Lonely Weekend
Author: Samason Hill

Chapter 1

Chapter 1





It was cold - not I can’t feel my feet, let’s have some hot chocolate cold, but damn cold for mid May even if this was western New York and Lake Erie is always blowing bad weather on the City like a nagging wife that just can’t stop her bitching.


Candice Strohsky locked the front door of Sloan and Partners alone as she did every Friday at 6:30 p.m.  The other paralegals, not to mention the typing pool had long vanished, taking advantage of the fact that the partners never called any of them on a Friday afternoons - at least not officially - as most of them were off to their lake cottages, boats, mistresses or all of the above and Sloan had been dead since 1952.


She had a suspicion that the other girls were topping off the week at O’Doughrty’s, that disgusting bar and grill down the block that stunk of greasy chicken wings and men’s beer farts.  She had never in her 24 years eaten that revolting Buffalo “specialty” and never been with a man and it didn’t bother her one little bit that the staff didn’t ask her to come along.


As the Office Equipment Manager she had responsibilities. She had to make sure that all the terminals and coffee machines were turned off and that there was enough paper in the fax.  She also didn’t mind the time alone to check around the other girls’ desks to be sure that everything had been filed properly.  If she happened to come across anything interesting of a personal nature, well, that didn’t belong there anyway did it?


Yes, she certainly had come a long way since she received her Associates Degree 13 months ago at Dover Community Collage near Syracuse and moved here.  With no distractions from family and friends here and boys the furthest thing from her mind, she spent uncountable (and unpaid) extra hours doing her very best at Sloan and Partners - The fact that the partners regularly clocked $250.00 an hour while playing golf with the opposing side’s counsel never really occurred to her - and when that nice Mr. Gainsby told her what a wonderful job she was doing and that he was going to put her in charge of all the office equipment and that she could  expect to see a change in her paycheck very soon, but don’t tell the other girls, well that just proved how far she had come.


After shaking the door to be sure the bolt was home Candice deposited the key in the special pocket she reserved for just that purpose - a place for everything… she hated those women who were always burrowing in their purses for this and that, trying to juggle more items than they had hands and fumbling with doors, getting asked by young men if they can help with that Miss? -  She knew exactly what that meant. She was looking forward to this weekend - there was an exhibition of feline sculptures at the Filmore - she just loved cats and she thought she might try cooking something exotic tonight since it is Friday after all and decided to stop at store for some groceries on her way home.


Taking the stairs to her third floor, two room apartment - a girl had to stay in shape - she switched the double paper shopping bag - never plastic - to her right hand so she could unlock the door. Why was it so dark down here? She hadn’t turned on the hall light with the switch by the stairwell around the corner - this time of year the light falls in the window at the end of the hall and illuminates her door just fine - that lazy super probably needs to wash the windows and curtains maybe she’ll do it herself tomorrow before she goes to the…


The pain was sharp, the inky blackness instant.  When she slowly approached the shores of consciousness, her mind began a three sided struggle for recognition of the facts that she was a. bound on the floor of her living room in such a manner that the slightest move caused the noose around her neck to tighten, b. she was naked and that c. over her loomed the masked figure of a man - they are always men she caught herself thinking - in a plastic suite and holding the biggest knife she ever seen…   


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