Lonely Weekend
Author: Samason Hill

Chapter 4
Everything in Its Place



After a swing by a drive thru for coffee and egg sandwiches, Rubik nosed his Cutlass onto the sidewalk between a fire hydrant and a crime scene van.  Most of the onlookers had decided that they either already missed the grizzly part or it was going to take too long and not be worth the wait and moved on.


Stepping through the apartment door and under the crime scene tape, they were met by the reporting officer, a rookie named Vasquez.


“OK Vasquez”, said Rubik as he and Will pulled on booties over their shoes, “Lets have it and don’t make me pull a Friday on you, save the dramatics for choir practice”


“Sure Captain, no problem.  Vic is Candice Strohsky, 24. Works as, I mean worked as a paralegal for Sloan and Partners on Broadway.  Last seen Friday around 5:45 p.m. as the rest of the staff left for the weekend - she always stayed longer to tidy up the office…”


“Cube, did he just say ‘tidy?’


“Can it Will and drink your coffee.”


“Anyway she didn’t show for work yesterday and her coworkers didn’t really miss her I don’t think she was that well liked…”


“What did I tell you?”


“Sorry Captain, but when she didn’t show today, the Office Manager calls her mother in Syracuse - that was the NOK on her job application.  Her mother called us, I swung by the law office on my way here to make sure she hadn’t just shown up late - you know maybe she had shacked up for the weekend and one thing led to another…”


“Last chance,” Rubik says as he reaches for his piece.


“Right, so I bring up the superintendent and knock real loud and when no one answers, I have him unlock it - that’s his puke in the hall…”


“You didn’t touch anything?”


“Hell no Cap, it’s not like I had to check for a pulse.  I cleared the other rooms, called it in and sat tight.”


“OK, canvassing?”


“Building’s done - who’s home that is - nothing.  How far you want the perimeter?”


“That’s fine, we’ll take it from here - go 10-10 and get yourself some coffee, you’ve have a shitty morning.”


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