Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 5

It wasn’t far from the shop; no it was actually just a few streets down. We parked on an angle at the side of the road. Lights were flashing everywhere, but never blue or red. Bikies, whores, smokos, car fanatics, even your everyday person could be found here, most of them were here just to see the cars, those gorgeous cars. This was practically just an illegal car show in the middle of the night with races to bet on.

“So, you gonna race tonight?” asked Katie, a smoke muffling her words, yeah, they all smoke, cept Rosie, she’s different than the rest.

“Umm, I’ll try, but I don’t think I’ll win…” I trailed off looking at the vehicles surrounding me.

“Oh, you’ll just need to relax. Besides, winning comes with practice and good practice is actually when the cops show. That’s when it gets fun,” she assured. “Oh! Come on kiddo, Rosie’s racing!” she dragged me over to the track; it was marked by reflective witches hats. A bright green Nissan Skyline, flames running down the sides rolled up to the starting line, a pink Mitsubishi Eclipse stood next to it. Behind that was a black Honda S2000 and behind the Nissan was Rosie.

Her hair was up in a ponytail and her fringe locked back behind her ears. A girl of about 30 stepped in front of the cars, a handkerchief raised and you could hear each of the cars roaring, waiting.

“200 on the Nissan,” I could hear someone saying, but they were wrong.

“200 on the Mustang and it’s a deal,” I said to the man. He nodded and we gave our money to Johnny. I watched anxiously, every set of eyes watching the girl and waiting. She dropped the handkerchief and the cars were off, the Nissan in the lead, then the Mitsubishi followed closely by the Honda. Rosie was just taking her time, was she crazy?

“Just you wait,” whispered Johnny, and soon enough the cars were coming around the corner just down the road. The crowd dispersed, making room for the winning cars to finish the race. I didn’t even see it at first, but the green Skyline was in front, the Mustang in second. Rosie drifted round another corner and took the lead. She was good, she ended up parking the Mustang back where it was before and the crowd was soon forming around it as she popped the hood, revealing the shiny engine. “Told ya! Here, you earned this,” said Johnny handing me the 400 dollars.

“Won your first bet already, hunh?” asked Katie, she was dragging me, again, towards Rosie. “He’s a smart kid!” she said excitedly to Rose.

“Anyone could have seen that,” replied Rosie.

“Oh haha, very funny!” said Katie sarcastically. That’s when I heard them, sirens, the pigs were coming. People were running to their cars and vehicles were scattering in all different directions making my head swirl.

“You want to get yourself caught? Get moving, Liam!” said Rosie as she sat in her car, turning the engine. “Use the CB to keep in contact!” she called as she drove off. I sat in my car, the cop cars could be seen now. The engine clicked over with no problems and I drove down the street, swerving around people and cars. I already had three or so cops behind me, but their engines were no match for the Camaro.

“Yo, Liam! You there?” I heard Katie’s voice over the radio.

“Yeah, what do I do, they’re everywhere!” I asked back.

“Just loose them! The best way is to turn a lot, you know, drift. Their cars aren’t really that fast and can’t pick up the speed like yours, that’s also an advantage. Once you lose them, head back to the shop. Enter through the alleyway and we’ll be waiting for you. Anyway, I got to go; I swear there’s like ten or so behind me!” Rosie laughed through the radio; she must’ve thought this was the best part of racing.

“Alright, roger that,” I told them before making a right onto a side street. There was about five of them now! I took a left down an alleyway, dodging bins, garbage and hobos. I took another left, they were further behind now, I took this time to reverse into another dead end alley and turned off my car, waiting for them to pass by. Sure enough, five cars whizzed past, not one bothering to check in the alleyway.

Starting the engine once more I inched my way out of the alley, being sure that no pigs were near, before heading in the direction I came. I drove out onto the main road and saw Rosie walking the streets looking troubled. I ahead, just past where she was I saw a green Skyline, parked and waiting for her. A guy stepped out of the car and leant against it, looking in her direction. My blood boiled, why? I had no clue, but as soon as she walked past he grabbed her by the arm, dragging her to the car.

She kicked him and then ran. Swearing inaudibly the man jumped in his car and drove after her. I followed and took a left, racing around the block to hopefully cut them off. I took another left and stopped in the middle of the road just in front of Rose and opening the passenger door.

“Need a lift?” she smiled looking behind her before jumping in the car.

“Thanks,” she murmured as we sped away.

“So what did he want?” I asked her. She shuddered.

“Well, what do you think?” she muttered, her voice low and harsh.

“Anyways, where’s the car?”

“Top floor of the five storey car park, that place is only ever used for abandoned cars; I’m going to pick her up tomorrow.”

“Hey where are you guys?” that was Katie.

“We were out of range, I’ll tell you later,” replied Rosie.

“I’ll tell you later?” I teased.

“Shut up! I’m still a girl after all,” she mumbled making me laugh. “Seriously, shut up.”


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