Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 1

Trees flew past the window in a haze as the truck sped down the highway. It was the last day of the move from Toronto to downtown New York. Downtown New York, the bottom of all hoods. Of course when I was in Toronto I did have a smart girlfriend but, well let’s just say she wasn’t very loyal and quite frankly, annoying. She was always changing her hair colour, one day it was pink the next, blue and then she would finally settle on blonde for the day. Her green eyes never matched anything she wore and she was always nagging for everything. Of course being so naïve and young I would try to get everything for her, until I realised the truth. She was a cheater!

The trees were thinning now, replaced with small country houses and soon towers and skyscrapers could be seen in the distance. It kinda sucked, the speed limit was 90 miles per hour and well, you could say I was a speed junky. Cars were my specialty and my dream job was working on all the classics, Mustangs, Buicks, Corvettes, Chryslers, you know. My new job was working in a mechanics, a total downfall from where I was working. But then again, she got me that job while she was working there and I didn’t want to be anywhere near her.

We had entered the city outskirts by now and the sky was actually cloudier than I thought it would’ve been. Cars were scattered amongst the streets and people were walking all over the place, between cars, on the road and also the overly crowded pathways. But this wasn’t where I was going. Where I was going was where people didn’t want to walk on the streets and cars would be speeding past the speed limit on high speed chases followed by six or so police cars. Yes, a new start and a new start at the bottom of the whole society chain. I was going to live in the hoods.


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