Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 3

She stood there like an angel, her hands on her hips and a smile playing across her face.  The blue jewels of hers were like the ocean skies of Toronto, bright and charming but with deep black bags under them. She was wearing a loose black skirt reaching just past her knees and a black shirt with white and grey skulls scattered across, a skeletal dragon slithering its way amongst them. Her hands were black from grease and her blonde hair was tied back in a plait. I couldn’t help but stare, she was plain gorgeous!

“Hi,” she said in an innocent voice, it could have belonged to a small child.

“Hihi, Rosie!” cried Katie, flinging herself onto the girl and tumbling to the floor. They got up and looked at each other before bursting out in laughter, “Like, LOL!” cried out Katie, laughing even harder.

“Come on, you great big butt, we need to get started!” called out Rosie, her voice one like the angels and, to my surprise, didn’t have an accent. Katie nodded and stood up, dragging Rosie with her. They walked together arm in arm up the stairs and into a hallway, five to six or so doors leading off it. When we reached the end, Katie sung open the double doors and I followed them out into a large spacious room. There were car lifts, tools everywhere, jacks, spanners, radiator parts and other stuff I had never seem.

“So, you would be Liam, if I am not mistaken,” she asked, or well more like stated. I nodded, too shocked to say a word. “Then, welcome to Ella-motors, the name is weird, yes I know, but you’ll understand why later,” she murmured.

“Can I know now?” I asked curiously, why name a mechanics shop ‘Ella-motors’?

“Uh, umm, well,” she seemed a little surprise but continued no the less. “Ella was my mother…” she trailed off looking away. It was quite awkward.

“So, we gonna open this shop or what?” asked Joey breaking the tension.

“Might as well, it is past opening time, no one is out there though, like usual,” murmured Rosie. She walked of briskly and heaved up the roller door. I looked around the room again and noticed a half-finished Camaro, a red PT Cruiser, a midnight blue Corvette and a black as night Mustang, the chrome on it shone like you wouldn’t believe, I was practically drooling.

“That’s Rosie’s car,” whispered Joey as he led me towards the Camaro, “This is the car that needs work. So show me what you know,” he said. I nodded and looked at the wreck. It wasn’t half finished like I thought, I just needed to be put together and maybe some new shackles, brake pads and other odds and bits, “Oh and when you finish let me know!” he said leaving me to my work.

‘He was helpful!’ I thought to myself, ‘Must be some sort of initiation thingy. Just what I needed!’


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