Lonely Weekend
Author: Samason Hill

Chapter 11
A Place In The Country

Alex entered the lab at the Medical Examiners, as always with mixed feelings.  This had been where he had spent most of his days until he started at the Police Academy and although it was the line of work he had chosen at the time, he was never really happy cooped up in all that stainless steal.


Dr. Bernard Torak had been his supervisor and himself somewhat of a frustrated sleuth.  Will had often observed his boss as he would overstep the boundaries of his scientific work and begin deducing things like motive and opportunity.  One night, over beers, Dr. Torak had admitted to Will that he wished that he had made the “jump” to the PD when he was young enough to pass the physical and get on the force.  That had actually been the catalyst for Will’s decision to make “the jump” himself and the two had remained friends even since.


The Chief Medical Examiner was trying to examine Candice Strohsky while not putting too much strain his back, bending over the examination table which he had adjusted as low to the floor as possible.  Dr. Torak had slipped two discs lifting a corpse a couple of years prior and vehemently was avoiding “going under the knife” to get the fixed.


Will entered the room, tying a disposable gown behind him.  “Ben, you got to get that back fixed, I know it hurts like hell AND you look pretty silly.”


“One patient at a time, Will.” Torak always called the victims ‘patients’, “One patient at a time.”


“Can you tell me something I don’t know?”


“Well, I take it you saw this.”  Torak turns Candice’s head to expose the half-dollar sized bruise on her right temple.


A sap is rather nasty piece of work. Actually nothing more that chunk of lead on the end of a heavy spring and encased in leather, the sap when employed properly will take out a grown man faster and quieter than and Taser or Zapper.


The spring loaded lead, when impacting the skull, causes the brain to ripple not unlike waves emanating from a pebble cast in a pool of water.  This ‘rippling’ effect causes the brain to ‘short circuit’ effectively shutting it down causing anything from unconsciousness to coma to death.


“Was it the same sap?”


“It looks like it.  The patterns are the same, if isotonics matches, it will at least put it in the same batch as the other two.”


Samples taken from the other two victims matched the leather oil found on the bruises to the Boston Leather Company makers of fine ‘impact weapons’ since 1948.


“But there’s nothing else at this point?”


“He kept it simple, just like the other two.  It seams he cocked her cold before she knew what hit her - there’s no sigh of any struggle prior to her being bound.  Out of the ordinary under her nails, no defense wounds or bruises where he had to hold her while he was tying her up - so she must have been out.”


“Stomach content?”


Dr. Torak holds up a glass jar, “Not much, looks like she had some kind of energy bar or weight watchers bar sometime Friday afternoon, after that, nothing.”


“So again, this guy sneaks up, clubs her, drags her inside, tears off…”


“Removes, he removes the clothing, he doesn’t tear anything until he starts to tie her up.  And then, he makes nice, even strips using a very sharp blade - maby the murder weapon.”


“…So he ties her up and basically goes about he business or whatever but doesn’t bother with her at all until some time later when he pierces her spleen.?”


“That’s the way I read it.”


“OK, thanks, Ben. Take care of your back.” Will heads for the door and begins to remove his gown.




“Ya, Ben?”


“You know you’ve got to find peace with yourself.  Every time I see you, you look like your one step closer to buying the farm.”


“Yah, that’s what I’ve been hearing, see you Doc.”


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