Demons alike
Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 3
Chapter 3.

One hummed, walking down the long, dark corridor, a bucket of water in one hand with a cloth in the other. She hadn’t bothered to hide her wings, nor her eyes and her long black hair fell down her back, almost dipping into the water.

Turning the corner, One draped the cloth over her shoulder, opening a door with her free hand. The large, wooden door swung open easily and she stepped in, her hum softening until it was no more. One shut the door behind her, placing the bucket next to a bed, sitting on the edge of it herself.

Taking the cloth off of her shoulder, she dipped it into the water and wringed it out. One then turned, carefully dabbing at Nevin’s face, the young girl having fallen unconscious after falling through the portal. One started humming again, turning back to the bucket to clean out the cloth, though, freezing when she heard a groan.

“I see you’re awake,” One murmured softly, letting the cloth drop into the water and sitting up, looking at Nevin.

“W-where am I?” the girl croaked, blinking away the sleep from her eyes.

“You’re home?” One replied.

“Home?” Nevin repeated, slowly looking around the room. “No I’m not.”

One nodded, placing a hand on Nevin’s forehead. “You are at your true home… And you have a fever.”

Nevin frowned. “True… Home…” she groaned again, attempting to sit up. One shook her head, gently pushing the girl back onto the pillow.

“Uh-ah,” she murmured, “You need to rest.”

“But… What happened?” Nevin asked.

“You don’t remember?” One replied, sighing when Nevin shook her head. “Well, once you went through the portal, you just… Fell. You had fainted.”

Nevin blinked, rubbing her eyes. “You mean… That wasn’t a dream?”

One smiled. “Oh, everyone says that… But no, it wasn’t a dream.”

Nevin blinked again, sitting up quickly and reaching behind her, feeling her wings. “But…”

One frowned, looking worried. “Hey, now. Calm down, it’s not that bad-“

“Not that bad?” Nevin asked, glaring at her. “What do you mean?”

“Look, I know it’s hard to understand at firs-“

“Hard to understand? How can I understand if I don’t even know what happened!” Nevin growled.

One pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. “If you would calm down for at least a minute, I can explain.”

“Eh?” Nevin sighed, sitting back on the bed and falling silent.

“Are you done? Can I start now?” One asked, smiling when she received a nod from the other demon. “Okay. What you are now, what you’ve just become. You’re a demon.”

“Demon…” Nevin repeated, thinking.

“Yes, please don’t interrupt,” One murmured, sighing, “where you are at the moment, is your home. You were, in fact, born here, as are all demons. And like everyone else, you were sent to the human world, you in particular were left at the doorstep of an old couple who had recently lost their daughter to disease. From there, you were to grow up like any other child, and when you were ready, you were to realise who you really are. However, in your case, you changed early.”

“Why is that?” Nevin asked.

“I’m getting there,” One replied, “You were in a situation where you were afraid, you didn’t know what to do. Your instincts reacted with your emotions and you changed. Now, that’s only half the story. Lately, in the past, say, five human years, a war has broken out between angels and demons. The arch angel has changed, he’s evil, and now, he has declared war on our homeland.”

“Hunh? Aren’t angels supposed to be the good guys?” Nevin muttered.

One rolled her eyes. “So, you believe the stereotypes. Somewhat, however, angels and demons exist to keep the balance between good and evil. There are good and bad in each species, but when the scales are tipped, it’s everyone’s duty to fix it. But, the arch angel, he devised a way to blame us demons, make it seem like it’s our fault, and so, the war has begun.”

“But, if this is all happening, then where’s God?”

One blinked, and then laughed. “Oh jeez, do people believe he still lives these days? No one is immortal, Nevin, he died many years ago. Oh, and God and Satan, they were the same being!”

“Oh…” Nevin replied, looking around. “So, what do I do, then?”

“You?” One grinned. “Rest up. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.”

Nevin nodded and smiled. “Thank you… One,” she murmured softly, lying back against the pillow.

One smiled, shaking her head. “No need to thank me, I’m just doing my job,” she whispered, pulling the blanket up to the girl’s head. She waited a few minutes, watching as Nevin fell asleep before standing and walking to the door, slipping through it silently. She sighed, walking back down the hall towards the main room and stopping in front of two large, heavy doors.

She shook her head, placing both hands on the door to push it open, the door swinging out with a loud creak. One huffed, stepping inside and crossing her arms, cringing when the door slammed shut behind her.

“Did you tell her?” the voice of her twin murmured, the boy sitting in the back corner, writing in a book, his back to her.

“Yah,” One replied, studying the walls, though, she was never actually interested.

Inu nodded, placing the quill on the table and gently blowing on the paper to dry the ink. “How did she take it?”

One hesitated before she replied, “Umm, surprisingly well.” Inu sighed, rubbing his temples before glancing over his shoulder.

“Something is bothering you,” he murmured. One took a step back, looking at the ground.

“No, nothing,” she answered.

“Oh please,” Inu muttered, turning to face her. “One, you’re an open book.”

One rubbed the back of her head, avoiding eye contact. “She’s just… So innocent. It’s not right to put her straight into battle!”

Inu sighed, standing and walking over to his sister. “I know, but, we have no choice. Besides, if we don’t fight back then the worlds will fall into chaos,” he murmured, lifting her chin so that he could look her in the eye. One smiled, nodding ever so slightly and hugging her twin tightly. “Right, now go to bed, we’ve got a lot coming.”

One nodded, stepping back. “Okay!” she chirped, turning away. “See yah in the morning!” and with that, she skipped away. Inu smiled, shaking his head.

“So naïve,” he murmured to himself, moving back over to his book and sitting, picking up the quill again.


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