Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 4

It’s been three weeks since I came here to New York. I got to know this place pretty well and soon I had many friends. Johnny came by the shop every now and then bringing his famous food with him and dropped his best friend every Friday. That was Garfield, he had the orange hair like the much loved kids movie character but he wasn’t fat or lazy. He was quite the opposite and he was smart, knowing everything there was to know about the electricals. The two of them shared a car, a green and blue Buick Convertible. I had finished the Camaro yesterday, paint, bodywork, interior and all. It was black and blue and had chrome on almost every inch of its body, a real restored ’67.

Katie and Joey are married, living next door to me, Joey was from Italy but I didn’t know where Katie got her accent from. Katie and Rosie, or she likes being called Rose, they had been friends since they were young and the two of them with Katie’s older brother, Johnny, had been living on the streets together since their parents had died. Katie’s parents had died in a car accident and Rosie’s; well they were murdered when she was four. She says the only thing she can remember were green neon lights. She has insomnia because of it, a nightmare she was always afraid of having and reliving.

How do I know that? Well, one night I just so happened to leave my wallet behind at the shop. I decided to go back to the shop and retrieve it, wouldn’t everyone have gone home by now? It was 11 at night and boy was I wrong:


I slipped into the door that led into the shop; I knew where my wallet was, in the spare room. There was a light under the double doors; someone must’ve left it on. I’d turn it off after I get my wallet. I opened the spare room door and immediately saw my wallet and picked it up. That was when I heard it, footsteps just outside of the doorway. The next thing I knew I was being held up against the wall with a switch knife at my throat.

“What the?” I asked stunned.

“Liam? Gosh, don’t do that, I thought you were someone else!” cried Rosie, pulling away from me.

“I didn’t think anyone would be here,” I said looking at her, she rolled her eyes.

“I live here, doofus,” she replied making a face.

“Haha, very funny!” I said sarcastically. “What were you doing?”

“Just working on my car,” she replied.

“Jeez, don’t you ever sleep?”

“I would if I could…” she trailed off looking at the ground, “Nightmare.”

“Nightmares?” she shook her head.

“Nightmare, only the one. The same freakin’ one every time I close my eyes!” She closed her eyes and leant against the wall letting herself fall to the ground. It looked as if she was about to cry.

“You okay?” I asked sitting next to her.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” she mumbled back.

“Are you going to cry?” I asked jokingly.

“Can’t, never have been able too,” she smiled then and stood up, “I guess that’s an advantage sometimes.”

“Hunh, how?” she shrugged.

“Enough about me, I’ve barely ever heard about your past.”

“I’d rather not talk about it.”

“And you think I would?” I smiled up at her, she had her hand outstretched to help me up and I took it.

“Well, no. At least you haven’t fallen victim to cheaters, not a very rare case you know. It is found that this disease infects most people of all ages,” I stated in a matter of fact tone and making her laugh.

“I’d like to hear more about it,” she said, she actually sounded interested in my past life, “It’s what brought you here, isn’t it, Kid?” I nodded, true that, my ex had driven me here, but for that I was thankful!

“Stop calling me ‘Kid’, I swear I’m older than you!” she just laughed.

We ended up talking all night about each other. About our pasts and what we wanted in the future. She has never had a boyfriend, now that I was envious about, but of course I didn’t tell her that! We kinda made a deal, every now and then I would stay the night and help her with the cars or other, but every nerve in my brain was always telling me, ‘Ask her out! Ask her out!’ I never had the courage though, probably never will. Besides it was better this way.


I was talking to Rosie in the spare room. It had a lot of stuff, especially when we were in the hood but I never really paid much attention to it. I was listening to that angelic voice, Rosie.

“Oi, dream boy! Where have you been, off with the fairies again?” Her voice cut into my head.

“Umm… yeah I guess…” I admitted. She just rolled her eyes.

“Liam, you like to race?” Rosie asked suddenly, her voice low and her eyes mischievous.

“What do you mean?” I asked, she could be very confusing at times. “Legally or illegally?”

“Illegally, dah!” she said rolling her eyes again.

“Umm, why?” she didn’t answer. “Yeah I guess…” I trailed off looking down at my feet. I had a record over in Toronto, had multiple tickets for speeding too.

“Do you want to race, tonight?” she asked.

“What, tonight?”

“Yeah, there’s a race on every week,” so that was where Katie and Joey went at night. I nodded; I wanted to know what it was like. Racing with the thought of being caught always grabbed my attention; my favourite movies were the Fast and Furious series for crying out loud! “Great! Then I’ll see you tonight! Oh! And the Camaro has had an upgrade too, nitrous and all, she’s yours now.” my mouth made an O shape when she said this, I only made her giggle as she reached into her pants pocket and pulled out the keys. “Here, don’t drive her unless you need too, the cops have descriptions everywhere,” she said.

“Have you ever been caught?” she thought for a moment.

“Nope, I’m the only one and the one they want most,” she said, a gleam creeping into her eyes. This was going to be interesting.

“We goin’ home now!” called Katie, peeking her head round the door.

“Drop the accent, Katie, he’s in on it,” said Rosie.

“Well then, I’ll be seeing you tonight,” said Katie, her accent was gone completely, making me gasp. The two of them laughed, I never realised how good their vocabulary had been these past few days, “Relax, kid, we need some sort of cover up from the police,” she said shaking her head. She left closing the door behind her.

“That was unexpected,” I murmured to myself.

“Well, what did you expect? She grew up here, remember?” asked Rosie sarcastically.

“Yeah, I guess, so I’ll catch you later?” I asked when I had finally gathered my stuff.

“Yeah, 6:00, and meet here, got it?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m not that dumb,” I muttered under my breath. I grabbed my, other, car keys and walked out to the piece of junk on the side road. A Suzuki Swift, just what I needed. It was a piece of scrap metal, or rather scraped plastic, tiny as hell and I was always hitting my head. It seemed to break down at least once a week!

I reached home at 5:30, really, I thought I was speeding! I must’ve left late. Either way I was practically jumping in excitement when I was finally ready. Every moment I thought about it I was getting more and more interested in this race and I was ready. Yes, I was definitely ready.

6:00 I reached the shop, well I thought it was that time, and slid in the unlocked door, someone had to be here already. I looked at the clock ad saw the actual time, 5:45. Well just great! I was early but still I didn’t care. I retrieved my keys ad unlocked the Camaro, sliding inside. She really did feel like my own and I was ready to drive.

“You’re here early,” said a voice, it made me jump, “Hey, now, it’s just me!” said Johnny. I nodded stepping out of the car. Everything was making more sense than I thought it would, Rosie was the smart mechanic, motor oils, tools and chrome. Katie was the interior designer and an assistant to Rosie. Joey was the identity artist; he taught Katie the accent and all. Johnny was the bet holder, he held the money and shared it out evenly, that was the dangerous job; wrong amount in these areas could mean death. Then there was Garfield, always cracking jokes and smiling, oh, and he stayed behind, keeping an eye for cops and all. He and Johnny were always switching places

“You ready, Kid?” seriously was that my new name or something? But anyhow I still nodded, out of the car. We followed each other out to the back garages, each car had different coloured headlights to the car colours, the cops wouldn’t like that, and all cars had neon lights the same as the headlights.

Nothing could be heard but the rumble of engines as the garage doors opened, and once opened, each car roared out into the open night.


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