Author: keishachan

Chapter 5
Chapter Five

At the awful sight of scattered men and horrified civilians, Lucas approached the barricade, locking looks with one of the soldiers. The man scowled at him, unaware of who he was. Lucas equipped himself with a single, pristine identification badge and waited for the man to check the authenticity.

            The soldier silently let Lucas pass through. Closing the distance between himself and the block on the street, Lucas slipped into the city. Wandering down the sidewalks, he knew exactly why he was there. Mainly, his purpose was the assist the soldiers while people begun to grow hostile as well as assassinate the demons, he sought out his young fiancee.

            According to him, his damsel was locked in a city--her castle--and guarded by vicious soldiers--the dragon. He looked for her slowly, chuckling to himself at his own private humor. He thought about Delacroix's cluelessness and lack of knowledge about Ridge's very own rebellion. Delacroix's innocent son was marked as one of the government's enemies without Ridge's father even having any knowledge about it being him. What angered Lucas the most, however, was Emry was with him. It wasn't her safety he was stressed about; he wanted to make sure his personal gain with her wasn't ruined by someone like Ridge.

            Unsure of where to begin his search, he begun to look for the Strip, hoping she would be looking near the shops. Traveling the crowds as an innocent bystander, he stared forward as he walked behind the people traveling the streets. He heard a gunfire off in the distance, and like the other people, he looked to see. For a brief moment, he got to see one the people standing, but in the next, they toppled to the ground. Lucas grinned.

            Other than the murders that revolved around his single law, the morning in Serendipity was beautiful for a short moment. It was ruined by the harsh heat that pulsed down onto the city. People searched for cover in the shade, hiding their bodies from the heat.

            Seeing the youthful face slip out of the crowd, Lucas spotted his fiancee. In the same moment, she spotted him as well. She eagerly looks away, staring in the the coffee shop that she stood in front of. As Lucas begun to approach her, she reached for the handle on the glass door.

            Before she could open the door, Lucas came up behind her and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back to face him. She let out a breath of disappointment, looking away. Lucas set both of his hands on each side of her waist, smiling.

            "I thought it would be a while before I got to see you again," he said, smiling.

            Emry looked away, a soft smile setting on her lips. "Please, don't hold me so casually." Lucas raised a brow at what she had said, looking into the coffee shop to see what excuse she had to escape. The room was crowded with people and laptops.

            "Why? You're acting like we're not even engaged, Emry. What's your problem?" He was growing weary, searching for a reason to her sudden hostility towards him.

            "Were you expecting me to be as subissive as normal? Stop, please," she begun to beg, trying to pull away.

            Gripping her shoulder harshly, he made her face him once more. "Come back with me to the Capital," he urged, shaking her a bit. He could feel her small body beginning to shake in his hands. Pleased with her fear of him, he repeated more harshly, "Come back to the Capital with me."

            "No," she spits. He repeated it again, growing much more irritable. She says once more, yelling, "No!"

            Turning away, she begun to take quick steps away. In arms length, he reaches forward, pulling her back. Stumbling, she staggered, struggling to regain her balance. Irritated, he raises his hand. Emry flinches as he slaps her. Withdrawing, she takes a step back, covering her cheek. Feeling her skin burning under her hand, she looked up angrily at Lucas.

            The door to the coffee shop opened quickly and Lyric slammed himself into Lucas. He toppled sideways, meeting Lyric's stare. Lyric scowled, narrowing his eyes at Lucas. Grabbing Emry's hand, Lyric pulled her away from the stares and humiliation as well as Lucas.

            Turning corners and tucking themselves away in an alleyway. Emry pushed up against the brick wall, catching her breath. Finding herself intertwining her fingers through Lyric's she falls over to her knees, bring him with her. Staring down at their hands in her lap, she could feel the blood rush to her cheeks as she begun to blush. Letting go slowly, Lyric brushed Emry's dark brown hair out of her blue eyes.

            He asks, "Can you tell me what happened back there? Who was that?"

            Emry opens her mouth, unable to speak. Closing her jaw, she looks away, swallowing. "That was Lucas, one of the Capital members. He's my fiancee..."

            Lyric fell backwards, catching himself. "W-what?! You two are engaged? Why'd he hit you then?"

            "He knows I don't want to marry him. It was an arranged marrige... before my parents died. Nothing can be done about it now and he wanted me to leave the city with him and I refused. He got mad."

            Lyric could see the sadness growing in Emry's eyes. He moved forward, pulling Emry towards his chest. He held her there, in his embrace, pressing his legs to her sides. Taking in his warmth, Emry looked up at him.

            "He shouldn't have hit you." Hesitating to ask the question that begun to bother him, he forced it out. "Do you even like him?"

            Readying herself to back Lucas up, she stops herself. She didn't want to lie to him or anyone. "Honestly, no. It seems like he's growing evil. He used to be a good person, but even then, he was forceful and pushed others too much. Because of that, he's trained himself to be cunning and persuasive."

            Contemplating and taking in each word she said, Lyric hugged her tighter. Wondering what sort of romantic confusions she felt, he inhaled deeply. Audibly breathing out, he glanced around the Dumpster and peered at the street from his place. In his arms, Emry was small and fragile, her breaths shallow and slow, her very own touch on his skin was gentle and whenever she moved her hand across his skin, it tingled a bit with her own remorse. She was lost in her own thoughts, staring directly into Lyric's jade green eyes as though she could see his soul; see the sadness in his eyes.

            Quietly, she asked in a soft tone, "What's wrong?"

            Within a short moment, his skin became warm and he shifted a bit to tug at his collar. Stuttering, he tried to act normal. "E-everything's good... great... excellent..." He faded out, glancing away for a moment. Taking a short moment to gather himself, he disagreed with himself. "No, it's not. I'm sorry. I just... I don't know what to say."

            Emry shook her head, adding a smile to reassure him. "Don't worry about it, Lyric. Why're you worrying yourself with my stupid problems? He's an angel working for the Capital, so he won't do anything bad. Lucas is just letting all of this power and advantage get to his head for the moment, but he'll be fine."


The peace along the streets was ruined within the shortest, briefest moment. Ridge was beginning to find his way to Noctis' apartment, hoping there would be some gain for him there. For the strangest reason, Ridge found himself feeling safest within the walls of Noctis' apartment building. Despite the cold air conditioning and the mysterious, brooding personality that Noctis had, it was a comfortable place to be. Being there felt as though the soldiers would never find him and that the Exodus wasn't happening beyond those walls.

            Staring out into the streets, the shriek of a gun pierced his ears, causing him to be startled for a short moment. Turning harshly and abruptly, Ridge searched the area around him. There weren't many people along the street anymore, but the gunfire had come from somewhere near.

            Everyone else around the area heard the noise, turning to see what was happening as well. The growl and rumble of vehicles speeding down the street filled the silent air. From the opposite side of the loud roaring, police cars skidded to a stop, blocking the road. Ridge begun to look back and forth, wondering what was happening.

            As a motorcycle came into sight down the road, the scream of the brakes echoed along the street and against the buildings. The guy riding the motorcycle cussed from under his helmet, braking in front of the street barricade of cars. Pulling a rapid fire gun from the side of his bike, he bgun to fire along the police cars and at the two speeding towards him. One car swerved in the direction of Ridge, causing him to back up, pulling a woman with him.

            The vehicle sped past the two and slammed into the wall. The building surrounding it crumbled and the section of the wall fell in upon the car, covering it in debris. Ridge's heart begun to race, pounding in his chest from the thrill and excitement.

            Rapid fire continued, the sound of guns filled the streets. Another soldier came along, holding a gun in both hands across the street. He glanced over in Ridge's direction, stopping. His tall and broad stature was nearly impossible to forget, the cut on his lip, and the unforgettable scowl plastered on his face.

            "That damn kid! Kill him too!" he shouted, pointing the gun in his hands at him. Ridge flinched, looking in both directions.

            The person on the bike looked in his direction, and for the shortest moment, a smile was visible and in the tint of the helmet, his eyes could be seen. He sped off in the direction he'd come, dodging the police cars. Ridge ran, hoping to be able to follow. He needed to get to his safehouse, to hide, to rest. He needed to call Lyric or Emry and make sure they were okay.

            Most of all, he want to go home.

            Fleeing, he turned the corner, slipping into an alley leading onto a different street. For the longest minutes of his life, he ran away, taking an impossible path to follow through the city. He found himself in alleys, in the empty subway station, and running through stores and restaurants. When he reached forward to grab the door handle of the apartment building, he weakly managed to pull it open and the sudden gust of air conditioning hit him.

            Climbing up the glass staircase, he opened the door to Noctis' apartment, stopping in his steps when he saw the dark jeans and jacket, the blonde windblown hair, and the helmet under his arm. Noctis peeked from around his standing body, smiling. The biker turned as well, chuckling under his breath.

            "I told you that you'd come back, didn't I?" Noctis said through a dark smile.


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