word – to smile innocently.

“Oh what could you be talking about, if she hasn’t told you that she likes you, then it’s none of my business is it?” she asked innocently.

“Wha-?” I couldn’t even finish the word as I felt my cheeks flush a dark crimson. She tugged me back to where we were before, and then ran off with Joey without saying a word.

“What did she tell you?” asked Rosie once we were left alone, her eyes were watching my face looking for something, what?

“She, ah, told me that, ah, umm…” I trailed off but she didn’t say a word “She told me that you like me,” I said in a rush. She looked at her feet and blushed, probably darker than me.

“And if I did?” I moved towards her lifting her chin to look at me.

“Then I’d ask you to go out with me,” I whispered. God! I just wanted to kiss her there and then.

She moved closer to me whispering a quick and quiet yes. But then my stupid as phone had to ruin the moment! She giggled as I pulled out my phone and looked at the screen, yeah perfect timing Mum!

“Hello?” I asked the phone after pressing the green button.

“Liam!  How are you? It’s been ages since we’ve even talked, have you been keeping yourself busy. Have you got any new friends yet? Oh how I’ve missed you!”

“Mum, yeah but I-“ I started but my mother was such a talkative person.

“Oh Jayden is engaged!”

“What? He is, to whom?”

“Who else but Jenniphene? Oh she is such an adorable person. Anyway the reason I called wasn’t only to hear my baby’s voice but to invite you to the wedding! It’s on this weekend but, Jayden says he is sorry but you can only bring one person. Please say you will come?”

“Eer sure, Mum.” I went to continue but of course my Mum was the one on the other line.

“Oh that is just wonderful! Liam, you have to wear a tie-“ This time I cut in.

“I’m not wearing a tie,” I growled and I could hear Rosie laughing.

“Oh yes you are Liam Bromskie! It’s your brother’s wedding for crying out loud you have to wear a tie and that is final!” my mother growled, her voice changing back to it’s usual tone when she continued, “So anyway, it’s this weekend, see you there,” I heard the phone reach the receiver.

“Yeah, thanks for the heads up,” I muttered to myself.

“So, who was it?” asked Rosie.

“My mother,” I made a face, “My brother is getting married this weekend and I have to wear a tie!” she laughed. “No it’s not funny!” I cried out in frustration, but she just laughed harder. “So ahh, do you wanna come?” She stopped laughing.

“To Toronto? I’ve never left the city,” she whispered.

“You’ll be fine, but I think you will have to go shopping with Katie.” She made a face.

“No, I’ll go, but shopping with Katie is torture!” she said stubbornly.

“Okay, okay, but my Mother won’t like it,” I mumbled.

“So? You’re a grown man aren’t you?” she teased.

“Yeah! Of course!” I replied making her smirk.

“Mama’s little boy,” she teased and then ran off. I had to chase her - she was pretty quick - and then tackle her to the ground. “Say anything and I will kill you,” I said sitting on her.

“Oh, okay. You are heavy!” she groaned. I stood and helped her up, or tried, she tugged on my hand and I went spiralling to floor next to her. She was doubled over in fits of laughter and my life could never get any better.


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