Author: keishachan

Chapter 3
Chapter Three

"How unlucky," he teased, staring directly out the window, acting as though it had something to offer. "Both men were arrested." Swirling his index finger in a perfect circle, he used his other hand to take the glass of fine white wine from his desk and sipped it. "I remember this tasting better," he said in a tone of unsatisfactory.

            Setting the glass of liquor back down, he spun in his desk chair to face the computer screen. Typing in new police records for the two men's profiles on his screen, he clicked the save button and closed the window. Moving the cursor over to a file, he searched for the personal file of Delacroix Lyres.

            Highlighting the number for the video chatting server, he immediately punched in the number. The computer opened up a high quality video page and the top corner said "Calling..." in thin letters.

            As soon as the video server opened to the concerned face of Delacroix, he took in the video feed and flinched. "Wh-what're you calling me for?"
            Tilting his head, he smirked with pleasure. "I'm just wondering how your plan to bring down Lucas is going.” His smile widened. “I don’t imagine very well, am I correct?”

            Delacroix looked away. “Damn, how’d you know?”
            “I’ve been sneaking around the Capital’s files and I found nothing against him. I thought I’d assist you a bit, Delacroix.” Delacroix narrowed his eyes as they filled with suspicion. The man speaking to him widened his eyes, seeming to be shocked. “What is it? Why’re you so shocked?”

            “It’s out of character of you.”
            The man shrugged, taking a sip of the bittersweet wine. “You act as though me helping you has no gain for myself either. If I weren’t so involved, I could easily care more or less about Lucas and his stupid ideas. How old is he? Twelve?”

            Delacroix frowned. “Very funny. He’s 18-years-old.”

            The man laughed, spinning away from the computer screen. “I guess you’re son is about to lose his chance on becoming the youngest Capital member. Wasn’t that a dream of his? Or was it yours?”

            His frown spread. “It was an idea that sounded nice. If my son had those capabilities, I’d be astounded. But with his academic devotion, him even getting into the Capital seems so dim...”

            Facing the screen, a smile pressed onto the information broker’s lips. “Leave it for kids to be children. Of course, I was a child once, as were you. Didn’t you enjoy the time you had as a teenager, Delacroix?”

            “No,” he shot. “My priority was academics, but now I want to make sure I can focus on work as well as be a good dad. I’ll accept whatever path Ridge decides to take.”

            “As for Emry?”

            Delacroix looked away. “I have no say in her situation.”

            “It kills you, doesn’t it? To see her given away to the very person you’re trying to destroy?”

            “I have no say in what happens to Emry; I’m not her father.”

            The broker furrowed a brow. “Giving in?” Flicking a glance to the clock, his final sayings were, “Good night, Mr. Lyres.”

            The screen to the chat went black and the broker closed the screen. Finishing his glass of wine, he left it at the desk and headed into his bedroom, snickering to himself. “This is getting to be pretty fun.”


Three days had passed since Ridge and Emry had arrived in the glorious city of Serendipity. Taking the time to breathe in the scenery, the two noticed the streams of water that ran through a canal that lined the buildings of the Plaza, a beautiful resting place in the middle of the city.

            In the middle of the sea of cobblestone was an inground fountain, shooting up a gorgeous display of waterworks. The mist floated around the Plaza and welcomed rainbows to decorate the area.

            Lyric leaned back in his chair and grinned as he saw the faces of awe on Ridge and Emry. Both starstruck by the display, they remained silent.

            A quick chill rain down Lyric’s back that caused him to turn to see behind him. His skin felt cold and the area suddenly felt very different. A shrill noise shook the people, bringing everyone to look up as a single firework was shot into the sky. The fountains in the middle of the area fell quiet and the display disappeared.

            “Has this happened before?” Emry asked, looking around her.

            Lyric shook his head. Ridge stood stiff. He understood the signs. The energy was flicked off. He single firework into the sky. The darkness in the middle of the day. All he could bring himself to say was “The Exodus.”

            Emry flinched, swallowing. “What?! Why here?”

            Lyric struggled to stay calm in his chair. Ridge brought himself to bring in enough air and said, “I’ve been with Dad to see the beginning of one of the Exoduses. They launch a firework into the air to grab attention right after bringing the barricades out onto all the streets that lead out of the city. After that, the electricity is shut off for an hour or so.”

            Ridge paused. Looking down at his lap to think, he met Lyric’s eyes. “Hey, take her back to your place. Where’s the nearest city exit from here. “

            “What’re you gonna do?” Ridge gave an expectant look as his friend questioned him.

            “Ridge! What’re you going to do?!” Emry pleaded, grabbing his wrist. Ridge shook her off.

            Swallowing, Lyric pointed in to the west and grabbed Emry’s wrist, running to exit the Plaza. Ridge leaped from his seat, racing out of the area, searching for the city limits. Pushing through the surrounding crowd. Struggling to fight the sea of people, he somehow managed to slip through, finding himself at the gates in only a few minutes.

            The soldiers, standing in a straight line as they barricaded the exit with their bodies, they shouted that the people step back. “Step back! No one will enter or exit Serendipity until told that this Exodus is over.”

            Growling under his breath, Ridge pushed past the last row of people blocking him from the front. He screamed, “At least let the people who don’t live here leave! These Exoduses are so frickin’ stupid! No one’s causing any damn harm here!” Racing forward, the audience gasped.

            Ridge threw a punch towards one of the soldiers, only to have his waist looped around by the arm of one of the soldiers. He kicked, struggling to break himself free from the grasp of the man. Kicking him back, the soldier was staggered and Ridge took the moment to punch him down onto the ground. The others pulled him back.

            Slipping from their grasps, he tried to break out of the city, trying to leap over the barricade. One of the soldiers grabbed his ankle and yanked him back. Gripping the post of the blockade, the men lacked the strength to have him let go. Another came over to grab him by the torso and lift him.

            Ridge screamed, trying to bite the man holding him. “Let go of me, you damn freak!”
            “What’re you doing, you stupid kid?”
            “Shut, dumbass!”

            The guy threw him against the ground. Ridge rolled as he groaned in pain. Emry pushed through the crowd as her godbrother got back up to fight. The men picked him up and slammed him against the wall, pinning him there. He fought to bite, punch, and kick.

            “Ridge, stop! Please!” Emry tried to race forward, only to be stopped by another soldier. “Ridge!” she called again.

            Lyric pushed through the crowd, taking in the sight with shock. He pulled Emry from the guard, spinning her towards him. “I’ll get him. Don’t worry, okay?”

            “No! Lyric, don’t do something as stupid as this!”

            The guard pulled Ridge away from the wall and reslammed him, attempting to prevent him from continuing to fight back. Ridge coughed up blood as the breath was knocked out of him. Weakly, he tried to hit. The guard gripped his hair and slamme his head against the brick wall. A stream of blood fell down the back of his neck quickly as another thin line fell from the corner of his mouth.

            “Ridge!” Lyric and Emry shouted at the same time. Lyric pulled away, slipping from Emry’s grip and slipped between two guards that tried to grab him. He ran up to the other three that surrounded Lyric’s comrade. Pulling back the one that pinned to the wall, he threw a punch to the man’s mouth, pushing back the other two as he grabbed Ridge.

            Pulling him onto his back, he held his legs by his sides and cradled his head against the back of Lyric’s neck and Ridge gripped Lyric’s shirt as he winced in pain and agony as Lyric slipped away into the crowd.

            Emry slipped back into the crowd of bystanders and tried to follow Lyric away. The guards didn’t bother to follow the three as they disappeared.


Seeing the newsfeed from the men, Lucas searched through the files. He ordered the man holding the camera to zoom in on and enhance the audio of the rebels. Discovered the two marked as rebels by the soldiers who had participated in the fight, Lucas found much sadistic pleasure in the fact that the two were Delacroix’s young son and his friend.

            Seeing his fiancee in the crowd, Lucas tisked. Continuing to see the videofeed, he grew insulted as he saw Ridge’s friend in such close relations to Emry, staring down at her with some sort of sympathy and compassion for her as well as he brother. He grew annoyed, leaving the room.

            “Have my assistant call all of the Capital members to the auditorium. I need to have another part added to the Exodus law now. I can’t wait any longer.”
            It was in the auditorium he explained what rebels in the Exodus were and how they were going against the being of the government and that they proved to be a great hazard to the members again, for he had done it once to them already. He displayed the unehanced video he’d just seen as he took notice to Delacroix and Castio sitting beside each other, as they had at the last meeting only a few days before.

            Seeing those two brought up a sudden anger. Of couse, Lucas had impressive people and persuasive skills, bringing most of the council to like him as a person. Everyone saw him as a wise young man with excellent ideas, though it was the two biggest members of the Capital that were beginning to see right through Lucas’ mask. Those two were the ones that continued to doubt him and attempt to prove him wrong. It didn’t help that the personal relations that Lucas had with Delacroix were never positive to begin with. Emry’s godfather didn’t want the two to marry and he’d seek for a way to get Emry out of the wedding if she agreed.

            As the tension rose in the room when it came time to vote, it would be at the point of only one could win; Lucas or Delacroix. Of course, Delacroix didn’t know that even his son was at stake. The votes were tallied.

            Lucas had won.


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