Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 2

Next Day


I groaned as my stupid alarm went off early, again! It was always an hour early when I didn’t need it to be and always an hour late when I needed to be early. Well today, I didn’t need to be early; I didn’t even set my alarm. It was then that I realised it wasn’t my alarm, music was blaring from next door. Def Leppard, I think, give me some slack, I was still half asleep!

Getting up, I pulled the black locks out of my eyes, I dragged on my jeans and a blue Led Zeppelin T-shirt. Opening the fridge I realised I had no food. Great, more money to spend. Sighing I grabbed my keys and walk out the greyish front door. It seemed this whole town was grey. Locking the door behind me I walked down the drive and along the path.

“Hey kid! You’re new around here, aren’t-cha?” called a girl’s voice. I looked up at the house; it looked like it was shaking because of the music. I nodded and kept walking. “Need a ride?” she asked walking down the drive and stopping at the fence line. I stopped and looked at her. She had long brown and curly hair, bouncing just off her shoulders while it was down. Her eyes were brown too, green flecks sprinkled through them. “Well you’re not much a talker are ya?” she questioned, or rather stated. She mustn’t have been so smart, her vocabulary was almost inaudible. But I guessed that was the norm around here. “You could at least tell me your name, mines Katie!” she said extending a hand.

“Liam,” I mumbled, shaking. It was only then did I realise how pale she was.

“So where are you goin’?” she asked, again I could only just make sense of her words. I shrugged.

“Know any good take away stores?” I asked her. She just laughed.

“Of course! My brother happen to own one! Besides, I could take you there. You are new ‘ere after all,” she said, practically dragging me in her front gate. “Oi Joey! Ya ready yet? I’m starved!” she called back to her house.

“Yeah, yeah, jus’ hold on a min!” the male’s voice, I expected to be Joey’s, called back in the same accent. He walked out of the door in black pants and a plain black shirt. He stopped in front of me and stared. “Who’s this?” he asked Katie, his blue eyes cautious.

“He the new kid, from nec door,” she told him, pulling his arm so they were next to each other. They started talking in another language then, Greek, Serbian or whatever I couldn’t tell. Joey kept looking at me a lot but he was soon smiling. “Come on get in the car already!” Katie cried impatiently. I rolled my eyes and sat in the back seat, for some reason I seemed to actually like this couple. They were friendly, which was rare where I come from.

I watched the streets fly by as Joey sped down the road, it was a wonder that the police didn’t pull us over. We pulled up at a take away restaurant; the name was unusual, Mac’s Big Bergers, that was not spelt right, was it? When I stepped out of the Corolla I looked around, the area was still grey. Grey. Grey, grey, grey, grey, everywhere! Jeez, did anyone know what colour was?

‘Well yeah, obviously,’ I thought to myself noting that the whole restaurant was yellow. I sighed and opened the door, the interior was a faded blue and yellow colour, mould could be seen in all corners and there was a heavy smell of smoke. No not smell, you couldn’t even see two meters ahead of yourself. I decided just to sit next to the couple, but I had to look away, they were making out for crying out loud!

“Can I get you anything, sugar?” asked the waitress, her blue dress just sitting at her knees.

“Uh, yeah, just a, umm.” I looked down at the menu. “A bacon and egg burger please. she nodded and noted my order down on a notepad.

“The usual?” she asked Joey and Katie.

“Yeah, sure, why not,” muttered Joey, pulling away.

“Yo sis! What ya doin today?” called a voice from across the counter, he was remarkably similar to Katie, brown eye and brown hair. Yes I meant eye, the other one was covered with an eye patch.

“Jus’ gotta take the newbie to work,” she replied over the noise of the place. What did she say?

“Pardon?” I asked her.

“Your new job is at the mechanics, ain it?” She asked. I nodded. “Well, I’m the co, ummm, co-founding thingy?” I almost laughed at her poor vocabulary, Joey just shook his head.

“You’ll have ta excuse her, she gets a little, ya know?” he asked twirling a finger around his ear. I nodded; the two of them seemed okay at least.

“So, when are we gonna go?” I asked, they just laughed.

“Enthusiastic much? You haven’ even had breakfast!” said Joey. Right, I knew that. I looked up at the smiling waitress as she set down a plate with a burger on it, it looked decent enough. Large and full of bacon with a single egg on top. I took a bite and almost gagged, it was delicious, but it was also bigger than my hand! I hadn’t expected it to taste so good. “Best food in all downtown, ya know?” he asked, I nodded again. “Not a talker hunh?” Katie just laughed harder.

“Told ya,” murmured Katie between bursts of laughter. We started a conversation and I only just realised how quickly I had eaten the burger. “Anyway, you ready to go yet?” she asked looking down at my plate. I nodded, I really needed to stop doing that, and again I was practically dragged to the car.

“Wait, I didn’t pay!” I realised.

“Relax, first timers get a free meal,” said Katie gesturing towards the blackboard.

“Oh, right,” I murmured, “Stop laughing, it’s not funny!” Katie just laughed harder.

Joey shook his head opening the driver’s door. I opened my own and sat behind Katie and soon we were speeding down the road again. We pulled up into an alleyway and then turned left into a garage, I only just realised that the alleyway was on the opposite side of a mechanics shop. I stood out of the car and almost jumped when I heard the door close behind us. I turned around and actually did jump, and gasp at the same time, because at that moment, I could have sworn my heart stopped.


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