Author: keishachan

Chapter 2
Chapter Two

Subtle, yet vivid, Ridge couldn't resist himself from staring in awe out of Lyric's house as the lights of Serendipity flickered on to set the city aglow. He occasionally shot side glances at Emry and Lyric as they sat at the dinner table, clearly visible from the place where Ridge sat. Occasionally groaning, he acted like an eager dog. He sent his hints that he wanted to go outside.

            Lyric chuckled to himself, then took a moment to glance over at Ridge. With his arms crossed in an obvious display of impatience, he moved his deep blue eyes away from Lyric and back out the window. He soley said, "It's my first day here and I'm not even going outside at night."

            "You can go, you know." Ridge didn't move. Lyric asked, "Do you want us to come?" He nodded.

            Within a few moments, Lyrics warm home was filled with the crisp outside air. The fragrance of fresh air and city wafted around them. Ridge looked around. Despite the little difference from traveling city to city, it all felt so different to him. Being in Serendipity felt as though he was in an entirely different world from the one the Capital was in.

            Serendipity, a gambling utopia, was considerably small for a city of its ego. On each and every block had a bar and at least one casino. Hotels, apartments, and business buildings reached up to the sky, yet there were so little businesses in Serendipity that weren't associated with cigars and cigarettes, alcohol, or the big time gambling industry. At night, the streets were brightly decorated by lights of all different colors and the streets were bustling with pedestrians and cars.

            Lyric excused himself for a moment as he slipped away into a store. Peeking over at his godsister, she peered up in glee at the buildings, highly fascinated. A delicate smile was plastered on her face. Ridge smiled, pleased with himself. She hadn't been this relaxed ever since his dad had begun to close himself away. Emry didn't seem bothered by anything.

            The bell rung to the door that Lyric had just entered. Leaving the small store, he handed the two their own water bottles and then asked, "Alright, Ridge. Where do you want to go?"

            Pondering on it, he hadn't even considered. When in the house, all he wanted to do was get outside into the foreign streets and roam. A specific location had never been chosen by him. He shrugged.

            Wincing as though he had taken a blow, Lyric sighed a moment after. "Seriously? Okay, what do you want to see?"

            An idea hit him. "How about the Strip?"

            Emry seemed a bit concerned by his choice. "Isn't the Strip mostly lined by bars and casinos? What would we do?"

            Ridge shrugged, dispersing into the crowd of the street. He begun to head into the location of the Strip. Lyric and Emry followed, struggling to keep up as they swam against the current of people.

            As soon as the two--Emry and Lyric--had found themselves standing at one end of the Strip, they searched the crowd for Ridge. Seeing the idea moot to continue to search the entire Strip, Emry pulled her cell phone from her pocket of her coat.

            The line rung only a few times until Ridge's voice came through, obviously surrounded by a swarm of people.

            "Hello?" he asked, shouting.

            "Ridge, where are you?"

            He laughed. "No idea. By a sushi restaurant? I don't know, but there's a theatre across from it. Two dudes are fighting; it's pretty funny. I'll stay here. Promise! Bye!" The call ended in that instant.

            Emry sighed, turning to Lyric. "He's by a sushi restaurant and a theatre."

            Taking a moment to think, Lyric pinpointed a location. "He's not that far. He's got to have run, though."

            Seeming like him, Emry nodded. "He used to run for track last year. He's won a lot of first and second place medals." She fell silent.

            Lyric walked alongside her. "You're extremely quiet for someone who lives with Ridge."

            Blushing, Emry turned her head away, peeking into stores. "I'm not that good at talking to people sometimes. I guess I'm just shy and quiet. I've been like this since I was little."
            Lyric nodded, understanding. "That's fine. But hey, if it's just me that you're like this with, I get it. You just met me today. I couldn't blame you no matter how hard I tried--but I won't."


Standing at the front of the crowd, he watched the two men fight. They threw solid punches at each other and one of the two pushed the other to the ground, forcing the crowd to back up. The unlucky man lying on the ground took the punches to his face, groaning in agony. He opened his eyes, tears falling down his cheeks.

            "Stop, please," he begged. "He told me that they were going to come and kill people if there were demons here." The man took another hit. "Please!" The man threw a fatal blow.

            The blood splattered on the ground as the man screamed aloud and hit the other. The man on the top sat up and searched the crowd. He yelled, "Where's Noctis?! I'm going to kill him!" His bloodlust filled eyes exchanged a look with every person in the crowd, looking for a single man. "Where is he?!"

            Ridge watched eagerly to see who the man was calling out. The crowd around him searched around them as well. Obviously, no one around them knew who the man he called upon was.

            The guy looked down at the man bleeding on the floor. "You damn bastard," he screamed down at the victim. "Don't try to make a hit on me! I'll kill you and Noctis next time!"
            The guy backed off as the police parted the crowd. Pulling the two apart, the crowd quickly separated and everyone resumed their business. Ridge could still hear people chatting about the brawl that they had just seen.

            Brushing his black hair out of his face, Ridge let out an exhasperated sigh. To think I used to fight like that, he thought to himself as he looked around.


            Turning, he saw the other two approaching him. He let out an excited yip. "You guys missed everything cool."

            Lyric furrowed a brow as he peeked around Ridge to see the police and the two men. "Yeah, it looks like we missed a lot of excitement," he said slowly and doubtfully.


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