Author: keishachan

Chapter 0

Without prospects or chance, his debates and rebuttles against the idea were impotent. It was utterly pointless to attempt to have the council understand the immolation that the amateur's ideas could mean for the world. As he spoke their ideas to the council their eyes filled with looks of awe and they smiled and nodded as if they couldn't understand the complications of his prepositions.

††††††††††† Without hesitation, the dominant of the group had agreed to vote for his ideas. Soon--with his persistence--he'd have a chance at replacing Delacroix Lyres as the president. Of course, Delacroix and Castio, the vice president, could easily understand that the ideas that had been placed on the table were awful and could only implore havoc on people and cities. It was as if it was begging to destory cities at a time.

††††††††††† The idea was placed up for vote and veto. Despite the fuss and debate that Delacroix and Castio had exerted, the idea was voted to happen by the dominant of the hundred total members of the Capital. Having to face that an idea that insisted havoc was approved of in the Capital began to stab at his heart.

††††††††††† Lucas smiled at the dias, waving his hand to the cameras as the press pushed their way into the stadium. Delacroix left his seat and glided down the isle, glancing at his watch. Attempting to rush time, he quickly marched up the steps to the microphone. Lucas stepped aside and told Delacroix, "It seems like my luck is looking up, isn't it, Delacroix?"

††††††††††† Covering the microphone, Delacroix withheld his temper and smiled at Lucas. "Congratulations, Lucas. I'm sure you're filled with glee to have your first law made official. However, you may be a high rank but that doesn't imply you can adress me formally."

††††††††††† Lucas chuckled a bit. "Would you prefer something more like 'father'? Besides, I'll need to start calling you something like that soon, won't I?"

††††††††††† Delacroix sighed. The idea of his goddaughter marrying someone like him bothered him. Lucas Darian was confident and he was persistent and he treated Emry as though she was just his toy. He was the opposite of what Delacroix's goddaughter's parents saw him as when he was younger. It was unfortunate that as he godfather, he couldn't interfere with their wishes.

††††††††††† "Please, don't call me something like that." Delacroix uncovered the microphone. He leaned closer to the microphone and announced, "The idea that Lucas Darian has presented before the Capital has been approved by 89% of all Capital members. The Exodus law has been approved."

††††††††††† It was only a few days before that Lucas had begun presenting the idea to the first panel. Delacroix had been a part of that panel, listening to every detail of his speech. He and Castio agreed to having him move on out of curiosity to hear more of his plan.

††††††††††† †In the second meeting, he announced the entire idea. It was a way to exterminate demons. It made some sense for Lucas to have a grudge against demons being that he was an angel. It made more sense that most of the panel voting that the event should happen were angels as well.

††††††††††† Delacroix knew that the plan was a sort of plot for revenge. Lucas titled the event the Exodus. It involved cities being isolated from the rest of the world, access in and out was sparse and belonged only to those who were soldiers and Capital members. During this isolation time, anyone who withheld traits or characteristics of being a demon were killed. Human beings could easily fall victim to murder during this time. Visitors also became part of the lockdown within the city. As the massacre ended, civilians were to be evacuated and the city was cleaned and repaired. As they returned, the period of time was a glorious event called the Nirvana. This was the end of the Exodus.

††††††††††† Lucas' voice eminated from behind him. The council members begun to stand from their seats and leave. The auditorium was filled with audible chatter and laughter. Those who voted for the law to be approved were filled with joy and their yips of happiness mocked Delacroix. He felt as though he was beginning to fall apart inside. It wasn't for the reasons as though he had lost. It was for the reasons of his family and the innocent.

††††††††††† "I noticed you weren't one for my law. Can I ask why?"

††††††††††† Blinking, Delacroix noticed Castio staring at him from the back of the stadium. His look softened and turned away. Pulling his roquelaure coat over his shoulders and carried his briefcase in his hand. Castio slipped into the crowd of people that left the stadium.

††††††††††† "Mr. Lyres?"
††††††††††† Turning to see Lucas, he apologized. "I'm sorry; I'm a bit lost in thought right now. Either way, I didn't approve of your law because it risks the lives of human beings. Even an Exodus wouldn't kill off demons. This is a waste of effort, Lucas."

††††††††††† Furrowing both of his brows in consideration, Lucas replied, "It may risk the lives of a few regular humans but it's a way to scare demons out of cities so they won't be killed. Only one or two will need to happen and then it'll all be fine. How many human lives could be killed? Two? Four? I'll make sure the soldiers are highly trained to detect a demon. I promise you, Delacroix, two of these are all that is necessary."


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